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  1. Came across this one with some good dublin red staffs
  2. Very sad to hear... R.I.P Sir!
  3. A friend of mine had a pair years back. No world beaters but they did what he asked and he was happy with them.
  4. The bitching seems to always start from the same people. It’s a forum and I will post my opinion if I want to. That’s the whole point of forums!
  5. Great little dogs, seen them work in Ireland and in mainland Europe. They have never disappointed
  6. Plenty of good topics ruined by the same folk
  7. Some nice Lurchers on here but a bit of an overkill for a little
  8. Get them out ASAP... then it’s all about time, patience and consistency over and over again.
  9. You seem to have plenty to say in every thread on here, I’m guessing your the type that talks a really good talk on the net and then ponces around the show ring chasing rosettes
  10. Also the fact that some are comparing a living animal to a car speaks volumes about them and their mentality towards their dogs and the dogs they breed. I wouldn’t hesitate in selling any of my cars to anybody but I would definitely think several times over before gifting or selling anyone a dog.
  11. I’ve not been on the forum long but always seems to be the same type of comments from the same people. Wether the pup was sold or gifted it’s common courtesy & respect to keep the breeder posted with its development, standard of work as it gets older or if there is any kind of issues and it has to be re homed. Especially when it was agreed before the pup was sold!
  12. A lot of silly comments from people who probably have never even seen a glen! Apart from hearing of the odd 1 here and there they are now in the main a show breed
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