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  1. jcm

    Wheaten Cross greyhound

    One of my good friends has got a genuine 3/8 5/8 if you get stuck to find a half xs
  2. jcm

    Bull xs for this season?

    Cheers man
  3. jcm

    Bull xs for this season?

    Stan saluki bull Grey 27tts. Been injured more than he has ran but hopefully this season we can get thro without injury. Diesel saluki collie grey x beddy whippet 21tts be no lamping for him this year but he be out daytime with us
  4. jcm

    9 and 10 months now

    The big pup is a unit pictures done do him justice
  5. jcm

    Stud dog

    In his youth he Could catch a few daytime, all fields tho no fen
  6. jcm

    Stud dog

    He's not a coursing dog by any means but maybe something your interested in. Saluki collie grey x beddy whippet. 21tts 8 years old and done a lot of work.
  7. jcm

    Foxhound x greyhound

    If left to hunt properly I think this cross would be excellent
  8. jcm

    Last day of the season

    Happy days then. Sometime injurys looks worse than what they are
  9. jcm

    Last day of the season

    How's the lurcher leg like matt has swelling gone down
  10. jcm

    Last day of the season

    Tell ye what tho mate a was impressed with them bushers they just don't stop like.
  11. jcm

    Last day of the season

    You done double to what we done tho haha, never seen you for an hour looks up the hill there's you shouting get on and the bushers screaming down the bank haha
  12. Had my last trip out with dogs today hunting on the hills. Had a good day and was a good laugh as always. Pic of my two while sat waiting.
  13. jcm

    The other pup I kept back

    Oryt looks a big animal
  14. jcm

    The other pup I kept back

    How big did that make
  15. jcm

    The other pup I kept back

    He hasn't done a great deal with her but he starting to give her more work now she has matured properly