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  1. They are talking about bring back hanging for deer poaching but blue Peter badges for nonces and wife beaters
  2. Two guys got court corsing hares massive fined and dogs bans to I think I don't now how to put link up if some one can put it up please there will be more to the story I'm sure but fines seam crazy high
  3. Country has gone completely fuking mental.loosing cars and talk of getting locked up for rabbits dog bans imposed on lads. With all the nonses drug dealers wondering around you think they would put all they're time in to that real crime
  4. If the dog is only pinning them in a net and not chacing and is out only to mark the holes can't see you doing much rong jest a thought
  5. 100% Dan my lad dose like fishing so we try to get him out plenty in the summer.what a shame it's gone this way most kids think meat jest comes from the super markets no clue what meat comes from what animals or how to get it from ells were
  6. Take my kid out teach him right but there's nothing left for them now but to get in trouble because some noise c**t thinks it's illegal to Evan look in a field
  7. Some stunning pics lads cheers for sharing
  8. Is that you riding round lock more lol
  9. Country as gone f***ing mad
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