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  1. Postcode wars London mate
  2. bell


    Last year was a real bad year for them, think a lot were killed in Europe in freak bad weather. Normally have them in the stable here but not any for 2 years now.
  3. bell


    Your a lucky man with those beauties round you. You get hoopoe there mate ?
  4. Good little rumble that one mate, the young fella boxed his ears off
  5. bell


    Got two pairs of Robins in the sheds here, and 5 pairs of Tree Sparrows in the boxes.
  6. Dougie Joyce v Douglas Doherty......now that was a real tear up.
  7. Nice, not seen that.
  8. I agree mate but a few years ago I was out lamping near Catterick base. It had been a strange week, the weather had been foul, great for lamping but you could feel the tension in the air all week. We had run a couple of bunnies and then the dog took off after a roe. It started pissing down and we were all wet through looking for the dog. After half an hour we heard some rumbling noise almost like a car pulling onto a car park, at that point i reckoned we would have been somewhere near the racecourse. Anyways, we then saw the lights again, almost looked like car headlights and we heard a
  9. You tight old Cnut pay him the £20.
  10. Cheers pal, it’s been a work in progress for the last 10 years !
  11. Just weeded and moss killed mine and then got a new patch to seed that I’ve just levelled.
  12. Feck me, he’s got his work cut out with two of them
  13. I think it’s the male bird who works his nuts off building several nests and then true to form the female turns up and starts with the criticism “the moss is the wrong colour in that one, you’ve built this one in the wrong place, this one isn’t level etc etc”......she reluctantly has to choose one of them but doesn’t let him forget .......your last photo Don is definitely the female just look at that face
  14. Interesting re Storm Frank
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