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  1. You drinking it in the shower again ?
  2. Thats it mate....letter dropped through last week 35mph on a 30.....ffs !!!....and they kindly let me know that North Yorkshire have a leeway of 10% plus 2mph......lovely if I’d done 34 wouldn’t have heard anything
  3. Some big fish in the mighty Mekong mate
  4. Decent enough to be fair, aimed at a certain crowd but had better in a back street in Laos !
  5. Ladore falls hotel, went last year and ate at their ‘pan Asian ‘ restaurant ....wonder what Dougie made of it
  6. I nearly ran him over the other day, wondered what he was doing
  7. Yup, ive had it for 2 days but coping manfully
  8. Suspended sentence ?...result.
  9. Washington wildfowl trust ?
  10. I had a great crested grebe, we swam to an island for it in a big inner tube .....those were the days.
  11. “In fact, some say that gays should be hit with stones to death. I stay away from them.”............
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