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  1. Anybody leave hobs in with Jill's when they have kits
  2. I got broke into last night, lurcher in utility, they got in kitchen , if dog barked hard I'm sure they wouldn't have bothered, he's nearly 10 but still looks good, mostly greyhound, question is how can I train him to bark at noises, I mean proper barking as his bark is very convincing when he does which is very rarely
  3. There was a very good thread about breeding white feathered mules somewhere but I can't find it anymore, anyone know how to get it
  4. Anybody got any wormers for sale
  5. 20 would be right for me
  6. Honestly don't know, she's growing well , I think
  7. To all you whippet owners, I have a 15 week old Kc bitch pup who measures at about 16" is this about average? What size do you thin it will finish at
  8. My lurcher was out last night and today he's very sore , I'm retiring him fully now, he can't stand without whimpering in pain, is there any painkillers I can give like ibuprofen or similar or does it have to be meta cam
  9. If in a litter of pups all the pups are different in sizes do most pups stay in relation to size when they finish growing, i.e. Biggest stays biggest, smallest stays smallest, I don't mean runts and giants in litters just all slightly different
  10. Is it true you shouldn't put blue to blue ?
  11. Are Diana sp 50 and gat guns the same thing or are they different guns?
  12. I've always given sausages to my dogs with no problems at all, I get them of the butcher in a bag of scraps, I gave them to my 8 week old pup and then thought should I have? Pork and dogs?
  13. What I'm asking is it worth giving lamlac whilst the pup is growing, for say a few months?
  14. Why would you blindfold a goat before you milked it like
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