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  1. Nice one mate, very thoughtful, fact .....
  2. Your Mrs obviously out at the moment then mate ?.......
  3. I know youve stuck this up before, but there must be some memories looking at it now ......
  4. Be downstairs, cant get upstairs his back is fecked FFS
  5. Plod on here, you be getting a knock in half an hour mate
  6. Who knows, would have thought if it was off a combine and trackered it would have been found before Sam picked it up....
  7. If you were going to sell it you should have got on and done it without broadcasting it on here. It’s not yours, it’s theft by finding unless you can prove you thought it had been abandoned but you’ve already said not......hand it in and if your lucky and it can’t be traced you may get it back.....roll the dice, you may sell it ......what’s the worst that could happen......a phone call or known the door.......not worth the hassle ....
  8. Yes, my mate knocked down 5 on one flight....good sport...
  9. Seems to be good numbers about but there was last year at this time and then they disappeared in January when we had another few days at them. The lads in Ireland are reporting good numbers. Ive kept all the wings and when i get a chance will check them to see if adult or juvenile, should get an idea if it was descent breeding season for them........like you say magical birds !
  10. I was in Vietnam and Laos earlier this year, great place, people and food...…………..
  11. Had two days up on the west coast chasing woodcock. Some good numbers about and between three of us we managed to bag twenty, a record for us. That was split between walked up in the day and a couple of evenings flighting them.
  12. I’m up the west coast at 2am to catch a ferry to a place where we usually manage a few....
  13. Oh my lord, that was as cringy as feck....I’ve met a few porkie tellers in my time.....
  14. bell

    Lucky escape

    My old man jumped off some racking and took his finger clean off...not a clean snap so couldn’t fix it back on despite that he took it to hospital in a milk bottle......he reckoned he could feel,the end of his finger itching weeks after even though it wasn’t there......legend rip....
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