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  1. The guy who had the 2 mali one was a rescue about 9 months old but well behaved . And looked a cracker the other dog was steady as a rock but older . After looking on the net what put me off was when put to a grew they in theory could and I did see one advertised a dog that was 28 to the shoulder but still only 9 months old . I did read a few old topics from the site from a few years ago about the breed but sadly think the guys who started the topics have left the site . And any other info is a bit sparse . Dog I have now is 13 a bit wobbly but it's cradle to grave with me like all my other d
  2. From what information I have gleaned they may even when crossed to a non ped or whippet throw a bit to tall for the type of daytime I go . The vast majority of ground is bramble or reclaimed pit spoil that's had years to settle down .also a lot of small paddocks fringed with hawthorn bramble and a mixture of both . So in reality I would prefer a fast off the mark dog good coat nose and one that doesn't mind plowing in were it's thorny or brambles nettles etc . Plus do a bit of lamping ferreting etc . It seems that I have answered my own question on the subject plus when looking further into it
  3. Was thinking more whippet cross as its all bunny or bird to be honest with heavy cover bramble etc and lamping .
  4. Does anyone work or breed the malinois whippet lurcher type dogs any thoughts on this breed . Guy local to me has 2 pure dogs and like the look of them as they are steady racey type but also make good guard dogs any thoughts or opinions on this breed as a working lurcher etc good or bad .
  5. What you also have to take into consideration is memory short memory in a dog is as little as 70 seconds to 2 minutes .but long term is a life time so if a dog is constantly chastised physically it will never forget it and basically ruin the dog . Were its pointless reprimanding a dog for bad behaviour unless you catch it almost immediately. As the dog won't know what it's done wrong if shouted at scowled at or told off 10 minutes later . Certainly would never consider or condone physical punishment as to me you have lost the battle straight away if you resort to this .
  6. Well I can see no reason whatsoever except for pest control to be running bunnies this early even with a pup the likelihood is it will be milky does your catching therefore not only killing the doe but killing any babies it has or will produce . Also there are a lot naive young rabbits about so if your reasoning is to give a pup a an easy kill or run it is in my mind a false premise as in a couple of months these same rabbits if they survive have become very wise . I ain't even factoring in the ground which at the moment is as hard as concrete and the risk to your dog through foot injuries etc
  7. Well we ain't out of June yet and there lamping the freshly cut fields near me already after the rabbits etc . It ain't pest control or out like that as I still unofficially still have the permission but don't bother with it anymore. No wonder the game is on the bones of its arse .
  8. The if it meant business it would have been through to the bone she is only playing with you comment . Sums him up perfectly makes me cringe just listening to him .
  9. Remember Richard whiteley getting bitten off plummer ferret many moons ago . Also did Jack Hargreaves and Phil drabble do a couple lurcher ferret type programmes years ago . Also Jack's game Remember that one as well . Apart from shooting times or news the only other place you could see lurchers or ferrets etc was exchange and mart .
  10. Always had pups never a problem rescued this lad from dogs home totally different ball game took approx 9 months just to settle . I assume he had been badly beaten as a youngster as even today at 12 yrs old still has a mistrust of men . But he has been a brilliant companion and now his back legs are a bit dodgy and he suffered a bad injury at 4 just kept as a pet . Reason I didn't get another dog as is he to keen on them either so will bide my time . Same as I have always been with the dog when PTS hardest thing you can do but you owe it to comfort it and not leave it in a strange place alon
  11. Funny you should say that I was delivering and a woman at a roundabout had a pure border so it seems nearly went under wheels of the wagon I was driving not to mention a few cars as well .
  12. Loved the small type lurcher x lurcher brilliant for a bit of lamp ferreting bushing working brambles etc 21 to about 23 to the shoulder max was the choice of dog when I was young round were I lived .you just don't see them anymore God knows what went into them but collie whippet dominated the mix . Saw a good George kelly bitch back in the day but it blew up big style ended up suffering with epilepsy even took her on for about 12 months as the previous owner said would I look after her when he went on holiday some bleeding holiday that turned out to be . He was the 2nd owner and the previou
  13. On the subject of the railway spent over 20 years on it as for best consistent money loco wagon or driver money is the best with the latter the best the deal. as for civil or renewal work etc I know plenty lads on decent money but I know far more on garbage agency work as and when required on barely min wage and roasted on the likes of umbrella pay . Which is the biggest con I have ever ever come across .
  14. You do get genet in France were they were introduced. Similar to a cat and slightly related but are related to the mongoose as well . Never seen one but did see and had plenty visits from beech or rock martens . Leave any building unattended and the gits get in .
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