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  1. Football is getting pathetic at the moment. What`s with the "stop the match for several minutes `cos something minor has happened in the croud" bullshit that`s happening very often.
  2. It wouldn`t be cost effective for a private company to provide the service for a couple of quid I don`t think. eg secretary answering your call,writing the information down,getting a qualified vet to examine the information and write a prescription.Printing the prescription for you etc.Also the vet would be liable if he or she had been negligent ie given your animal a wrong prescription etc. Not having a go mate but these days nobody does anything for f... all or they`d be out of business.
  3. What do you think would be a reasonable price to pay?
  4. Phil King from Ireland had some decent running dogs of this breeding. I believe he also had Irish terrier in some of his dogs.There were some posts about them a few years ago.
  5. Train him on his own always. Don`t ever chase him if you want him to retrieve. Turn your back on him and walk away from him etc to get him to come to you.Always praise or treat when he comes to you. Good luck.
  6. Put a muzzle on the dog after treating it with the ointment or he`ll only lick it off.
  7. Out last night caught 6 rabbits on some new land.
  8. Why don't you speak to the neighbour,they may realise that they can't cope with the dog and look to re-home or get rid. No need to report to the council etc the neighbour may be struggling with life and not able to cope with the dog.
  9. Watford played very well and deserved the win.
  10. USA's Dean Bell has recently taken Andrey Malanichev's long standing raw powerlifting total world record. GB's Tom Martin and Russia's Yuri Belkin are also two of my favourite powerlifters(both world record holders).
  11. A first cross terrier/greyhound is too slow as an all-rounder.Adding some desert dog to the mix makes a huge difference.That's what I've heard anyway
  12. I googled him and fair play he was 37 when he scored that one against Arsenal.
  13. Nice one mate. Wrexham were a decent team in the late 70's Dixie MC Neil,Mickey Thomas,Joey Jones etc. I used to go a lot with my grandad.
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