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  1. Great stuff , thats what lifes all about fugi !
  2. I love the humble whippet , they may surprise you .
  3. cheers lads , good memories for the future . it was only about 60 miles rew , ta.
  4. I did 2 wild and 2 on sites tomo , was great , good to bond with the pup ,and was great countryside , reall liked upper wenslydale ,ta.
  5. ok lads , just a few pics from my dales trip with the saluki , we walked from skipton through up up through Bolton abbey , burnsall , grassington , kettlewell , to buckden , over to Horton in ribblesale then on to malham over 5 days , cheers for looking.
  6. mike brown breeding x a faster type , I would go for mate . cheers .
  7. It's a cracking read , it's fiction ,but based on some true characters . Here's just a bit from the book , a couple of antis are going undercover to try and get evidence against a lancashire digger. ' get yourself a northern terrier or a lurcher', the RSPCA contact had advised Amy .' Two would be better,but one will do. That'll get you on the same wavelength as these people . Don't open your mouth ,lass. Let you bloke do the talking if he has to. Best of all is to break the ice by complimenting them on their dogs . Things to say ? Ok..." He's nice , in't he ! Real good-looker. Deep chest
  8. keep the vids coming rew mate, never mind the experts.
  9. Not very good IMO , was out beating all day last weekend in heavy rain ,and it came through ,I had to go back to the car and get my gortex . May need rewaxing I think .
  10. FFS - just get yourself a little whippet!!
  11. Norrona recon is a great jacket , expensive tho , had mine 4 years , it's the dogs . http://www.ldmountaincentre.com/walk-hike-c1/clothing-c2/waterproof-jackets-c3/recon-jacket-p6967
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