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  1. USA's Dean Bell has recently taken Andrey Malanichev's long standing raw powerlifting total world record. GB's Tom Martin and Russia's Yuri Belkin are also two of my favourite powerlifters(both world record holders).
  2. How's yours bred pal? How old?
  3. A first cross terrier/greyhound is too slow as an all-rounder.Adding some desert dog to the mix makes a huge difference.That's what I've heard anyway
  4. I googled him and fair play he was 37 when he scored that one against Arsenal.
  5. Nice one mate. Wrexham were a decent team in the late 70's Dixie MC Neil,Mickey Thomas,Joey Jones etc. I used to go a lot with my grandad.
  6. Bernard Manning and Stan Boardman are two of my live favourites.
  7. Common sense mate.When you know a pup wants to chase and catch and can run and turn quick enough to catch a rabbit then the time may be right to take it out. Take it out on the lamp when the conditions are right ie dark,windy night and to a place where the grass is not too short etc. The best dogs I've ever had have all caught a rabbit by the the time they're 7-9 months. I like to take a pup along when lamping with a seasoned dog. The pup will know the score soon enough and when it's standing on it's back legs pulling like a c--t when the adult dog is slipped you will know the time is right.Good luck.
  8. Nice morning's work.Dogs look happy.


    Quit the smokes,eat clean,keep your weight down and excercise regularly and your BP will come down.
  10. Nice one,the old dogs still love to get some fur in their mouths
  11. Lovely bitch. Good luck with her.
  12. The best stud could differ with different bitches to complement the bitch' size,build,temperament etc
  13. Nice one mate. What's your next plans for her? I like getting pups out on the lamp for some easy catches when conditions are right once I feel they can catch.
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