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  1. We’re the whippet you’re on about pedigree or non ped?
  2. I’ve had full eggs of goldfinch cock with a bit of black still on beak
  3. Absolute must these days with the majority of burrows dead
  4. cantona

    bench press

    It’s amazing how much stronger you are when you train for a long time with someone who’s stronger than you , I started squatting with a bloke at the gym and once I’d sussed low bar squat and watched him squat heavy I believed it could be done and did it, I never squat as much as him by loads but I improved massively , he is 100% natural dosent even have protein powder or caffeine , squat 600lb on his 60th birthday easily
  5. cantona

    bench press

    Don’t know what happened then
  6. cantona

    bench press

    Body mechanics play a big part
  7. cantona

    bench press

    Body mechanics play a big part
  8. Long shot but is anybody going to Stafford and taking a cock siskin or cock goldfinch, cage bred?
  9. 20 kg is heavy for that height on a whippet frame, looks and sounds a good dog, I’ve a bitch similar breeding, same height about 15kg fit but still looks strong for breed, punches above her weight as well
  10. Can you remember height and weight of dog
  11. Can’t remember what mine was at that age she made 22 , he or she looks well proportioned already, you will have fun with it
  12. I walked out with one and the prey drive was high , crashed trough cover and didn’t mind getting bitten, wouldn’t mind one now being as lurchers are so frowned upon
  13. It’s not there fault it’s the governments
  14. Didn’t get mine until 80s , bolt on kits about by then, still blew them up but good crack doing it, usually on the way to a rally
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