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  1. How long do people leave hob in with jill for abouts
  2. Gotta have walked land enough to know which way stuff heads and an experienced dog at comimg back if it dosent kill
  3. Anyone planning a mating of a couple of good lurchers, allrounders that graft ,in the near future? Pm me please
  4. Bands are decent if you know how to workout, ive got 105 kg in steel plates which i hook bands on to deadlift and squat of tressells, makes it hard, i can dead 200 for reps but 100 with bands feels tough
  5. Dont know why but ill clear my inbox anyway mate
  6. Ive found one which dosent mean they wernt stolen as it might have been in box, still looking maybe i didnt lock it properly but cant see it
  7. I’ve had my ferrets stolen last night, I need to replace them can anybody sell me a spare Jill or two please
  8. Shes he same asmy mates bedwhippet round cover, not much in it neither of them like getting stung but both forget about them when marking and chasing etc
  9. I’ve a young bitch 15 months, not done a loyyet as still you, 3 bunny on lamp, 2 bolted, one bushed, very pleased so far, loads of stamina , and seems to have a lot older head on her than her age very good at marking she ferreting, bit heavy on nets but hopefully steady up, 21” so hopyhave some longer runs next autumn
  10. It’s hard to write on here without incriminating yourself, the bitch is a good example of her breeding, kills ,stamina fast good feet, trying to improve with the breeding which is what we do isn’t it we both think on smaller fields she doesn’t strike at first opportunity as a lot of these types don’t she could do with a dog with more fire, grit, determination call it what you want is put over her, as for not committing on quarry I’m talking other stuff that a bit of bull, Wheaton , or even beddy would contribute, but not to big
  11. I’m talking on behalf of him
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