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  1. Wow, no way would I imagine you could captive breed Skylark !......they seem one of the wildest untameable birds that ever lived !.....just had a quick search and yes, there it is ........not sure it sits well.....skylark for me is a bird 100 foot in the air parachuting in singing its head off.
  2. Mate, your a southerner....you should have stayed well away
  3. bell


    Definitely chored......call crime stoppers mate.
  4. Champion top notch.
  5. Yes mate, thought it must be Rays but wasn’t sure, cheers.
  6. Thats a made up crock of shite mate....
  7. Are they actual skate then or Rays ?..... I thought you only caught Skate in Scotland ??/
  8. Never had skate wings, are there any bones in them ?
  9. Some superb fish there mate, you own a fly rod ?
  10. And if you get me one it will protect me
  11. That’s shit mate....smoked eel is what you need to get you up and about again !
  12. I can’t believe most people are not fed up with the double standards that are are there for all to see. The worlds leaders barbecuing and shmoozing in Cornwall, back slapping and living it up.......million pound football players hugging each other and testing positive.....school classes being binned at the same time for the same reason.....it has always been the case and always will be that money talks....you can only live your life by your own standards and do what’s right as you see it..
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