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  1. Yes Tomo…..mash it all up….splash of port and away you go.
  2. The Brains are a delicate morsel…akin to a lovely smooth pate ..
  3. Absolutely…..always on a slice of thick bread….will turn out to be the best slice of fried toast ever !….
  4. bell

    Few days away

    Not this time Jok, but in November I shot two but my mate reckoned the gun left my shoulder between shots so didn’t count…..tad harsh I thought !
  5. That looks real nice, woodcock for me.
  6. bell

    Few days away

    Trip up North again, the usual spots with a new member of the team….stunning weather and a great crack with good friends.
  7. I know mate, wondered why the fella wanted broken ones ?
  8. Pinkfoots do in thousands every year and some Greylag.
  9. Great post, keep them coming, we need to hear more about your ground
  10. Well done mate…great eating fish.
  11. Good few in the usual spots here
  12. I was banned on PW for posting the phrase ‘Spear Chucker’
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