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  1. Good man, I was trying to think of it all day. One of them lads breed grey beddy crosses and I think beddy whippet. Hoping to get one. Thanks for that. Kenny
  2. Quick question guys, what club organises the lurcher show in Florence Court fermanagh. Thanks in advance. Kenny
  3. Cheers for that, I did message them yesterday, they breed them 3/4 beddy 1/4 whippet. I'd like to get the opposite if possible, going to be hard to find, some over in Wales at big money, and hampered by the lock down.. Kenny
  4. Hi guys, I'm living in Ireland and I'm looking for a beddy whippet or beddy greyhound Cross, anyone who knows a planned litter or a particular site in ireland, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. Kenny
  5. Hi guys, living in ireland and I'm on the look out for a beddy Cross pup. Done deal shut down the sale of all dogs and not before time, as dogs were getting lifted right and left and sold on for ridiculous money, anyone know of any other site or a planned litter, please pm me. Thanks in advance. Kenny
  6. Beddy whippet or greyhound beddy View Advert As above guys, lookin for a beddy whippet or beddy greyhound. In ireland Advertiser coneykenny Date 04/01/21 Price £1,234.00 Category Working Lurchers  
  7. as above guys ,lookin for one ,im in south Donegal. thanks in advance. Kenny.
  8. Greengrass whippets are usually up on done deal here in ireland. Think there going 3 or 4 hundred quid
  9. Brilliant picture. But you should have included the heroes of the day, the miners. Love the dogs.
  10. After a great start to season, a great day's ferreting and a night on the lamp, my whippet took ill, wouldn't leave the box and in obvious pain. Straight to the vet, scans, exrays, blood tests all good so an op to get inside to see what was going on. Her intestine was red boiling raw. She's still with the vet after 4 nights of drugs and recovery. Don't know what caused it. Waiting now for the the open heart surgery on my wallet!!. Sure what can ya do.
  11. Switched to this from the shavings about two years ago. Have found it great. Very absorbent and dust free. 10 quid a bag.
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