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  1. bell

    Syndicate rules

    Mate, find a different shoot unless the rest of the guns are going to back you against the captain. I wouldn’t want to be shooting with a tosser every other week with what’s gone on......
  2. bell

    Black cat

    Tails in same position in each photo ......
  3. bell

    Black cat

    Looks like a cardboard cut out....
  4. bell

    Final say March

    Haha you da man GL
  5. bell

    Black cat

    That your farm Don ?.....can see the step you fell down and busted your ankle running away from the beast ....
  6. You would have trouble picking one of them out in a line up apart from number 4
  7. Stick a post up mate when you get back, what will you be catching ?........had a day out with a guide a few years back off the rocks near there catching bass and a beauty of a Gilthead.
  8. bell


    Feck me mate, do you not manage to get clear shots of anything...…..give it up as a bad job …….
  9. Just been into shop to get a packet of crisps and some wrapping paper for wife’s birthday present......only 2 things....that’s all I needed......came out with the crisps and a bottle of lemon Fanta (don’t often see it so was well happy).......driving down road and thinking to myself, “right, will wrap the present when I get in “.......hang on......
  10. bell

    Couple of hours

    Great write up mate
  11. bell


    Fake, none of them checked the chick out as she walked away.....
  12. bell

    Off to the mountains again

    Bet you’ve packed your superman budgie smugglers again in case you need to strip off and effect an off the cuff rescue
  13. bell

    A great day by the river

    Can’t be mate, cod are caught in salt......just not right in a river...
  14. bell

    Just a quicky 😉

    Sounds like mine, will be in touch
  15. bell

    Just a quicky 😉

    Aye will sort a day out mate, she moans about the poor rabbits but loves it really haha