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  1. Everyone who has been in the game long enough has a favourite ferret or two, like terriers its the one you trust and try when others have not fou d when youve had a mark of a dog or run one in, there are other reasons why there special what are yours
  2. Anybody know if there will be decent stalls there, longnets etc
  3. Ive some well handled kits , by coventry
  4. £25 for a ferret that gives you about 7 good seasons of working rabbit and rat if its your hobby or even income has got to be one of the best values for money going, i lost mine for a while last year nd was devestated and prepared to pay a lot more money to replace with ferrets which were half as good, the lads bred and reared something that will provide years of enjoyment , exitement when entering and hopefully improving with more work providing its bred and entered right
  5. I’ve got some well bred jobs, right size for net work, Warwickshire mate
  6. Im in Princethorpe Mate, not far from coventry
  7. Bunny carcass chopped up from tomorrow katchum mate
  8. There on 3 feeds a day mate
  9. I take it away after there done, thanks though
  10. 5 weeks today flacko, eating minced chicken but still suckling a bit
  11. Ive bred my best 2 jills to my mates working hob which is a nice size as you can still use collar with nets, the jills are as good as ive had or seen in 30 years of working , no nonsense in Till jobs done then out , reason i bred as i lost them for a while last winter and panicked as i didnt have any back up or know any spare as good, ive only bred once before in 30 odd years as my mate used to but he had all his robbed last year , im selling the rest of the kits for £20 mainly albino as i like to see them lf there hole hoping
  12. Brilliant thanks a lot lads
  13. Cheers , whats the resin called mate
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