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  1. cantona

    How to tell a good ferret

    Nowadays I spend more time trying to find bunnys at home , most burrows are empty my way, when I have a mark I want a result weather bolt or dig
  2. cantona

    How to tell a good ferret

    Put a rabbit to ground last season , had hob and Jill with me thought beet knot to put hob in as we will be digging, put Jill in and broke through to her 31/2 hours later,(concrete) she was still trying to kill the bunny!
  3. cantona

    Is this an otter?

    It wouldn't look like that if the hounds found it
  4. cantona

    old topic

    Epsom salts
  5. cantona

    Bull whippet (Powell's pocket rocket)

    Went out a couple of years back with a Powell bull/ whip, did well I thought for what it was bred for, had a bull cross of him about 15 years ago out of two well bred dogs that I knew worked well, the dog was coming on really well but died prematurely, I rang him and he offered me another dog free of charge, FairPlay to him for selling dogs as like he said it's taken him a long time and work to get what he has both terrier and lurcher so do it yourself or pay for one !
  6. cantona

    Bull grey x saluki grey for sale

    Just keep him through the summer, save you buying one next winter mate
  7. cantona

    countryfile tonight

    If labour get in then lurcher work will be done finished. BBC , rspca, labour all chipping away t it ,lurcher work is always shown in a bad light when it's not at all like that
  8. cantona

    Old girl

    Get a grip man
  9. cantona

    Old girl

    You need help mate
  10. cantona

    Pre ban fox and hare killer

    Big bucks, was that 1/4 bull,1/4, whippet, 1/4 saluki, and 1/4 greyhound mate? Or have I read it wrong
  11. cantona

    Pre ban fox and hare killer

    can you remember the height and weight of dog flacko
  12. cantona

    Pre ban fox and hare killer

    Fair play flacko , first cross or lurcher to lurcher? Good feet , stamina, fast and game
  13. Has anyone had a lurcher that could take hares and would take fox as well, I've seen a few and owned one but he unfortunately died prematurely, I'm talking dogs that did it often , what cross was it ?
  14. Hi I've just read your peply to igz request of an all round lurcher pup , if you are breeding anything that fits that description I also would be interested, cheers, Mark