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  1. I can’t beat mine on my mountain bike , it jogs alongside when I’m flat out
  2. Had to split my native pair up this morning; cock dive bombing her all the time, only have the light on from 7 till 4.30 at the moment but he’s already getting aggressive, only started the conditioning seeds and rearing foods last week but beak nearly clear already, only difference this year is I’ve used heater at night to stop chill
  3. Looks like might have got a bit of dirt up the quick, it happens a lot to running dogs , goes infected sometimes, antibiotics can cure it
  4. Met him at a bird show and had a quick chat about dogs birds and country stuff, a genuine bloke I thought made a nice change from the lads I see at shows nowadays
  5. I’ve only bred once from mine, last year, I’ve had jills up until 9 years Of age , I’ve one now 8 or 9, they loose a lot of hair nearly bold sometimes but once come out of season they grow it back, had ferrets on and off 30 odd years
  6. Can’t see the need to breed when in season, just keep hutch clean so no infection while she’s swollen
  7. Not being funny but I have a pure whippet bitch 22” and strong for Bitch, could just about hold a muntjac but it would have to be a very small doe roe
  8. You’re right mate, well worth a view, his old man spinning his yarn’s were good as well
  9. Any one know what’s happens to Mickey Cookson fur feather and fin Chanel on YouTube, seems to have been taken down?
  10. 15 foot mate, thanks, I used to get them from an opticians who did hearing aid batteries
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