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  1. I have always used 12mm lead, my mould do 8 at a time and I do the same as you by snipping off the excess then put them all into an empty 2litre plastic pop bottle and give them a bloody good shake, no need to then crush any bits with pliers . I melt my lead outside on a camping stove and use an old heavy cast iron milk saucepan, this keeps the heat well. Don't forget to warm your mould first. I use tube elastic which fire these well. Heavy draw but what I was brought up using
  2. Yes mate , i well remember how he was bred, he was 22 1\2 tts a blue dog, his mum was called Rose a first x collie greyhound, fantastic bitch on the lamp, i knew her 5 year before my mate bred off her and gave me the pick of the litter, his dad belonged to a gamekeeper from Farrington Gurney and was a greyhound \ saluki x whippet\bedlington, i always prefer the smaller type lurcher for what i do, lost a great little dog (12 yr old) just before last xmas 3\4 whippet 1\4 collie, proper little pot filler and great on birds as well . now days for a bit of lamping or ferreting plus a lot of
  3. I well remember working on a trout farm back in 1985. Farm went bankrupt mid November, we was out of work being owed a month's wages, Christmas coming up, no jobs about and a wife and 1 Yr old to care for. No help from dole / social. Was out nearly everyday ferreting, watching for the birds going to roost late afternoon so I could come back that night with the pellet gun or Ludger. Lamping every 1/2 decent night or ferreting in dodgy places at night with a full moon. Had a fantastic little dog then , and for 3 months we lived off what that dog caught and what else we could get. Apart from se
  4. Massive respect. You truly make them seem alive still. Fantastic talent and I'm in the market for a cock pheasant in natural standing/ walking pose if you can oblige
  5. This part of Hampshire has been devastated concerning rabbit numbers. Must be VHD, or something, I ran rabbit after rabbit 10 Yr ago. Now rarer than gold, many,many days had 15 /20+:ferreting, now pleased if you get 1 or 2. Some pockets seem to have big numbers still. What has multiplied massively are Hares and squirrels, its nothing to see 10 to 20 hares here when I walk the muts at 05.30. Also rakes of muntjac, none here 10 year ago. I goes over Watership Down daily and your lucky to seer rabbits. Plenty of wild polecats mind
  6. Bird Catcher

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    Wanted , a low power air pistol for my youngest grandson. Gat, SP50 or anything along those lines. Must be in good nick and willing to post. Will pay decent price for right gun


  7. Air pistol View Advert Wanted , a low power air pistol for my youngest grandson. Gat, SP50 or anything along those lines. Must be in good nick and willing to post. Will pay decent price for right gun Advertiser Bird Catcher Date 22/07/22 Price Category Airguns  
  8. Oily fish is good for joints , coat etc etc either whole or oil supplement, but the whole fish , tinned or otherwise is a welcome change in the diet, slightly off topic but 20+ Yr ago I had a pure blood APBT, He developed severe joint problems in older age, greyhound track vet advised me to give him human grade green lipped mussel extract. Worked absolute wonders on him and I've used it on any dog since as they get on in years, natural inflammatory, look it up , its great stuff for us oldies as well !
  9. This is the complete I mix with my dogs food , either meat or fish ( sardines, mackerel etc) it's 50% salmon and you can smell the oil. I only got 2 dogs so probably not affordable or practical if you got a lot of dogs. Suits mine and they does good on it , well shiny and lively
  10. Anyone fished this lately? Used to haunt the place and had some decent bass. Thinking of giving it a night bash this weekend
  11. Cut it into rounds (steaks) and poach in cider with a bay leaf and peppercorns. Bloody lovely. Old boy we used to go sea fishing with told us how, was that many year ago he used Woodpecker green label cider !! You don't want too big a conger mind, about 3 - 4 inch across the steak and about 2inch thick
  12. Usually tinned sardines in oil , sometimes mackerel but my 2 will eat most fish. About once or twice a week, then I alternate the food between meat and dry complete which is 50% salmon
  13. Back in the 80's I used to get dog grub from a Greyhound kennels in Andover. Every morning after exercising the dogs he fed them ripped up brown bread with raw mince and raw eggs. My 2 don't mind a raw egg in goats milk now and again, but saying that , they'll eat eggs any way the come !! Regularly give a raw egg and goats milk to the ferrets as well, especially before going out rabbiting
  14. Absolutely spot on , as jukel123 says too hard on a sensitive dog and you've ruined him. I got a 6 month Bedlington x that is sensitive to a raised voice , where as my Italian greyhound x whippet needs a firm voice. Its all about the dog in front of you. Neither of mine are timid in the least but they do require different handling to respond. You as the owner are the best to assess the dogs temperament. Remember NEVER EVER hit or kick a dog , if you do you'll destroy any trust instantly, better to walk off or kennel the dog if your not getting the required results. My 2 go over the top to pl
  15. OldPhil, That oblong lamp you got in your photo, I well remember them ! Got mine from Argos I think and kept it in my Hilman Avenger so I could check places out on the way home from a night out. Would have been about 1980/81
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