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  1. bell

    Live Bands

    First time for me was Ozzie Osbourne in Leeds about ‘82......he had shaved all his hair off, bald as a coot but that was something to a 14 year old ...
  2. Nice little set up you have there Dog, nets can certainly put fish on the table.
  3. Nice one Wdog, stick some pics up mate......tight lines
  4. Commercial netting ok mate, but ‘freelancing’ can get you in trouble......netting rivers is definitely a no no......
  5. Living the dream Gman, good on ya.
  6. It’s generally frowned upon over here mate and often is illegal although it still goes on. I dare say one or two on here have dabbled over the years
  7. How do you know it’s not flu ?
  8. bell


    Been doing cold turkey all day
  9. 1 smooth Booth, remember watching him and his brother on the box.
  10. bell


    You used to ‘read’ the Daily Sport ?
  11. Nice one mate, would love to.
  12. Nice one mate, if you need any crew give me a shout
  13. No permit for sea fishing mate, where you thinking of going ?
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