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  1. bell

    Do they know ??

    Ray, sorry to hear that, keep on posting mate.
  2. I’m at the AFC at Harrogate every month or so, most off the young lads there are well rounded and a credit.
  3. The way he took his glasses off and slipped them in his pocket…old vid but …..
  4. Mate, I had that last year….injected and then put in the chamber …..weird feeling like you say, thought I had pissed myself and my scalp felt like it was on fire
  5. Definitely worth a visit.
  6. Mate you only have to listen to Starmer talking about anything to hear all you need to know about him….wouldn’t trust him to feed my hamster……and I havnt got one
  7. Pheasant Kiev’s …..very good.
  8. Cops will need to obtain medical records to prove S18/S20…..normally takes a while…interview suspect….3 month bail….same again….same again…..magistrates extension….12 months later ….
  9. If it’s on cctv let the cops do what they have to do….will still take forever and a day to sort….
  10. I was up on the West coast last week….track down to the foreshore ….Wigeon, Mallard and Teal….
  11. bell

    Snow day

    Driving upto Scotland west coast for a few days sport. Car reading is -11 and have ice on the inside of the windows !!
  12. 4 Greggs steak slices.....
  13. bell

    In laws

    Lob it out of the window
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