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  1. it's possible to damage the heart by over exertion just as it is in humans greyhounds especially can suffer from AF IE Irregular heartbeat so running an unfit dog or over worked lurcher . I have adopted two grews wich developed AF and like in humans it can go undected for years so this is more than likely the case in mature dogs and bitches . As for young dogs and bitches don't forget the heart is a muscle and like all muscles expands and contracts when under load and like any form of exercise if not properly warmed up etc can lead to some serious injuries and damage . Just my take on it one
  2. Log into Facebook WWW.(!64.56:886 Log into Facebook to start sharing and connecting with your friends, family, and people you know.
  3. Slightly off topic but lurcher related anyone seen this . Attempted murder arrests after trio looking for dog attacked WWW.BBC.COM The dog – a black and ginger lurcher called Duke – is still being searched for, police say.
  4. Real nice them mate do you airbrush as well sandy as you can get some fantastic results from airbrushing .
  5. Will always have a dog, love to walk out and reminisce about the past go to old haunts think of mischief I got upto in the past with sadly fellow miscreants who sadly are no longer on this mortal coil. people who gave me a chance when I was a young lad showed me the ropes taught how to train a pup and more importantly patience while waiting for it to mature . But as with other things you end up taking a back seat as things like family work keeping a roof over your head take up priority. Unfortunately by the time you have reached the goals you set yourself and achieved your goals you find you
  6. Rumor has it true or not the bulls were Manchester dogs or were brought in from Manchester hard as coffin nail dogs used for what they were breed for and other stuff besides . Liverpool have there own dogs but there has always been a stronger link to Manchester than Liverpool especially in them days .especially as everybody then was far more territorial than today . A pie eater could go to Manchester no problems for a beer etc not so Liverpool.
  7. And just think with today's trends you could stick a pair of antlers on it some Jim jams and mooch wherever you like . Just whip um off when coasts clear and bingo your pretend furbaby is a mooching machine in disguise. Jokes asides I despair at not only what the prices are but what has or maybe become of a top mooching dog . Harder than a coffin nail and always give 100% . Seems that more than a few are turning into furniture handbag accessories.
  8. i do honestly believe the market is unsustainable due to factors like the end of the furlough scheme and a return to some kind of normality. The jobless total is certainly going to get worse than better so these ludicrous stupid prices will fall away .and we certainly know that owning a dog dogs in lockdown is a totally different kettle of fish than committing too a dog /dogs fulltime. i would if a betting man expect a slowing down by sept/oct and the dogs homes starting to get an influx of these snood pyjama wearing furbabys later . As for price i dont think 700/800 is too much for a ped non
  9. Judging by the prices they are fetching the vast majority are well out the price range of most mortals . now I have semi retired was looking at getting a pair of working peds or working non peds and getting back into the d ferreting lamping . But due to the covid tax which seems to have been lumped onto everything will put it off a while . Sad thing thing is when everything starts to regain some resemblance of normality the pounds homes etc are going to be full of dogs .
  10. yip its in there nature bud i have to remove the breadbin every night or when we go out if i dont its emptied doesnt beg as it dont get out. but it will steal out and only needs a second to do it mine is 14 month old fed twice a day plus all the leftovers and can stil eat a full warbys toastie and bag of bagels quick sticks. once while the mother in law was looking after him he stole and ate a 4 1/2 pound brandy fruit cake not only was he full after it but a bit leathered as well. as the MIL puts a fair amount of brandy in :laugh: .
  11. i work on the railway its bad here as well especially signaling cable etc.
  12. he knocked his toe up on the keybored,,, he just done 79 rabbs 21 deer and yes 7out of 7 hares,,,lol and he,s 21 year old,,,for got to say david a big cat,, has well,lol, theres nowt wrong with the dog but the couch is a decidely dodgy colour was it a panick buy.?? :thumbs: :thumbs: you no what these womem are like with tese colours,, 2,500 pound, 3 peace, then they get board of it,,becaurse the new rug his a diffrent colour,,,the rabbits will not run to all thislol,,she must i get a five,a for each rabbit,, there not a wife spouse or even partner after nearly 20 y
  13. he knocked his toe up on the keybored,,, he just done 79 rabbs 21 deer and yes 7out of 7 hares,,,lol and he,s 21 year old,,,for got to say david a big cat,, has well,lol, theres nowt wrong with the dog but the couch is a decidely dodgy colour was it a panick buy.?? :thumbs: :thumbs:
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