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  1. football as we know it will be fooked,,, you watch it happen and soon its all about the money ,,
  2. sid g

    f**k em.

    did you notice how much the desk plaque sold for gnash ? touch over 700 quid
  3. looking good kev be nice when its all done how many more have you got to do ?
  4. these are old pics dy its been finished since the end of feb ...
  5. dunno mate i was just answering your question ,,,
  6. where does that leave joshua? --------------- dillion whyte
  7. i`ve painted a few and a few showmans wagons used to know a fella that did all the sign writing he used to chuck a bit of work my way he got a job for ceemex did all the vans and concrete plants around the world settled in spain after he met a spanish gal got a little shop somewhere now ,,, j
  8. maybe your right she`s looked a bit frail lately maybe just step back a bit 94 now good age ,,,
  9. heavyweight boxings become a pantomime ...
  10. i think she`ll soon give it up give it a month she`ll talk to her public and within 6 month we`ll have a new king .. coronation oct/nov ,,
  11. skip charlie then the next generation will take it on with william be a whole new ball game no pigeon racing, horse racing ,shooting, fieldsports lovin . it`ll be all green vegan shit ..
  12. only one outcome fury win by ko in the 6th /7th ...
  13. sat n watched matilda with the grandson this afternoon ,,
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