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  1. jcm

    Rip Stan

    Yes mate she has took it bad and he was doing very well for me, very very good catch dog tbh didn't miss much
  2. jcm

    Rip Stan

    It's not nice man, my lass is propper gutted as her and Stan were the best of pals.
  3. That was couple my Pals wi lurchers up there
  4. Anyone interested in this 1.5 impreza 107bhp wagon 89k on the clock new clutch, Front disks and pads full service and around 11month mot £1250 Hi and low range Around 37mpg Peterlee Co. Durham Pm me
  5. Was picking me brains there on what dog was in middle pick then I clicked on to who it is
  6. I helped a lad out bout 5 years ago witch a bitch was running stuff almost to a stand still and not picking anything up. A says I'll slip diesel in see what she does when he catches it. Slips diesel and his bitch and diesel caught the rabbit bitch ripped it out of his mouth, must of thought that's mine get off. From then on she picked up no problem.
  7. jcm

    Rip Stan

    I'll be out no matter what, I'm sure the bitch will come good and iv got my old diesel dog aswell.
  8. jcm

    Rip Stan

    Yeah he's the second one iv lost due to hunting accident, we were ticking a few things off the list this year aswell.
  9. jcm

    Rip Stan

    I'd of rather the dog die on impact rather that the way he did.
  10. jcm

    Rip Stan

    Cheers lads, he will be a big miss that's for sure
  11. jcm

    Rip Stan

    I Belive so, something got up infro t of him I seen him go down a bank then next thing he is hobbling back to me. You could see he had damaged his neck then he slowly got worse to the point he couldn't stand up or move. Look paralysed on way to vets
  12. Took an injury to his neck yesterday and sadly had to be pts today. Propper gutted aswell as he was a decent dog. Accidents happen in this game but its a shame to see them go
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