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  1. Not sure. I bought her from an old boy in the Norfolk Fens. When I asked how she was bred he laughed and said...."She is tumbler to tumbler my dear." Couldnt really argue with that could I? She is quite a broad bitch with plenty of shoulder and front. she is as hard as nails and can run all day and can turn on a sixpence. My deerhound runs them and the tumbler is the clever one who turns them and kills them. (only rabbits of course
  2. I work my Deerhound with a Tumbler Lurcher and find the two work very well together. Anyone else working Deerhounds?
  3. I use petplan. My lurcher needed a blood transfusion and ongoing treatment which came to £2500. I paid the £70 excess and they paid the vet direct. No issues no hassle.
  4. Dont give Ibuprofen to dogs. Their systems cant cope with it and it can kill them. Go to a decent vet. Also be careful with giving Metacam to running dogs, for some reason they seem to be extremely sensitive to and I have known dogs that have had bad reactions and died. My vet wont prescribe Metacam for that reason.
  5. Agree with you, Mind you, I want a working dog, not something to look at:)
  6. Thank you for all of your comments, I will try to put a photo up on here for you. The lad that bred her said that his dogs pedigrees go back to some really early earth dogs so I will find out and let you know.
  7. black with dark eyes and dark lip pigmentation
  8. Yes I guess you could say that she is the colour of a soft coated wheaten terrier.
  9. Hello all, I have recently bought a Fell Terrier bitch pup to work with a Lurcher and a Deerhound on our farm. She is a great little pup and is as keen as mustard but I wondered if anyone has ever come across a blonde Patterdale / Fell Terrier before? She is the colour of a pale golden retriever with a hard broken coat. I know the breeder and the dam and sire, both of which are working Hunt terriers so I have no doubt about her breeding and all the other pups in the litter were either black red or black and tan. Would appreciate your thoughts please?
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