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  1. Is it true you shouldn't put blue to blue ?
  2. Are Diana sp 50 and gat guns the same thing or are they different guns?
  3. I've always given sausages to my dogs with no problems at all, I get them of the butcher in a bag of scraps, I gave them to my 8 week old pup and then thought should I have? Pork and dogs?
  4. What I'm asking is it worth giving lamlac whilst the pup is growing, for say a few months?
  5. Why would you blindfold a goat before you milked it like
  6. Anybody use lamlac for there pups , good or bad idea?
  7. My pups 8 weeks old, would goats milk be the one to give or lamlac? How often would you feed it, a friend of mine gave lamlac to his bulldog until it was a year old and dog always looked good but maybe goats milk just as good if not better?
  8. Anybody use lamlac for there pups , good or bad idea?
  9. Anybody used or know anybody who's used Vodafone's v pet tracker
  10. To be fair the dogs I looked pedigrees up all had tried and tested dogs in them,
  11. I've got a pup I'm picking up on the 30th, out of shadow of the north which was put over poachers choice, both well bred and work well so if the mating jells they will do for me
  12. Blue , little white blaze
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