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  1. cantona

    Jerry dog bull x

    Good feet on a very well proportioned cross of that type
  2. cantona

    MINSHAW .....

    Just re read bits of no moon tonight, don't no for sure if the blokes genuine or not but he's obviously done a fair bit, it would be a shame if the minshaw dogs were not continued as a line as they sounded handy
  3. cantona

    MINSHAW .....

    I will take that as a no then
  4. cantona

    MINSHAW .....

    Don't want to have to read through the whole thread if I don't need to so does anyone no if anyone still breeds and uses minshaw type anymore, thanks for any replies
  5. cantona

    Pure Greyhound

    Brake toes up a lot easier than a cross , dislocate,and thickening of tendon bones , and that's being carefull not to run on frozen or hard ground!
  6. cantona

    Can my lurcher run again ??

    Rest it till September, should be ok
  7. cantona

    Tips for a newbie

    Break to livestock, get basic obedience sorted, recall , heal , let it see your mates dog run and catch get it fit then introduce it to quarry , don't run it on hard runs
  8. cantona

    Dog picking runs

    Read original quote
  9. cantona

    Dog picking runs

    Read original quote
  10. cantona

    Dog picking runs

    In what way? Had running dogs 30 years , collie / grey, bed / grey, bull / grey, lurcher to lurcher, saluki / grey, all dogs have taken the lot excelled at stuff that there breeding was intended for but everyone of them were never stupid enough or inexperienced enough to chase after bunnies in the distance next to hedges or burrows, that's real fella
  11. cantona

    Dog picking runs

    If a dogs still chasing bunnies that are sat next to there burrows or hedge after a couple of seasons it's not been worked enough
  12. cantona

    Strange one

    The scent theory sounds about right, nature at work
  13. cantona

    Pup with itchy skin

    If that doesn't work try a grain free food
  14. cantona

    Bad mouth

    Can't remember if undershoot or overshot to be honest , just remember looking at its mouth when it was younger and noticing it was a bit dodgy, had dogs myself the same in fact got a terrier here now getting on a bit with a bad mouth, hardly any teeth left so it's irrelevant now anyway!
  15. cantona

    Bad mouth

    STR, a bad mouth doesn't make a dog shite mate, it's only cosmetic ! The reason I ask is because of homeing the surpless pups ,the dog in question work wise far outnumbers looks and as for it being shite ........