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  1. D Lloyd

    trying to trace a pup/dog in scotland

    Given or sold with or without conditions meens nothing to some gifted plenty and got shit on plenty afterwards.hope dog as got a good home and you find out put you brothers mind at rest
  2. I was in a dog show today and told by a guy that has been round the show ring a good wile that if the dog handler is fat the dogs won't win any body ever heard such a thing
  3. D Lloyd

    Long summer

    Dogs looking good mate
  4. D Lloyd

    Some thing different

    If the bitch is full yes mate
  5. D Lloyd

    Some thing different

  6. D Lloyd

    Some thing different

    Can't wait to try a good well bred coursing type cheers lads
  7. D Lloyd

    Some thing different

    Lol crabbing
  8. D Lloyd

    Some thing different

    Nothing at all mate I put a post up about finding out how the litter was doing bit you must of mist it.billy the pup I keped is flying he's droped the lot and with ease glad your pups are doing so well for you I'd love to see some pics of them I loved the look of the bitch
  9. D Lloyd

    Some thing different

    I now what I sed and if I think some one is not commited to my pup after giving a litter be for to other lads and getting shit on its my dog my choice f all to do with you get over you in health obsession with ever post I put up now I'm in holiday mowed buy
  10. D Lloyd

    Some thing different

    Off on holiday soon so I'll do my crying in the sun you injoy your opinions and banter .like sed I posted for one reason looking for a pup so sorted now Happy crabing joe
  11. D Lloyd

    Some thing different

    Was you going to bring it back Joe. Only the negatives Joe on ever post I right nothing about the phone call to offer pup some months later or the guy tuking him for £350 odd that in it. you jest slag me off to try turn other members against me IV got mates not on here for that so carry on .the guy you are is the type that can riddicul another good dog man about is mental health joking about him not taking his meds bet there's hundreds on here that can relate to that . other forum members can make up they're own minds as you say. Hopefully sorted for a new pup now I'll now in four weeks thanks for all the help lads
  12. D Lloyd

    Some thing different

    The very reason I hardly ever post on here now mate
  13. D Lloyd

    Some thing different

    No probs
  14. D Lloyd

    Some thing different

    Gifted and deliverd the litter be for that one and got shit all over by lads sed I'd be more care full next time and that what this was about
  15. D Lloyd

    Some thing different

    Like you sed Alan did not want the pup I was not aware of that but got the feeling when he was putting off coming down so I sed £200 if he was really interested and sed ok I'm coming the pup would of gone home with him free. if he did not want it I made the right call might seem to be a odd way of doing things but I want home that will work them hard and for life if possible that's y Alan was offered a pup in the first place.if it was next season he was I'll that when sed pup would of not of had Alans time no folt of Alan .still no tale about the other dog he was getting tuked up for.thank god he did not make the drive as the dog die to weeks later after I gave it to my naber with was a good home but yes a pet not what I wanted for the pup but I'm such a wanker I then give them the black bitch in the litter free he sed to I'll pay you I sed not do you want a sworn statement off them.your interested in me is mind boggling