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  1. I couldn’t tell you. Chinwagger - talks a lot. In this case the dog barks a lot
  2. A good pal knows of the breeder and his breeding partner. He met them at a dog show that he was judging and said they don’t have a working wheaten between them. The majority of the dogs they have are half crosses and his main male and his pups are nothing more than chinwaggers in the field.
  3. Not sure how you’ve taken that from what I’ve said. I’m simply saying that it’s the idiots that end up on BBC documentaries that are giving the antis and the Police what they need. Some pet owners may or may not know what goes on but they aren’t the ones posting incriminating evidence all over the internet. Anyway, we will agree to disagree.
  4. I agree with you to some extent but the majority of the people on them pages are pet owners. They aren’t the ones posting incriminating photos and videos for the antis and the police to use.
  5. The problem is the idiots that post pictures of marked up dogs and videos of their dogs working game all over social media and then up on BBC documentaries
  6. In days gone by bull blood was added when an outcross was needed, now it seems the norm as these individuals can’t get their hands on genuine Wheatens
  7. They deserve what they get
  8. 100%, boar hunting is not a test for a Wheaten and a true working Wheaten is the last dog you want around other dogs when they are working.
  9. No I don't but I have heard plenty from lads who know him. Crossing Wheatens with mastiffs sums him up in my opinion.
  10. It’s a pointless cross. Two breeds bred together solely to line the owners pockets. This is the same fella who bred his male wheaten to a canary mastiff cross.
  11. There would be better breeds suited to boar who wouldn’t be such a liability around other dogs whilst working.
  12. If you want a Pit get a Pit! If you want a Wheaten get a Wheaten. Two working breeds bred for very different purposes, horses for courses as they say.
  13. I did chuckle to myself when I heard them being called golden wheaten terriers. I was told that they are all crossed with Pits or Canario mastiffs. Why any genuine wheaten man would add mastiff blood to a wheaten is beyond me. In my mind, the breeders are as much to blame as the individual in the show. If breeders spent a little more time finding genuine lads instead of lining their pockets these individuals wouldn’t be able to bring unnecessary attention to breeds they have no business owning.
  14. I don’t think anything can be done to help the individual in the show, I was told by my young lad that the photos and videos shown on the program are only the tip of the iceberg. There is a lot worse posted of his terriers and his wheaten crosses.
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