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  1. coneykenny

    She's finally here!

    Best of luck, sounds a great mix. Seriously looking at a litter here at the moment, sire is out of a beddy/ grey and beddy whippet cross, dam is a full whippet.they looking great pup's.
  2. coneykenny

    Re locating Rabbits

    I've been putting out rabbits from different Warren's for a while now in the hope that it might strengthen the genepool,I'm fortunate to have access to large numbers of rabbits,but when the myxy or the rhd hits it does come hard.heres hoping.
  3. coneykenny

    Confused first time mum

    Took out the straw this morning as she had them scattered throughout.cool enough here now tonight ( Donegal), see how she goes in the morning.
  4. coneykenny

    Confused first time mum

    Hi guys, my Jill at 3 yrs is a great worker and has given birth to 9 kits this morning.shes in a bed of shavings, and has been putting them in the corner of the nest box while only the seemingly stronger one's are getting into suckle.throughout the day I've been able to get her out for feeding while I gather the kits from the corner which are cold at this stage into a pile in the nest. This evening I've I've taken my lassies hot water bottle (fleece covered)and stuck it in with them. I'm hoping the one's on the outside will be warm enough to make it through the night and be strong enough to make there way into the jills milk.
  5. coneykenny

    New pup

    absaloutley beautiful, im on the lookout for this cross for a while this side
  6. coneykenny

    wild polecat

    I'm 43 yrs of age and only ever seen a pinemarten once until about five years ago they started to get spotted all over.last year I had a call from a family who thought their mums cottage looked like it had been overturned inside.checked all possible entry points and no sign.then a light bulb moment and I pulled back a small piece of cardboard that stood up against an open fireplace!!.I set the cage trap in front of the fireplace and sure enough ,a pinemarten next day and another the day after that.thank god his mother was in hospital at the time. And yes I did release them many miles from the house.
  7. coneykenny

    Saluki x whippet pup

    racey looking pup. all the very best.
  8. coneykenny

    Lost my bitch Kura

    visit the local halting site
  9. coneykenny

    Bad times...

    unlucky that!
  10. coneykenny

    Ferret kit wanted Ireland

    ive sent you a pm
  11. hey there, check out gumtree northern ireland. loads of kits on there, didnt breed this year myself ,im in south donegal

    1. Wideboy


      Cheers bud, ill have a look. It would of been handy as im very close to you! 

    2. coneykenny


      ballyshannon here ,were are you at

  12. anyone know of any planned litters of beddy/grey cross pups here in ireland? been looking for a while now ,gumtree and donedeal and nothing that ticks the box. kenny.
  13. coneykenny

    A good watch

    yeah seen that a right few years ago. strong looking animals
  14. coneykenny


    I too used the shredded paper for a while, but I found in winter it got damp after a bit. I switched to straw then and found it held out longer before being replaced. I wouldn't go with hay ,too dusty,smelly and mites.this time of year in my own run is shavings only. Kenny.