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  1. No mate they just young bitches about 21month or so first season
  2. Done one on a dog and they don't work, said my lurcher had no running dog in it.
  3. Nice animal and a good mix, just lost my sbg this season with broken neck, imo can be the best mix about for a dab at anything ye see
  4. If your dog is out of shh white and red dog to a red bull xs bitch then this bitch is out of same dog to Diffrent bitch and I was out with that red bitch that day
  5. Aye seen fair amount of stuff.
  6. Yeah, they are, sister to this bitch is flying makeing a cracking bitch. this one came from a keeper up Scotland to me, came to me not seen a think had few issues, got her running caught few things just still abit imature yet I'm hoping she will click and start using her mouth abit more but high hopes for her. Lad who got sire fair play to him put some graft in front of them dogs, had few days out with him very nice lad
  7. Be half sister same sire different dam, was out with the dam to his bitch on that day, real smart bitch
  8. Yes he has sire and sister to my bitch
  9. There sisters Wheaton bull grey x deer grey
  10. Had a good day out with a couple pals over the boarder last week, covered about 14 miles in pissing down rain and fairly windy conditions but ye just carnt comlpian walking the hill when it's this beautiful. Thought I'd share a couple pics
  11. Your about 10 miles from me, giz a message I'm sure we can sort a night out
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