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  1. D Lloyd

    Wee walk in the sun

    Bet the dogs loved it up there mate
  2. All the very best.im a big fan of alternative living hope it brings you years of plersher and adventures
  3. D Lloyd

    Dog kennels

    Good topic this lads keep it going I'm making new kennels and runs some cracking ideas
  4. D Lloyd


    April is a gay name for a dog that looks that hard
  5. D Lloyd

    Cesar cross ruby pups

    Lol here we go again injoy you summer
  6. D Lloyd

    Cesar cross ruby pups

    That's a cracking picture of him mate
  7. D Lloyd

    Cesar cross ruby pups

    Cheers for pics Roy
  8. D Lloyd

    Cesar cross ruby pups

    Red ish Merle is the pup I kept.the blue merle I Nealy kept but other court my eye
  9. Hi I bred my dog Cesar to my bitch ruby almost 3 years ago now a few of the pups went to lads and lases on here I can't remember the owners names on here so if you had a pup please let me now how they are doing some pics would be nice to see how they turned out I now 2 went to a husband and wife in Scotland one was a stunning Merle bitch I have a soft spot for Merles lol I will put some pics up of the dog I have from the litter later.
  10. D Lloyd

    Bedlington x Greyhound

    Spencer I was thinking of flacko
  11. D Lloyd

    Bedlington x Greyhound

    Flacko I was thinking crosshands lol is he getting on in years mate if so I might now him
  12. D Lloyd


    Depends on many things was the dog carrying a injery was the dog very unfit I had a good dog years ago that would come looking for me if some one else sliped her .
  13. D Lloyd

    running his 10th season

    Good old Oscar how is he bred mate
  14. D Lloyd

    Ch 4 wooley mamouth program

    I'm man of few words Tomo lol they are trying to bring them back to help slow down the melting purmer frost