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  1. That's them who attacked that bloke and his own door and pushed into his house, I'm sure few of the leeds lads will get there hands on them
  2. My mates teckle x patt now shes a very good bitch
  3. Im in a similar boat with the bitch i have. She's a good bitch and suits me and how i like to work and im looking at her half brother to put back to her, granted it will be breeding more of the deerhound out but still keeping a type as her half brother is Wheaton bull grey but it will still give me the type of dog i want. Big strong hairy animals with plenty guts about them.
  4. Got my first bushing dog almost 9 years ago now and I'll always keep one or two about me.
  5. Cheers mate, not that i can take credit as i didn't breed her. She was bred in scotland and there a few of her litter mates still over the border.
  6. I like the teckle xs not to keen on the pures find them about slow. Not seen any bred into beagles mind.
  7. Like the look of these, beagle x spaniel ??
  8. That's it mate I'm the same put some miles in a night to put plenty gear infront of dogs
  9. There still dogs out there getting plenty done.
  10. Forgot to say father was black and tan very much size and shape of a whippet and so Is the black dog
  11. Got a little dog that has taken alot of foxes but by no means a specialist fox dog and tbh took alot more time to finish his quarry then say a bull x however his son was a fox only dog and was a hell of a dog on them catch them for fun and dispatched them very quick one was 21tts and other 22tts.
  12. Credit you you then. Very nice stamp. If they work well as they look then what more could you ask
  13. Like the look of that, how's this bred
  14. Seen few dog out of brain hunt and they were handy enough animals.
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