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  1. bell

    Big Cat Sighting

    Well if you see one mate don’t do a write up on it ....
  2. bell

    View From Your Swim

    The Mekong in Laos mate, spent sometime on it yesterday. Threw a few lures but water very coloured so didn’t stand a chance.
  3. bell

    New boat

    Nice one
  4. bell

    Odd coloured Roe

    April mate.
  5. Empty your inbox mate
  6. bell

    Big Cat Sighting

    It’s back end and angle of the tale give it away, I enlarged it and thought cayote, but on first look could see cat.....maybe
  7. bell

    Big Cat Sighting

    Oh is see...ica....
  8. bell

    Big Cat Sighting

    And where is Amer ?
  9. bell

    Best bait for eels

    Done Tom....
  10. bell

    Best bait for eels

    Tom, up your game......smoked eel is on my Christmas menu again this year....
  11. Not seen on for years ....
  12. bell

    Weird weather

    Unbelievable, my place above Reeth still standing but some folk who were staying last night couldn’t get there. Bike cafe underwater and like you say bridge has gone from Leyburn to Reeth.........some real force of nature .....
  13. bell

    Silver kings

    Great colours..