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  1. these are bangers slippers
  2. you can tell which one you kick the dog with
  3. i guess --- when we did house clearances used to just job lot it with a reserve price..
  4. stick it on ebay as a job lot let it find its own price then donate the money . i put all my gear together by buying 3 separate job lots for under 100 quid picked the best bits out ,
  5. he`ll be back at the weekend new name same shit ,
  6. mark crossley -- he does the after dinner talks they recon he puts on a good show he`s from barnsley, he lived at plumtree for a while used to drink in the griffin , kept a few greyhounds used to see him at the dogs sometimes .
  7. wanker of the weeks gonna be a close run thing this week ..
  8. nice one kev -- gnash is on the case if it was forest leics villa or stoke be no problem ,,, i take forest stuff over for a bar owner whose got an interest through the olympiacos link .
  9. nice one , yeah my mate rang had a fair bit in zia ,
  10. thats very kind of you i`m in no hurry gnash i`m not out till may , its the ronaldo one he was after but utd mad 7 year old be glad of anything i guess , little fishing island in greece they cant get much
  11. we`ve had a defra letter but think the info can be found online
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