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  1. shed door was open , birds in box cages , hawk pulls birds through bars with feet
  2. I got back from ferreting today went to put ferrets in hutch and a bird flew out of my bird shed, I felt the breeze of it and new it was a hawk , went in bird shed and it had taken 2 siskins mauled a redpoll split for pied and another 2 siskins with injuries on floor, Gutted
  3. Someone is supposed to be testing the new one from nelson on you tube, anyone Know who it is
  4. Do the collars work with mk3
  5. You an also get split but won’t Know until bred to another split the next season
  6. Is there anybody on here who does the DVD’s still?
  7. No mate, I’ve got a quick set I’ve had for years which try’s my patience, I wouldn’t be cut out for a traditional one
  8. Just seen a place on internet called jbsnets from Scotland any one used there nets?
  9. Anybody make decent longnets other than nelson nets? Been trying to buy one of him for months now, surely there are other people knocking out decent ones
  10. Everyone who has been in the game long enough has a favourite ferret or two, like terriers its the one you trust and try when others have not fou d when youve had a mark of a dog or run one in, there are other reasons why there special what are yours
  11. Anybody know if there will be decent stalls there, longnets etc
  12. Ive some well handled kits , by coventry
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