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  1. Finally laid to rest. His pup and brother have a hell of a lot to make up for.
  2. Was out last night with my oldest dog. Saluki collie greyhound new the game very well. Weather wasn't great but headed out anyway. Just a local walk, ran the ground 100s of times with this dog. Jumped into the first park and lit up a pair of eyes straight away. Walked on a little with the lamp off and then I Shawn the lamp on my quarry which was about 100 yards away. Dog clocked it so I slipped. Thinking nothing of it. As usual He ran great. All over the park with it. As it headed for the sandstone wall it went straight over the wall and the dog ploughed straight into it. I knew stright away
  3. Went knocking yesterday after work and got on a real good estate not far from the 4th road bridge. Cracking ground. Only for digging however... Me personally, I love lurcher work. Terrier work is my second choice but can't argue with the keeper when he allows me on the ground
  4. Looks keen as mustard mush.. Aye he's a good dog
  5. got multiple farms all over the country however I am just looking for something a bit different. And I know getting in with a keeper is the best way to go. But I am also aware we are looked down on by estates, but just hoping by the off chance that a keeper is needing some help digging and lamping..
  6. Hello, I am looking to get in contact with any gamekeepers in Scotland that are needing a little assistance keeping on top of any pests, I am aware this may be a long shot as a lot of keepers stick together and most have terriermen they can call. However if anyone knows of any gamekeepers needing terriermen/lurchermen. Can you please contact me, also we do a lot of trapping aswell.. Thanks atb
  7. As I am aware with May be a long shot however I am looking to get on toe with a few gamekeepers in Scotland no particular area. Hoping they are needing some assistance in vermain control. I know most keepers will keep there ground scares of any pest, If anyone knows of any keepers needing terrier/lurcher men please contact me Thanks atb
  8. Voted for the Snp and I find it great what they've done for Scotland. However voting against relaxing the ban has disappointed me a little. However it won't effect us lurchermen in any way shape or form. We will never be able to run our quarry of choice in peace. So not too bothered. And the b*****d david Cameron. Said he would allow a free vote to overturn the hunting ban if he got into power. Now he has it's only to use a few more hounds!
  9. Pup is 25tts and the sire is 28tts
  10. Anyone wear then I've had a pair for about 5 years now and still strong as ever. Seen a lot of dogmen wearing them. How has your experience with them been
  11. Hopefully mate. Last season was incredible so hopefully this season is a repeat
  12. Thanks pal. Means a lot. Can't wait until September. Pups first season and his fathers 3rd. Should be eventful...
  13. Just a little update, here's the pup I've been bringing on, he's 10 months old and coming on a treat. He's only done a few rabbits however can't grumble at the age. He's a deerhound x greyhound collie x greyhound, also the sire aswell.
  14. Was with a mate out lamping, both dogs smashed too bits and out of nowhere came the chopper hovering over us. Had to cross a pretty deep river, made it home safely right enough.
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