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  1. Absolute cracker that mate, springer x beagle ??
  2. Out with hounds yesterday, didn't see a great deal then walked a fell side off again nothing about but what a place for a walk out
  3. Cheers for the reply last, got my name down on a beagle x pup if breeding comes off. Its an interesting xs and one iv wanted for a few years now I'd love to get 2 pups together to fetch on but plan on one next year get it going then another the year after to run with a small pack of terrier and teckles we have between a few mates who meet up for a bit hunting.
  4. Lets see these purpose bred bushing dogs that contain beagle. What have you got and how do you find them. Lets keep it interesting with plenty pictures.
  5. I might know of a breeding taking place lads looking for pure grey to put to his gwp bitch if he can't find one he going to use his coursing bred dog over her
  6. Hopeing to take a litter from her in the summer fingers crossed..
  7. Yeah the next day he's wrote off, hopefully have something lined up for the summer
  8. If anyone is planning litter for the summer give me a shout please.
  9. jcm

    Out Today

    Like the look of that black and white bull xs very nice
  10. Ahh never, something will pop up I'm sure
  11. Sire was wheaton bull grey, dam deer grey
  12. What dogs you got in mate ??
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