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  1. bell

    Eddie B/Dithcshitter

    Thread got pulled by Walshi
  2. bell

    Kwiss Packam, crook

    A few years ago my next door neighbour died of a heart attack and I heard his Mrs screaming so went round and tried to resuscitate him but he was a goner. Anyway the next day there was a knock at the door and a bloke in a suit was asking what my name was etc, I assumed it was the tv goon and told him to do one........it was the poor old blokes son trying tomsay thank you
  3. bell

    Should the heads of the BBC roll ?

    The majority of police time is spent nowerdays dealing with domestic violence and sex cases. I know of a senior officer who openly stated that all sexual allegations had to be thoroughly investigated because if the they wernt and another Jimmy Saville type case popped out of the woodwork it would be his pension that would be on the line and he would be dragged through the courts.....
  4. bell

    Scrap men

    What time of day is she normally at it mate
  5. bell

    Site? Messages??

    Ok mate. I can do tomorrow night. Pm me if your fixed by then.
  6. bell

    Site? Messages??

    Sent ypu a message mate
  7. bell


    Great pics mate, stuff like that is what makes it worth getting up in the morning for......
  8. bell

    View From Your Swim

    Great pic mate
  9. bell


    One mans loss is another’s gain, would anybody really shed tears if native crayfish were wiped out ?......the signals are good to eat and although it’s reported they take a lot of eggs/fry the fish also predate on them and grow bigger as a result.....
  10. bell


    Crack on mate, just be careful
  11. bell

    Salmon or sea trout

    Missed the second half, just back in......at least I had a result .....
  12. bell

    Salmon or sea trout

    Got a mouth on it like a bucket Tom, had to get my lure back by going through the gills, had completely inhaled it. Got another good one this morning that probably went 4lb. Had a downpour last night so hoping there may be some sea trout moving this evening. Going to watch the first half of the football then take the boat out......tide and time wait for no man ...
  13. bell

    pip assesment

    Mine are up north with me at the moment mate, had a real downpour last night and a lot cooler today. Take care mate
  14. bell

    pip assesment

    Haha, your right Ray, thought the big lad might get a mention