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  1. 400 I think for the x20 box and 1 collar
  2. There cracking bit of kit fir the money but there are hard to get hold of in the UK
  3. Please if you don't mind.
  4. jcm

    Full beagle

    That's my plans, had her out Tuesday and she was hunting away well recall needs work I found out haha
  5. That's a 6 hour round trip to get them places for me
  6. Yeah the little beagle was flying yesterday and lurcher is Wheaton bull grey x deer grey.
  7. Probs been on before don't really take many photos, it's been a good summer but we ready to travel the country again on the cold days and nights.... Wheaton bull grey x deer grey
  8. jcm

    Full beagle

    Same to you marra
  9. Anyone put me onto a uk dealer so I can buy another collar, don't want to order from abroad and wait weeks for it to arrive.... Cheers jcm
  10. Aye she's a fairly big bitch 27tts and can run for fun aswell..
  11. Yeah she's just gone 10 month but she's a voice on her.
  12. jcm

    Full beagle

    Yeah I know mate, I'll soon get her going g on intended quarry once weather cools
  13. jcm

    Full beagle

    Yeah runner always close by like. She has got a few things moving but she's mad for them fast rabbits which i don't want her doing like
  14. jcm

    Full beagle

    A think she Will do well along as I select where I do and don't let her hunt as her dam can travel on a good scent
  15. New season almost here soon as temp drops I'll make a start, just dotting about with them ATM starting to get there fitness going.
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