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  1. bell

    New arrivals

    Always fancied doing one on an a spit outdoors.......
  2. bell


    Great fish market in Bergen, slabs of whale and mackerel the size of grilse
  3. bell

    Big Cat Sighting

    Looks photoshop to me and where’s the tree gone ?
  4. bell

    joey barton assaults barnsley manager

    He’s been nicked tonight by the look of it.....racially aggravated assault......suspect he gave it “you bombed our chippy” line.....
  5. bell

    isis bint

    White racist bstard...
  6. One photographed near Saltburn this week.....
  7. bell

    Odd coloured Roe

    Not my pic mate, it’s off a local birding forum I’m on....he’s a beauty though isn’t he.
  8. bell

    R.I.P the Anfield iron .

    Can remember watching a European final/game as a kid and he scored a thumping header from a corner .....just one of those that sticks in my mind but can’t recall the opposition......am sure someone will remember ...
  9. This was taken local to me this week. Never seen one like this before.
  10. bell

    Nerd news - First image of a blackhole

    You never seen interstellar ?
  11. bell

    First House Martin’s

    Got a long tailed tit nesting in my hedge and saw first swallows yesterday.......got a crow building in one of my trees which is going to get it......also a pair of magpies further up the garden in some dense conifers but they know I’m after them !
  12. bell

    Big Cat Sighting

    And a small terrier at that ....
  13. bell

    Red Signal Crayfish

    Cat food pouch with a few holes punched in it.
  14. bell

    Japanese knotweed

    I had some at mine, glysophate it ever time it showed and got rid.....