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  1. Because your exact words were" I always use lactol I got told not to give dogs cows milk as they are lactose intolerant The contradiction is the fact Lactol contains lactose!!!!
  2. Not all true I'm afraid. All pups produce lactase and most 99%+ do so for the rest of their lifetime, but in a smaller amount after weaning. However if a pup is started on milk at lets say 3 weeks as a supplement and fed milk on a regular basis right through its lifetime it will produce lactase at the correct rate to utilise the milk. Humans are no different and people like myself who have drunk milk their entire life and have no issue. However you stop the supply of milk for a year and its a different story, leading to the intolerance. Myself I have always few my dogs fro
  3. There are some decent lads on here who on the face of it have done their fare share. However there are a lot who know very little because they have done next to nothing. And because they don't know about something, they ridicule those that do know because they have lived the life.
  4. I remember them all. My first lamping van was a Renault four, used to stand on the passenger seat with roof open and lamp from there. Had an ex GPO comma van! 4 of us used to travel to Lincolnshire or Norfolk in it to either longnet rabbits or run hares. In 70s had a morris/austin marina van, In 1982 I got a brand new Austin metro van, {wish I still owned it] I drowned in in Suffolk on my first weekend end away with it! it was never right after that. One thing they all had in common was the fact the were total crap.
  5. The first people I saw using a light to mark where they wanted to stop, or get dropped etc were Cumbrians, and they were VERY good at the job. I saw lamping done from the road before by the Bristol lads, but they tapped on the van roof etc.
  6. flicking the light on the road where you wanted the escort to stop? in true cumbrian style
  7. Now I will take a ribbing from anyone about most things, but do not PUT THAT b*****ds NAME in the same sentence as my own.
  8. I have just come to the realization that I am trying my hardest to converse with people who do not understand the English language, old fashioned English humour and its complex use of irony and sarcasm. So I think it best I leave well alone in future.
  9. Don't you lot get tongue in cheek banter? Anything suffering from altitude behaves like a thick sod! Hence me saying they were taller than my dogs and etc etc . Maybe I should have just said they were a bit thick in the head and you would get that.
  10. Sorry tongue in cheek, meaning they were taller and thicker in the head.
  11. Minshaw and his dogs easily summed up. Bred from a base of hill collie to BIG coursing greyhounds and line/inbred etc. Big smooth coated and strong dogs, looked after and trained and exercised properly they would work long hard shifts and put plenty of game in the bag with few injuries over very rough ground. this was in the 80s and they got plenty of work on rabbit, hares and deer. Vic was a decent enough lad to talk to, he would as already said invite you in and have a good yarn with you. The last time I saw a true minshaw was in the early nineties, although I saw some in
  12. What people seem to forget is: and I put this bluntly:- the country is full of shit heads and is run by people who are shot through with shit. Hare and greyhounds etc go together like cheese and onion and no politic can say otherwise. However we have allowed it to get to this, well the shit heads have, so we have to live with it.
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