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  1. They loving that mate cracking picks
  2. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/sportmix-pet-food-recall-dogs-fda-b1780943.html
  3. Did not think you was mate it's only people that have never had one seam to crab them because they don't like me because the jest pricks that simple.i message a mate of yours early because he ask about it for you you both having new batterys discounted as you both keep getting kit off me. Also 2 others sold tonight so thanks to the other girl that keeps bumming the post up.
  4. He sed he had 100w lamp so I sent him a brand new battery that works with all lamps for free clever boy that's y he asked mods to take post down if he had sed that in first place I would of sorted it strait away so out of hundreds sold that's jest GB on here that was not happy and I offered him new repleasmnt but he declined his choice.so keep chatting if you like no doubt you don't have much in life to do at this lovely time of year .I do so chow for now hope you not as bord and sad in 2021
  5. Soon as I right on here god it gets some lookers I should right a book lol merry Christmas lads and lasses hope you have a good new year
  6. You referring to Carl Davis that bought rong battery with now warranty for led lamps only and cooked it with a 100w halagen bulb then slaged me of on Facebook and you or some other mug put it on here
  7. Christmas special 1 collar one lead £15 and free slip lead.pulse £2.95 posted for lads that pm me
  8. Seen this world as gone nuts in so many ways it won't be recognisable to tro hunting fine in another 10years
  9. It could catch rabbits but nought spesh at all and failed on its main quarry deer this was well before any ban and was to slow if my memory is correct I think it was slow on rabbits to
  10. Seen one work for a few seasons never made the grade good and bad in all crosses mind going off that I'd think twice.but I bet there are good ones out there
  11. That's Russel still going strong Dave lol
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