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  1. Used to crumble tobacco from a fag in each nest, same with the racing pigeons, seemed to stop lice and mite, also used to put vasceline on the perch ends as the mite hides in the day and come along perches at night
  2. (Not seen it in Hares around here yet, and nore do I want to. Rabbits very scarce where once plentiful, Hares now seems to be breeding all year round, by the size of some my 2 have retrieved (shot... of course !! )
  3. Same as that ! Plastic bottles of frozen water in cages. My ferrets are in cages in a shed with stable doors , so I hose down the shed twice a day and hang a soaked hessian sack over the half door
  4. Just read back what I posted , about kit bites don't hurt.. mine is a very small slim strain. Big ones or powerful kits, will,of course be a bit more uncomfortable!!!
  5. Had ferrets all my life and I'm coming 60. Same as any animal/ bird , handle as much as you can. Always slow and quiet to pick up, one at a time, gentle handling and talk quietly to them. Kit bites don't hurt so don't be nervous around them. If they is slightly older and bite try not to rip your hand up in the air as it only frightens them. They needs to feel 4 feet on the ground to let go ! Best advice is always try handling AFTER feeding, full ferret is a tired ferret and more docile. Remember this... what you put in now, is exactly what you will end up with...... no ferret/ puppy has ever b
  6. 100% old school. Solid brass milbro type frame with Barnett red or grey tubes ,but prefer decent squares (when you can get some) and home cast 12 mm lead. " stops anything" had catty's over 50 year. Used to use them to keep my ferrets fed as a kid. Still have a catty in my pocket on every dog walk !
  7. Same as most folk on here say, rabbits quite scarce, but in pockets very plentiful. I travel over Watership Down most days and 5/10 year ago you wouldn't have to worry about ferret food, especially this time of year. Always plenty of road kill ,especially baby rabbits, first thing in the morning. Now it's like a lottery win if you find one. No bullshit the verge used to move with them when you drove past. We even used to do drive by shootings with air rifles on them as young lads to get ferret food. Nowadays I can find a field with a healthy amount, go back and check it a week later and noth
  8. I been using these for only a couple of month and my dog and pup (5 month) seems to be addicted. I only has to say " what's this ?" and they're straight back. The wife and me calls it " dog crack "
  9. I always break my dogs to livestock from the minute they can go out as we has lots of sheep , cows and buffalo around here. Always get there with them, but to stop them chasing deer seems near impossible. My blue dog is only 17in at the shoulder and is like lightening but luckily he is too small and doesn't know what to do with them but my fear is the f**kers always seem to head for a road !! That little dog will retrieve from the catty and even from the air rifle. Scared of the shotgun mind, and he 1/2 plucks a pigeon before you gets it off him !
  10. My part of Hampshire is alive with roe and near Andover many many fallow. 10 year ago never see a muntjac here, now absolutely everywhere. My old dog I lost at Christmas was mad for them and had to keep him on leash at daytime in some places as too many people about. The 2 dogs I have now I try to discourage from chasing them, but easier said than done . As for mooching with the catty I just use my whippet/ italian greyhound x and am trying to train a 5 month Bedlington lurcher ( little at a time !) to the crack
  11. Absolutely old hacksaw blade. Was shown that 40/ 50 year ago, you'd be surprised the amount of dead fur and shit it straps out, as Samrog said dogs seam to like it. For the nails plenty of walking on road etc but if you need to clip then buy decent clippers not cheap rubbish. If you do happen to cut too short and you get a bit of blood then did the claw in corn flour and it will stop almost instantly, did this on the birds claws as well , many years ago when I bred mules and hybrids.
  12. I really don't know mate. Haven't fitted them yet. Ment to do it a couple of weeks ago but been a bit busy with training a new pup. The word is they are the best but I've only used the red. They suit me with 12mm lead. What I can honestly tell you is they take a good few shots to bed in, before you get the best out of them. All the best , and just keep practicing
  13. If this is the black caps you mean Arry, the come with the Barnett bands. Usually tucked in the pouch. I personally bin them and the pouch and just use the tubes on a milbro fork.
  14. I'm right handed but have always held the forks in my left hand, also never close an eye, as stated by Greyman its what suits the individual. Had catty for 50+ year now (always milbro type). Also always held lamp in left hand and slipped the dog with right hand. Just what suits me.... but I have been told I'm odd !!
  15. I like most on here have been in this situation many times, you will know when the time is right, if the dog is still having a walk and not struggling, then as long as its eating then fine. Lambs hearts and chicken I always feed an older dog plus sardines a couple of times a week. Lost a 13 year whippet/ collie just before Xmas. One tip I was given years ago when I had a " big" Staff who had stiff joints with age , was to give him green lipped mussel extract daily. (The pill type for humans) vastly improved him and now I give it to any dog as its getting on in years. I was told it is natural
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