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  1. Free evening and the first time we had cast a line this year. Nice little spot, watched a pair of Dabchicks on the nest with youngsters. Managed to winkle out a couple of fish around the 2lb mark, will turn them into Thai fish cakes ……
  2. I got a lad i know some permission on the farm down the lane. He found this a few weeks ago, part of a roman coin. He was made up..
  3. Hope you enjoyed old boy
  4. Tikka lamb shoulder …
  5. Mmm,,is a meeting place for sure for like minded people
  6. Where you heading for KD ?
  7. Yes Pharaoh hounds and ferrets
  8. Gozo mate, taken the ferry to Valletta today. It’s scorchio. What these chaps don’t know about rabbits isn’t worth knowing !
  9. Nothing gets past you mate
  10. Tandoori nymph
  11. Nice one Arry, wish I could dig for lamb chops in my garden !!!!!
  12. Feck me that cop gets up at the end holding his neck like he’d been stung by a wasp !!!!!!
  13. Impressive place, a bit soulless the whole area but had a fantastic curry in Dishoom next door
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