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  1. D Lloyd

    If there were no lamps

    Same dogs and I'd still work them day and night ban makes no difference to me I never catch nout
  2. D Lloyd

    Is my dog a lurcher?

    Its a matter boo boo
  3. D Lloyd


    Stop now or i be packing my bags lol good info guys
  4. D Lloyd

    RIP Tilly

    Rip Tilly sorry it came to that ken but in my experience with her sister and mother if they take that sort of damage they jest dont come right you gave her a fare chance mate jest about all the litter are in the kennel in the ski
  5. D Lloyd

    A wee walk along the water

    Nice time out with the dogs and kids
  6. D Lloyd

    Few photos of the muts

    Dogs look well mate keep at it
  7. D Lloyd


    Any cross will do a good job on rabbits from good working stock. Its up to the man or women be side the dog to make it what you call the best
  8. D Lloyd

    David Davies Hunt Show

    Cracking show again lads
  9. D Lloyd

    Rip old teddy boy

    Rip ted
  10. D Lloyd

    My 3

    Power full looking bunch mate
  11. D Lloyd

    RIP Tegan

    Rip chin up ken you got plenty on to keep you busy
  12. D Lloyd

    Lithium batteries

    Hunters choice lithium battery 20ah lasts longer than other 22ah lithium batterys and comes with warranty and all metal screw fittings no plastic rubbish price is much better also at only £175 with free postage. It was designed by a lamping man for lamping men and women.
  13. D Lloyd

    Trying to capture the essence.

    Stunning good talent you have mate