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  1. breads baby im a want you..............cue up for the kick in the balls
  2. no prob I sent black one down few days ago thought the may lost him
  3. don't forget the forbidden fruit maybe it wasn't an apple
  4. matthew must thick as champ did nobody tell him about the other thing
  5. was going get 150 think il wait an see this 35 watt...any pics of them
  6. fair chance of border x beagle dropping in to
  7. I had a bitch just like him but handt clue what was in her
  8. Just like in every echelon of society? How many thieves, liars, rapists, child molesters and murderers have been put away thanks to honest policing? If you got burgled, car got stolen, Mrs or kids got attacked would you call the police? There's bad people everywhere Dave. Sometimes you have to trust someone. sweeping serious crimes under the carpet to protect informers isn't in there job description but they do it every day..there not to be trusted If they're "not to be trusted", you'd better hope you never get burgled, robbed, assaulted or have your car stolen mate ! it u
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