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  1. Drank some yesterday I thought it was good jest bit creamer than full fat cows milk
  2. I'm with you now jest over 6 years mate that's the big place that pics up all the dead stock Iam a long way from there.whats they're prices like now there were cheap years ago might be worth the trip
  3. Stunning Phil I do love them merles. cost gone out the window all ready no were were I am now to get dog grub so it's all chicken out the supermarket and bests mince have got a pets at home here so been getting some mince from the more expensive than the super market but I want the fat in it
  4. Lol well I'm coving all bases going for goats milk one meal raw mince next then lactol next on and on lol
  5. What's people's appineons on feeding young pups on feeding cows milk goats milk or jest mixing lactol powder in water
  6. Very Nice good luck with the pups
  7. Any pics of dam and sire mate
  8. All club together buy a uninhabited Scottish island fill it up with whatever you want and have some good holiday there be like mine Jurassic park but more full lol
  9. Shows a bit of the right bull goes a long way mixed with other good stock smart bitch mate
  10. Hope it's not for your sake and they'res it's savage seen it wipe out 100s if not 1000s with in a few short weeks
  11. Would of peaked my interest to if he can read that lol
  12. Fuk that was it a Belington whippet before lol
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