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  1. bell

    Some recent success

    Great write up and pics mate, keep them coming.
  2. bell

    Mr Peter Roberts

    Welcome mate, the old relum was my first air rifle as a 13 year old until confiscated by the police ! enjoy.
  3. C’mon Walshie, it’s not as if it’s his first post.......oh hang on a minute.....
  4. bell

    what is this ?

    Had a slow worm as a kid, must have been pregnant when we picked it up, a week later gave birth to a load of young, beautiful looking things.....
  5. bell

    BBC Final Score

    Maybe I’m old fashioned but some things just aint right......and women commentating on football games with their squeaky voices is one of them......if it ain’t broken .....
  6. bell

    1st car.

    Banana yellow Capri
  7. bell


    Empty your inbox mate
  8. bell

    Dislexic son.

    Nice one mate, glad it turned out ok although it was a shame it had to go that far in the first place
  9. bell

    Mystery hiker

    Walshie been quiet recently.........
  10. bell

    What would you do

    Hire the best divorce lawyer money could buy ...
  11. bell


    Your right mate they don’t......
  12. bell


    You got a new phone mate
  13. bell

    View From Your Swim

    Few about last night......
  14. bell


    There was a thread running last year mate....
  15. bell

    The Promised Land

    Looks real nice mate, be a trout or two in that stream....