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  1. 400grams of beef,chicken or rabbit and the feeders always full of dry food
  2. He was the biggest out of his litter and hes only 3months, he’s dad is a top coursing dog worth a lot because of his record and I give him the right amount of nutrients daily.
  3. What torch would people recommend and if any one has a good night vision goggles what brand would you recommend also and I’ve heard the red beam light rabbits can’t see it ass much, is this true?
  4. I have a this years saluki/greyhound and was wondering when do they roughly reached there too speeds and what age is best to start them hunting rabbits. I’ve been told to get him starting here and there at a odd rabbit at 7months and then start him properly at 12 months? wanted to here others opinions
  5. Are saluki x greyhounds any good on different terrain for rabbits, Warrens or woodlands or are they just good on flat long ground
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