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  1. Genuine responses please gents......soo many think they know it alls on dog forums...yawn......
  2. Anyone any experience with minshaws and is Jim barker still kicking around? Meant be good dogs back on the day
  3. I'm using two frames now. The evo hgh and a one I bought from booboy. Equally as good and now using precise gold .85 with 9.5 steel. Found this to be best set up for me.
  4. She doesn't have a problem with feather at all. Infact the total opposite she seems to love it and that's the problem runs away with them and just sits and plucks them taking no notice. Sometimes will fetch back no problem and others totally ignore me. I'm defo not over doing it just the odd one I shoot every now and then
  5. Just bit of advice about my pup. She's 9month retrieves anything and everything I throw to her and been doing well on the odd pigeon I shoot but every now and then shel bring them towards me, run straight past and just sit there plucking them taking zero notice of her recall. Any advice appreciated. Cheers
  6. Bit of a update on my bitch now 7 1/2 months she's a touch on the small side standing at 21tts hopefully gona gain a bit more but she's doing well. Recalls good retrieving well and retrieved her first bunny today. Done well as it was over a stream and not done much near water.
  7. Just out of curiosity what's the youngest anyones ever showed and ran a pup on the lamp?
  8. Nice [BANNED TEXT] what set up you using?
  9. Trust me [BANNED TEXT] unless your superman nobody's eyes can spot the things a thermal can! It's unreal how much the bag rate has gone up since using one.
  10. 11 weeks in first pic. She's now 14 weeks unreal the change in just 3 weeks!
  11. Shudda had them in the fridge like any other normal person mate
  12. B.T.W. she is collie x greyhound x beddy whippet. I realise the beddy Stubbiness could be kicking in but been a long long time since had a pup from this age so again any advice appreciated. Cheers
  13. Looking for bit advice on recall guys. I have a 3 month old pup which is doing really well but the last two weeks her recall has got a lot worse. Seems to take zero notice at times. She was doing so well then all of a sudden took 3 steps back. I'm not pushing her in any way just slow and steady. Been doing the obvious I.e rewarding when coming ect, ect. Any advice appreciated. Cheers.
  14. Nice solid looking dog you got there pal
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