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  1. Anyone going to Selby show the morn?
  2. Whippet x saluki to be precise the ultimate hare and foxing dog
  3. Both took fox regular, both had beddy whippet in there maker up 21 and 22tts. Father and son. The black dog was a very very good fox dog however he had a drop of bull in his make up. But he killed alot of foxes single and it didn't take him long either Black and tan dog did struggle with a few due to his size etc but he would stick with them no matter until he had dispatched it. Moved onto bigger dogs for a reason as its bloody hard work for these little dogs if your out few times a week taking fox. In saying that if there are used for fox work they will develop there own s
  4. He used to get on here he also had a dog bred off buddy to a bull xs.
  5. Could be same lad called Nathan ?? Not sure if he still runs dogs not spoke to him in years
  6. There was a lad called Nathan from midlesbourgh was ran stuff off that cruise if a remember correctly dog and bitch from same littwr like red grizzle looking things
  7. You had better believe, back then that was the biggest name to grasp so every one with saluki xs just.ped on the band wagon
  8. If i remember correct the sire to myn was a white/ cream feathered dog with taw spot half way up his back to one side
  9. Aye that was the name back then cruise of shildon or something, the site to my dog was actually called cruise as well be here weren't no pure
  10. remember back when i got him as a pup he was supposed to of been need down of a pure saluki what seemed to have a big name around the north east at the time but again any dog with saluki in it atvthe time was apparently breakdown from said dog
  11. 21tts so just a little thing he is. Used to run with a few lads who kept crossing bred stuff remember one being a buddy bred dog and one bred down from a dog called tramp i believe it was. Got onto the land and i took the little dog and was the laughing stock of the morning till it was my run. Few people were a bit red faced on the way home as i caught the most. This was on fields mind not fen but aye been a few times couple new faces had a chuckle at me till he ran.
  12. Think id rather go to a legacy Russell if i wanted a terrier x whippet. Not a fan of beddy whippets at all and iv seen enough of them run
  13. Saluki whippet type Was a decent enough dog in his day
  14. Know couple lads used them up scotland for general knock about types but they were forever going to ground. Not my choice of dog tbh
  15. Deer grey x wheaton bull grey. First time owning one and tbh not a x id of went for but ended up with this bitch and tbh I'm enjoying my hunting again. Can't really comment on the deer x grey as such as have only ever seen one run and although on that particular day i didn't see it catch anything it covered roughly hilly ground almost effortlessly.
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