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  1. You all got the entrance fees wrong,it is 35pounds on Friday and 30 the other 2days,for the first time ever I will be giving it a miss,farrrrrrr tooooooo expensive,camping is daft as well,they need to remember what these fairs were set up to do and stop robbing the poor suckers that need to go,WM
  2. YES BOYO,I will get the camera back out soon and run a few off of him,he is a lovely pup and one I myself would of chosen to keep,he knows the D/GREY are slow maturing and his size will determine the amount of exercise he gets,he loves working with the terriers but that will limit his retrieving opportunities as he gets older, he does like ferreting and that should keep him occupied till Xmas,WM
  3. I get lots of different types of birds brought to me and come across lots when out,I would of force fed it before taking it back,but yes it was the right thing to do,the RSPCA do not have a clue what to do with birds of prey and will kill most of them with ignorance,they survive by volunteers helping them and if they have,nt any experience of the breed then its curtains for the animal, WM
  4. R.I.P Tod, hard to say goodbye to an old warrior thats earned your respect through hard work, when the time comes its the hardest thing to hold him whilst he slips away, we owe our dogs a fitting end to their days and its only right we are there to keep them calm,WM
  5. We made the mistake of using metal poles and rings,the problem was they rattled in the wind disturbing the feeding rabbits,we never really did very well with it, caught more with my quickset and no chance of getting it nicked, if you use night vision you can see how many are out feeding to check if its worth doing,good luck,WM
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