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  1. Only have the one runner now the old dog is ritered and lives with the mother I'm out enough to give 2 dogs the graft but this bitch i got atm does the lot and extremely well and if i had another runner atm i don't think I'd even give it that much graft of im honest as don't get me wrong she's been off sore and few little niggles but that gives me time to spend doing something else. I show my dogs a hell of a lot of graft and when there fit and injury free all i seem to do is run the arse off her but the odd time she is laid up i take the time just to chill out myself. Currently the bitch I ru
  2. Done that myself a few times and it actually made for a good day.
  3. The owld man hes 10 in september been a gooden
  4. 25 is s fair size, iv run dogs smaller that do everything asked but i do like my bigger dogs my bitch is 27tts and she some dog like
  5. Looks a nice thing how tall is he ??
  6. Haven't even started getting my fit, far to warm once weather cools down I'll make a start
  7. Before i stripped her hand stripped Hand stripped her Then when it came back in was a lot lighter in colour And there is no way id ever hand strip again takes to much time
  8. Get rid of the cat food, put it on a raw diet add plenty fish, makky is a very good oily fish and twice a week a tin of tomatoes
  9. Nope its fairly dead in that area.
  10. Said it before and I'll say it again i had a hell of a dog and i wanted to put him to a bitch i was willing g to give potentiel bitch a nights lamping yet no one was intrested, got a bitch here now and i know of and have seen a good few dogs go and i could use any of them over her. Easier to find a dog to go over a bitch then it is to find a bitch to out your own dog to.
  11. Not even selective just hoyed together haha
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