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  1. Use the x20 myself bought second hand and ita a great bit of kit it's payed for itself 10 times over terrier dropped to ground loads and box puts me at the hole
  2. Got a bitch pup here 15 weeks old that will be introduced into a little pack we run about with beagles a beagle spaniel few teckles and couple terriers I have only ever owned and fetched on terriers for cover would any of yous treat a beagle the same as in just get it out straight away and let her find he nose or hold her back till next season and start her with her mother sister
  3. They do but just not for me
  4. I have been seeing alot of heavy stuff about lately, they not my type i like a good runner.
  5. Like that bnt how's it bred
  6. jcm

    Vera the beagle

    I wanted beagle mix but few things fell through and i pick of litter off my pals pure she's a good finder and a joy to hunt with
  7. jcm

    Vera the beagle

    Be a little pack of 7 teckles 3 beagles and a beagle xs so we should be kept busy
  8. Well its been a good few years in the making had my name down there n a few potential litters but bitches not taking etc left me really struggling to find what i was after anyway my pal bred his pure beagle and although i didn't want a pure i had a particularly soft spot for this bitch she is a great finder can hunt on well and just really give me that excitement on a hunt so decided to take a bitch pup wanted to call it karen but the misses wouldn't allow so here is Vera.
  9. Either don't take the bitch or don't take the dog nothing worse than a bitch in season around a male
  10. Hows it going mate aye he's a decent little dog that blade of yours. Its one of them things ain't it if you dont physically get a hold of them poaching on the land i suppose all you can do is lamp the permission every night for a couple weeks and hopefully they see you on there and deter them a little bit. Suppose at the same time it could be lads out of the village and it will be there local spot. We all have a local spot where we go when ever we want and walk it like we own it
  11. Only have the one runner now the old dog is ritered and lives with the mother I'm out enough to give 2 dogs the graft but this bitch i got atm does the lot and extremely well and if i had another runner atm i don't think I'd even give it that much graft of im honest as don't get me wrong she's been off sore and few little niggles but that gives me time to spend doing something else. I show my dogs a hell of a lot of graft and when there fit and injury free all i seem to do is run the arse off her but the odd time she is laid up i take the time just to chill out myself. Currently the bitch I ru
  12. Done that myself a few times and it actually made for a good day.
  13. The owld man hes 10 in september been a gooden
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