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  1. bell

    Bird ID

    Panther/cougar hybrid in stealth then strike pose.......actually no idea......first shot looks a bit Gos but could quite easily be buzzard !
  2. bell

    Few Perch

    They are an obliging fish for sure, proper characters ...
  3. bell

    Few Perch

    Went to a little spot that’s out of the way in the rain this afternoon.....managed a few on jelly lures...
  4. bell


    Yes, you’re right GM, I guess they will be found mostly where their ‘hosts’ are found, like you say Reed warbler and then up at mine meadow pipits, great birds to see.
  5. bell


    Was up at my bolt hole in the dales this afternoon...we always have cuckoo here, only a small ghyll but they come back every year...watched 3/4 different birds being followed by meadow pipits with some wheatear shifting around....proper upland niche birds.....
  6. bell

    Nice evening

    Rainbow trout.....it’s a pond
  7. bell

    6 years ago today .......

    Yes I know
  8. bell

    Big Cat Sighting

    Decker stop being a cock....let it go...
  9. bell


    Wouldn’t mind seeing a nightjar mate, you know where they are ?
  10. bell


    Zandy has put up some superb pics of cuckoos before...…..saw my first one this week at a little spot that always holds a few...….will give it a go..
  11. bell

    Big Cat Sighting

    It still looks like a moggy to my untrained eye...….keep em coming Greyman
  12. bell

    Muslim problem.

    You get a twitch at all when he was yelling you Walshie ?......
  13. bell

    Bucket List Trips

    Put this up before, this was siem reap .......great place...
  14. bell

    View From Your Swim

    They can live out of water......stick it in your car and give me a shout.....I will do the rest ....
  15. bell

    View From Your Swim

    Still waiting for my Christmas smoker Tom