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  1. I'm sure the line this dog is off is basicly saluki bull greys. Had a dog out of same stuff died last year running gear, cracking dog he been a big miss this season.
  2. Carnt ask for anymore that that pal.
  3. Yeah please I don't mind if there a touch of beagle but just a touch
  4. Good stuff mate, look nice types
  5. Very nice type what's in her make up?
  6. Like the look of the top one, type of height is it??
  7. Anyone breeding russel x cocker type in summer time or even one with just a touch of beagle in drop me a pm please. Not wanting one with loads of beagle in as don't want a dog hunting on miles but wanting one to hunt small woods etc.
  8. Yeah it's about the ideal size for me. Seen plenty a good dog under 25tts my pal has a little saluki bull Grey bitch about 23 ish and a cracking foxing bitch she is.
  9. She can cover ground well fast enough to catch anything I slip her on
  10. Yeah mate this bitch I got in now Wheaton bull grey x deer grey doing everything I want her to do and she's a good size at 27tts which I think 26 - 27tts perfect size
  11. Me and a couple lads I run with always thought like this thinking dogs need 6 or 7 seasons under them to breed from and in thinking like this missed the chance of breeding from a couple very good animals that have died into the feild because we thought we do another season before we breed etc now we lost waht we had and in last 3 or 4 years lost some very good dogs between us and basicly all had to source pups or young adult lurchers what have yet to be entered before buying or getting gifted.
  12. Little knock about after graft the other day on the edge of a golf course, knocked a few rabbits about for an hour, not as productive as it used to be a few year back. Dogs enjoyed it.
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