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  1. bell

    Iron Arms

    I’ve been looking at it all day having a chuckle....
  2. bell

    Any Ww2 finds?

    Couple of years ago I went to feed a couple of pigs I had and saw they had rooted up a foot long round. I stuck it on top of the pig house and went to call the cops. I am not far from catterick garrison and the cops and bomb disposal turned up, they xrayed it and it was a tracer round form some sort of anti aircraft gun......I still have it......will stick a pic up
  3. bell

    Bacon pudding

    My mate does a game and kidney pudding for our January trip up north every year.......it weighs a ton and it’s oven cooked so the suet pastry goes crispy......top notch...
  4. bell

    till we meet again

    I’m sure a few of the lads local to you would come to the funeral to support you mate. Where about are you Keith ?...anywhere near the Dales and I for one would come along if you thought it would help. She wouldn’t of wanted you talking like this mate that is for sure......lost my old man 12 month ago in same circumstances and like lots of folk on here it’s right time does heal, you don’t forget mate you just find a different mindset to deal with it.
  5. bell

    The changing face of rural Ireland

    I’m not entirely sure Geldoph ever mentioned Cambodia ....ever.....like ever ....don’t knock it mate till you’ve been there...not to everybodies taste, can’t please all the people all of the time and all that .....London or Thailand/Cambodia ....I know where I would rather be.
  6. bell

    The changing face of rural Ireland

    Just got back from that part of the world mate, I knew someone had mentioned they were going but couldn’t remember who !...will pm you as I think I pretty much travelled your route.
  7. Micky been down and cleared it mate ..
  8. bell

    Scottish weather

    Been up here for 4 days on west coast doing a bit of all sorts, weather been mixed but couldn’t do what I’ve done anywhere else, love it up here....
  9. bell

    Killing a tree

    Cut it down at night......
  10. bell

    Cannabis oil

    Crap new Don, lost my old man to it a year ago next Friday.
  11. bell

    Forces lads

    Yes mate, did Cambodia a couple of years ago. Special part of the world.
  12. bell

    Forces lads

    Hi Been at the Ho Chi min war museum today...unbelievable suffering and waste of human life on all sides...coincided with Independence Day .....
  13. bell

    View From Your Swim

    No worries, difficult to judge size but got me excited .....
  14. bell

    View From Your Swim

    How big is that eel Tom ?.....do I need to light the smoker ???
  15. bell

    bloody spiders

    Anybody identify this one I found this morning ?