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  1. Think the bloke who breeds penny meadow whippets also breeds Bedlington Cross as well would have to check his website but he does have a very reputation for breeding working whippets he is on Facebook it is his son who breeds them .
  2. Just full whippet dog slightly taller and just above 13kg bitch 12 and half kg bitch 19 and half dog 21 to shoulder .
  3. Just 2 weeks over 8 months old now still plenty puppie in them but starting to fill out muscle up a bit .
  4. Paid £1200 for brother and sister whippets which are now just under 8 months old . Was happy with the price and over the long game if they live to age of my old dog (15) it's not really a lot of money . But covid artificially inflated the prices were lurchers were fetching over a grand never mind the price of some breeds . So from my perspective it was a decent price for what are shaping up to be to excellent dogs .
  5. They are still under the old system due to the northern Ireland protocol IE seamless borders agreed under brexit . so a dog imported from Northern Ireland would have the old EU style passport instead of the new British style one .
  6. Cheers for the reply I know what you mean about costs done a bit of research and it seems you can issue a dog from the uk with the old style pet passport new system is just a money making scam. especially as a large number of vets do not do the animal health certificate. Had both of mine jabbed up only to find the vet doesn't do the certificates as its a long winded process. Was planning a trip out in March to see my lad who is in the FFL plus a few more trips besides .
  7. I like taking my dogs abroad but since brexit this has become expensive . I didn't realise that after them having the rabies vaccinations 1 the vet didn't do the animal health certificates as they are a long winded ball ache . And 2 they are cheapest £360 a pop for 2 dogs every time you want to leave the UK to take them out and that was the cheapest quote some vets who did do the certificates wanted over £500 because my dogs wasn't registered with them . Someone told me I can take my dogs to Ireland and get them registered there for an EU passport at a vets over there does anyone know if this
  8. Good recall and good of the lead like to explore mooch in cover well pleased .Still very boisterous but to be expected at this age good with other dogs and people .
  9. Bitch 5 months is brindle. dog is blue 5 months old bro and sister both around 17 to the shoulder and 10 and half kilos on 600 grams a day of raw going upto 800 shortly a bit of dry at night small handful with sprats chicken legs wings besides in between. as for working 12 months min for me . Bitch is very fast and keen chasing the dog and runs circles round him at the moment but that means nothing to be honest as she is very long and slight and he is short length and broad etc .
  10. Sure I saw these pups on FB earlier today with you practising retrieving with a tennis ball . Lovely pups a credit to you Joe. All the best with them in the future .
  11. Settled in well sleeping through the night in there crate usual puppy squabbling over toys can take them out on light walk from wed next week but have a fully enclosed back garden using a clicker a few times a day, half dozen times per session to help with recall getting there attention and coming to me With treats just doing the basics and socialising with them they are certainly not shy that's for certain .
  12. Pennymeadow whippets did have some first cross Bedlington whippets for sale a couple of weeks ago could try them to see if they have any left .
  13. No they are OK on the lead just light exercise walking 10 min to 15 min then 10 mins of charging about . Limit it to twice a day as they can over do it themselves . You have got to protect them from themselves from over doing it to be honest . Mainly bonding getting them familiar with new surroundings socialising and getting them into a regular routine. Had them health checked both in perfect health . So well happy with that
  14. Thank you but all the credit goes to the breeder mate .
  15. Cheers 12 weeks old raw feed parents pups cracking nick a credit to the breeder .
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