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    if I show up on your profile that's because I`ve clicked it by accident I`ve no interest in any fooker on here ..

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  1. sid g


    be more to it than we`ll know ...
  2. hated london when i worked there i would`nt wish to go back for pleasure .... i`d sooner have a weekend at the seaside watch a show at the theatre few beers n fish n chips ...
  3. sid g

    Family history.

    send £1,000 to this po box no to find out ..
  4. sid g

    Family history.

    my brothers got a bulldog with the cross and union jack tattoo on his leg turns out were fookin scottish ..
  5. busy in the workshop making a few pheasant feeders and bird boxes . thats what we`ve got on 60`s all sing a long stuff
  6. sid g

    Family history.

    got back to 1780 on both sides when family came from scotland to work the fields , still some big gaps to fill in from the war years turned up some old photos and even my great grandfathers war medals .
  7. give us a shout when your ready and i`ll pop it over .. if you can think of anything else pm me -- but i`m not cleaning or cooking ..
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