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  1. For sale a male northern goshawk 2019 bird takes fnf very game bird. Flys at 1llb. 10.5. Change of circumstances forces very sad sale. Bird located in sunderland. This bird will only be sold to experienced people only and who has the time and land he deserves. P.m for info. Cheers
  2. Real nice that bud . I'm just waiting for the clipped version from cattyshack
  3. Just curious to see what people's favourite bands are to use and thickness? Also what ammo to match!!?? I'm using 1mm gzk atm with 10mm lead and having decent results. What you lads prefer?
  4. I just buy off ebay or cattyshack bud
  5. Thinking of getting some precise gold. Havnt tried them before. Anyone else on here using them for hunting? I'm looking at the .90s.
  6. Have a look on YouTube bud. Easy enough to do rather than pay postage.
  7. Out today for quick mooch just to try new bands. Gzk orange 1mm. Seem good so far. Anyone else tried them?
  8. I had a laguna many moons ago. Excellent rabbit dog day/night took the odd daytime hare on occasion long slips aswell. Same with the roe. Wouldn't pull teeth but would smash in if another dog had pulled them. Sooty Sam was his father.
  9. Looking for a beddy x bitch pup. Nothing too big say 23in max. No saluki x ect just looking for a good mooch dog with a bit brain about her what will fill the pot....not with lambs lol. Anything out there lads??
  10. 99.9% of people on here poach haha if we all had oodles of coin then maybes we could all do everything legally
  11. I don't do shows I work my dogs and this particular one excels in the field! So f**k if he's got ears like spock I don't care he does the job and does it well I'm looking for a good working beddy x to put him over. Doesn't bother me if the bitch looked like bungle aslong as it did the job. Too many showmen on here
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