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  1. No more bites from me got go clean the dogs out try it some time I'll see you when see you can chat shit to my face then we will see how well you now me cracky
  2. Moons down season is here I'm to busy to with the dogs injoy my sport to keep repling to a butt hole like you.
  3. True if you running any bad land always best to get the pups on it as much as posable
  4. All I can say now go skin up drip and talk shit about something ells
  5. Well you must smoking some good shit because it's pouring out you big mouth
  6. About time you fuked up a good thread it's been a wile
  7. Or for fuk sake what you on now you mong you had a shandy again
  8. If only it was mine mine was fuking good on rabbits with 3 legs .see you still a clown who don't now me or my dogs
  9. I guess same be sed about that bog land and fence's would be hard for that 3 legged dog and he sed he could take them on any ground I'm no expert as I'm a bunny hunter but if I had to pick some were to run reds it be on a nice big grass filed much easier I'd guess than any boggy hill land
  10. Dog looks massive in pic how big was he what's in his breeding
  11. I here tales of a 3 legged dog that could catch red stags day and night single handed it was only 25inches
  12. It's true IV seen some massive pussys in the uk
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