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  1. Ill try that first but wanted tinsel and antlers on them
  2. Do you make them mate can I order two here off you please
  3. Y did max leave Dave he seam like a sound guy
  4. Always loved the look of that dog. got my fare share I still miss. Rip dogs
  5. Sorry to here that ray he's been a good pal for you for a long time mate rip old boy
  6. Love this lamp best thing to come out in years hell of a distance but if you don't like led it's not for you love mine
  7. Looking good mate hope you both get a good season
  8. Some really good led lamps out there if you like them they make live easier
  9. True but my heals get stuck in the muck lol
  10. Good luck with your pup nice looking dog
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