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  1. Many of the our MP's could learn a thing or two from the Ukrainian president and government officials!
  2. The difference is that Putin won’t stop here. He will keep going. He is a mad man with a large army and a large arsenal of nuclear weapons. Sooner or later he will be knocking on NATO door.
  3. The images we see in the news will only get worse. I struggle to understand how our world leaders can sit back and watch a country get run down, it’s people devastated and it’s government torn apart by a dictator.
  4. Putin only knows force and devastation and he will only listen to force and devastation.
  5. It wouldn’t be a cross I would do but good luck to you
  6. It must be my old age but I wouldn’t expect anything different. Legal or not why would anyone tell a bunch of strangers their business. These are the type of things that can come back to bite you in the rear. I’m not interested in a debate so I’m not going to get into a he said and she said but given what I know of the lad some of your comments are utter crap. Opinions are like a-holes everyone has one including you. Anyway, I’ll leave it there and won’t be replying any further
  7. I met him at a dog show years ago through some friends. A lively Irish character that’s for sure.
  8. Unless, you’re one of these clowns that posts your business all over the Internet, no one really knows what people do and don’t do with their dogs. It’s all hear say. I would be extremely wary of anyone who openly shares on the Internet what they do with their strong dogs in this country.
  9. The people we see and the people we vote for are just puppets. The people with the real power are way behind the scenes!
  10. Some great days were had with the bulls
  11. They are all nice enough but not for me. I’ll stick to what we have here.
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