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  1. bell


    That’s a good one mate......my old dear lives on a west coast island, no foxes or stoats but the odd mink, otter and badger...today she went out to her chucks, all in a pen as usual and one gone completely, one dead with no head and one still alive. the wire fence is probably 4\5 foot tall.....what killed took the chicken...I’m thinking mink....sea is quarter of a mile away so maybe otter but I’m thinking mink,..
  2. You cant beat them plump little thighs …..
  3. That’s a new one on me mate....
  4. You would be suprised how good it is, bit like a rich pate.....best way is roast it on a piece of bread with a rasher of bacon on top....the bread turns into the best piece of fried bread you ever had....spread the inards onto the bread or just eat it without as it’s covered in the juices and bacon fat .....
  5. You tried it mate ?....it’s pretty good but not quite as good as the brains
  6. That’s him fecked at school tomorrow.
  7. bell

    Doe this morning

    Any woodcock raised ?
  8. bell


    Flighted a spot tonight on the edge of a forestry block on a west coast isle. The birds came out early and in the space of 15 mins I counted 12 woodcock over me including two pairs together. I stopped shooting and tried to pick a bird that dropped a way off otherwise I would have had a few more ......great sport and great tasting birds....
  9. bell

    This weeks mission

    That splash looks nice for flighting duck onto......bound to be some wigeon knocking about...
  10. bell

    Fury v wilder

    I’m hoping they land a punch at the same time and it’s a double knock out....
  11. bell

    Rotherham council at it again

    Feck me, the turd was given 35 years , how the feck does any right thinking person think (a) he should ever be allowed to see the light of day (b) it’s a good idea for her child to go into a prison to see the piece of shit that raped his/her mother......whoever’s idea this was needs to stand in front of joe public and tell us why they think this acceptable......
  12. bell

    Ferreting video with bob merrin

    Nice watch mate
  13. bell

    Beat Ken to it, R.I.P.

    Nice work D.....Ken okay is he ?