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  1. Nope its fairly dead in that area.
  2. Said it before and I'll say it again i had a hell of a dog and i wanted to put him to a bitch i was willing g to give potentiel bitch a nights lamping yet no one was intrested, got a bitch here now and i know of and have seen a good few dogs go and i could use any of them over her. Easier to find a dog to go over a bitch then it is to find a bitch to out your own dog to.
  3. Not even selective just hoyed together haha
  4. Use my old dog to retrieve birds i shoot with the catty,
  5. Lovely evening for a walk out dogs caught a couple rabbits aswell so turned out a little more exciting than expected. The old boy still catching a few rabbits and hes 11 this month
  6. Done some good numbers with this little dog he has caught thousands in his life time but his best bag was around the 55 mark probably could of done more but between the my dog and a mates dog we hit the 100 that night was happy tonight the 100, done loads of 30 plus nights with him had had some good mixed bags with him aswell. Ill jave to get a few photos off my oal of sone of our bigger bags
  7. jcm

    Wanted beagle xs

    Ideally looking for spaniel beagle terrier mix, i may have sorted something but again still got a mate looking for something similar aswell
  8. The bitch scanning about, we hunt up and down the country but rarely take pics these days.
  9. Alright lads looking for a beagle xs pup off working stuff, had my name down for a pup but bitch had a phantom Me and a mate looking for a pup so could possibly take 2 from same litter something beagle terrier spaniel mix. Anything about let me know lads willing to travel anywhere in the country for right pup but not willing to pay stupid prices.
  10. Seen a hell of alot of graft, young and dumb when i first got his as a pup so he's been in a lot of situations he probably shouldn't of and never once quit.
  11. My old dog was catching rabbits at 6 months so started running him from then but easy going, caught his first hare at 10 months and honestly from that day i piled the graft into him. Was a young lad at the time and didn't know any different but the dog ran for 8 or 9 seasons
  12. Absolutely, He's done some amount of work and not something you could talk about in an open forum... He has sired 1 litter and the 3 i know about all turned out little crackers.
  13. Aye be nice to see a few pups off him on the ground and getting worked and hopefully be as good of a dog as he has been for me.
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