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  1. D Lloyd

    Bull xs for this season?

    Lol any time me dog Cary's is own lamp to in case mine gos off
  2. D Lloyd

    Bull xs for this season?

    No dogs are as good as mine for jibing
  3. D Lloyd

    Bull xs for this season?

    Lol he's looking nice mate only jest realised he looks like Cesar hope he can catch more than him
  4. D Lloyd

    Bull xs for this season?

    More wind in a asmatic turtle
  5. D Lloyd

    Razor Pics ?

    Best laid plans mate never straight forward. have a good season with yours young bitch hope to give my two another testing season.atb
  6. D Lloyd

    Razor Pics ?

    Nothing worse than a good one to old to breed and no straws taken at least his blood is strong out there.i had two dogs that I should of got straws from one died at 6 other never liked being played with but the guy did try hard no pun intended. Got a son and grandson here of razor and both worth taken straws from son already predusing some good stuff
  7. D Lloyd

    Nearly there

    Hope you have a good one mate
  8. D Lloyd

    dopey !@#$🙈

    Daft fuker lol
  9. D Lloyd

    Bull X Collars

    Pm me your address mate and I'll send him one
  10. D Lloyd

    Bull X Collars

    Now that's a nice collar comes in 7 different colours.bet that means free fox caller lol
  11. D Lloyd

    Bull X Collars

    Or I can sell you one for £8 nickle played posted
  12. Not on your own shit on by plenty gifting pups
  13. If you are looking for a coursing pup drop me a pm mate