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  1. jcm

    Pics Of Your Bushing Dogs

    The terrier stealing the lurchers catch again lol
  2. jcm

    Bull x Saluki Greyhound

    They not be everyone's choice but they can make handy animals
  3. jcm

    Bull x Saluki Greyhound

    A young saluki bull grey. Done everything asked of him so far. Turn it up a gear next season. Seen a few run over the years and they seem to make very versatile dogs.
  4. jcm

    Want to bring a young dog on....

    Where you from ?
  5. jcm

    Squirell1S Pup

    Iv not had much experience with spaniels, I'll have to get out with a couple cross bred ones see if I like what I see.
  6. jcm

    Squirell1S Pup

    I realy want another dog to work along side my terrier but I also do a fair amount of ratting so I'm torn between another terrier or a purpose bred bushing dog in the hope it will be a tidy ratting dog aswell
  7. jcm


    Ffs that's all you need. I' guessing a few rabbits slipped the nets this morning?
  8. jcm

    Squirell1S Pup

    I like the look of these 1st xs. Something I'll most probably look into for the future
  9. jcm

    Never off the lead

    That's it pal. I'm willing to try anything if it helps the dogs recovery
  10. jcm

    Never off the lead

    I know pal, he was catching well and has some decent pace about him. He be back soon enough...... Hopefully
  11. jcm

    Never off the lead

    I suppose you can get it off line but I get it from where I buy my dog food, think it' around £20 mind. Use an old tooth brush and scrub it into the skin
  12. jcm

    Never off the lead

    Ahh never, its the risk we take running dogs but its still a sickner when they do get knocked up. Iv been useing that bone radial aswell 3 days on 3 days off. Seems to be working and a mate of mine who gave me it swears by it, maybe something you could try ?
  13. jcm

    Never off the lead

    Cheers man, appreciate it
  14. jcm

    pheasant carcas

    They should be given to the less fortunate.
  15. jcm

    Never off the lead

    Yeah man hopefully you get a few bolts to see how his toe holds up.