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  1. Ok DC it sed you can't get messages
  2. First IV seen of that GB get it sent back I do remember your order did I not send the battery out be for you had the money to pay for it then you sent bit extra but I sed it was no need IV got the right person I think
  3. Cheers for replies lads
  4. Not had no pm.jest went in and dubble checked if you don't believe me ask mods to check
  5. How many dogs you had from pups that did not make the grade in your life time let's see some honest posts lads
  6. Bred like that mate if he's done you proud I'd not be look for anything ells
  7. Nice bitch what was your old dog
  8. Like muntys and Chinese trigger similar but very different lol
  9. So basically it is what I have coursing dog of long good breeding of a bull greyhound of long good breeding.not a coursing dog over a bull at all then shame idd like to see a true coursing type over a pure bull
  10. I hered a lad on here talking about a typ or line ray called coursing bulls so i can only think they are jest that ray can't remember is user name think otl or something like that ray
  11. I sell the plr 500 up grade brighter 20w not 15w faster charge time new better switch £65 posted
  12. Seams to brake in the handle had a few come back and my Owen broke
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