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  1. D Lloyd


    Hope to get delivery on the 10th mate
  2. D Lloyd

    Lamp and battery

    Striker will not work with them mate they are led only batterys they work perfectly with the led modules
  3. D Lloyd

    Best Lamp Set Up?

    https://www.thehuntinglife.com/forums/topic/386700-lamps/?do=findComment&comment=4831502 Look at post on lamps by brudas1 second page new lamps out
  4. D Lloyd


    Bumped for guy looking for good lamp
  5. D Lloyd

    Little fu**ers are growing quick.

    You breed them ken
  6. D Lloyd

    Little fu**ers are growing quick.

    How they bred Ken
  7. D Lloyd

    United you stand divided you fall

    Go about your business as quietly as you can and when the day comes and it will that we can't run rabbits any more jest carry on walking your dogs
  8. D Lloyd

    United you stand divided you fall

    They won't be happy till we have fuk all to do with running dogs some of us have spent biggest part of Ower life's learning breeding and training dogs to get were we want them to be today.most of us have done the marches in London filled in the putishons over and over now they think it's ok to through us under the bus I have never been a coursing man and now probably never will but it's not jest lads that like to run a hare the are going to go for it's all lurcher work they will stop us bunny bashers next .
  9. D Lloyd

    Jag terrier

  10. D Lloyd

    Justify this

    Sad day they could net some and drop them off by me
  11. D Lloyd

    Jag terrier

    Is it quite in the run
  12. D Lloyd

    Wheaton xbull

    What is the real price I have a friend interested in this were you based
  13. D Lloyd

    Romeo x Tikka pups

    Picture of health credit to you mate
  14. D Lloyd

    well here we go,

    Lovely place to hunt out there years ago anyway