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  1. Found these way off the beaten track few months back in the Trossach national park, no release sites nearby
  2. That’s it Phil, chalk and cheese.....give me the cheese any day.
  3. Your inbox is full pal, got a duck for you p, can drop off tomorrow (Sunday) if your about ?
  4. That’s it mate, driven tame duck are a no no for me....wild duck flighting is great sport....will they come, won’t they come ..?.....a few came tonight...
  5. Nice one mate....my effort this morning, few ink caps out of the garden with the last tomatoes out of the tunnel with some west coast black pudding and one of me eggs hidden there.
  6. Quite night, shot a few but less than expected. Was out last night walking the dogs under moonlight , could see shadows on the fields from the moon...nice....
  7. Out duck flighting tonight, be interesting to see what comes in. My mate flighting this morning on the coast and he saw not one bird.
  8. Thats it mate. Probably my favourite meat, back at them tomorrow night, great sport !
  9. Mate, you won’t appreciate his culinary skills....best stick to your fish sandwich.....chin up
  10. That’s it...keeps you alive, I like the planning and run upto it as much as the doing.....drove upto the west coast of Scotland last month, the ferry didn’t run so had to drive round Loch Fynne and catch a different one, a red stag nearly wrote me off at Inveraray and a pine Martin in the middle of the road....arrived at ferry at 2am and slept in the car with the dogs and a ferret....it feckin honked but it made the trip .....Rabbits caught, geese and duck shot...
  11. That’s a great few days mate.....a trip like that can recharge the batteries for months...great times.
  12. bell


    Clamped on the end of your Hampton
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