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  1. My mate has got his whippet greyhound in pup to a day time coursing dog
  2. He’ll get mature muscle as he ages, providing he’s fed and exercised right
  3. Any body used clulite trailblazer 4000 , I’ve been told there the business
  4. I lamp with a lithium battery that I wear on a belt, looking for ideas to carry it , belts do my head in
  5. Thats given me a good idea cheers, ive started my whippet lamping after been ferreting twice, shes had her nose down both times ive walked a field because of sniffing burrows and around them ,shes not seen a rabbit run untill its flat out and not worth running for a pup , next night when its windy enough i will carry her up to a squater and try and get it to run before i let her down if shes seen it, never had to start a dog like that before but it might speed it up for her first catch
  6. Clulite club look preety impresive for cordless, 700m beam , anyone on here tried one
  7. Ive a 210 battery lamp i use but when a local mouch i use a cordless lamp, my cordless is not taking a charge so am looking at replacing it , any recomendations please
  8. How long do people think the prices will stay inflated for? Surely the market will be saturated soon and dogs will return to the real money value , or is this how it is now?
  9. Knocker box View Advert Just had a mk3 15 ' knocker box serviced and now would like to swop for mk 3 box if anybody interested, got a 15 ft collor but no cap Advertiser cantona Date 20/08/20 Price Category Ferreting Equipment  
  10. Someone told me Darren galleger is bringing out a new working dpg mag now earth dog has finished, anyone else heard anything about it?
  11. To be fair though i did see a bull whippet first cross hunt find and kill a fox very easily many years ago, maybe not as good as a 27 inch 80lb brickshithouse but isnt that obvious
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