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  1. Did anyone used to run this cross on hares before it was banned, never witnessed it but I would have thought on smaller fields providing 1/4 was enough saluki to give it more heart and lungs and a bit more height with good whippet blood they would have been worth a go, good lamping and ferreting dogs as well, anyone run this cross now and any pics of them
  2. cantona

    Rabbiting lurchers

    Is collie johns bitch put collie or has it greyhound in it?
  3. cantona

    Bedlington x Greyhound

    I would like Wheaton whippet cross coursing dog , you never Nnow one might turn up
  4. cantona

    Bedlington x Greyhound

    I would like Wheaton whippet cross coursing dog , you never Nnow one might turn up
  5. cantona

    Bedlington x Greyhound

    Dbod you sound new to this game, what your intentions are is what a lot of people want when they start, creating your own line or stamp ,there's experienced people on this forum, a few not a lot are worth listening to mate, to get where you want with that breeding will take at least 15 years , that's if every mating gels
  6. cantona

    Bedlington x Greyhound

    There was someone on here who worked bedlington under the turf, topper I think he was called, don't think he comes on here anymore, someone might know him to ask for mating
  7. cantona

    The pup's coming on

    Cheers, built right for that job
  8. cantona

    The pup's coming on

    How is she bred
  9. Pm sent shankly 81
  10. cantona

    Let this be a lesson

    Salt water everyday and let it heal from inside out, it would heal in a couple of weeks
  11. Why don't people be guided by percentages or fractions of a make up of lurcher, if someone says they've a type say bedlington whippet greyhound for example I would say 1/4 bedlington or half bedlington there is a big difference as I've ran both, then they might say it was a bedlington whippet put to a greyhound making it 1/4 bedlington or bedlington put to whippet greyhound making it half bedlington, percentages or fractions are important in a dogs make up in my opinion
  12. cantona

    So leading on from the hard man thread.

    Jimmy sweeney
  13. Is this the proposed bill for Scotland or England
  14. cantona

    Ferret kit wanted Coventry area

    Thanks for offer flacks , Jill all but dead this morning so did right thing, If nothing comes up a bit closer I will take you up thanks again
  15. Any young kits about Coventry area, my doughters ferret is dragging its back end round and not looking at all well, don't think it will be alive in the morning, I'm looking to replace it but it will need to be out of good workers as I still take it out, I should have bred my other Jill in hindsight, I'm prepared to travel but ask local first.