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  1. i know they`ve been around a while but 1958 was a surprise,,
  2. Thomas & Betts History. Cable ties were first invented by Thomas & Betts, an electrical company, in 1958 under the brand name Ty-Rap. Initially they were designed for airplane wire harnesses
  3. cant beat a bit of gamemanship ---
  4. your right lads lets get coaching kids how to play like the olden days pie n chips pint and a fag before a game we all love a punch up during a game the odd leg breaker of a tackle we need to get back to the old style of play ..
  5. you need to go down a few divisions mate saw some cracking games at lincoln and scarborough a couple of seasons ago ,,, for years we`ve been behind european teams now we compete at the same level by playing them at their own game ..
  6. wins games simply as that cheating or gamesmanship ? i think you can blame the fa fifa the refs whoever if you get fouled stay on your feet and get fook all or win a free kick or pen by going down ... every team does it so its not like one or 2 teams are gaining an advantage footballs moved/ moving on your living in the past . gaining an advantage gamesmanship cheating however you dress it up its part n parcel of the modern game ..
  7. i think his work rates good he just brings that little bit extra when its needed opens games up a bit i think just his movement makes more space for other players to play , to me he`s one of them players chuck him on see what happens i`m not saying he`s a world beater he just brings that bit of something flair maybe that the squad lacks thats why i like what vardy does for leics i think if he had`nt retired he could of done a job for the euros its a bread n butter squad that needs a bit of something thats not there .. who knows how they`ve been coached told how to play were second guessing ,
  8. are we talking club or country ? if were talking country as a squad player i`d say he`s a valuable member
  9. my mate used to say add it up everything furniture wise in your house its worth feck all .. i think if i moved i`d get rid of everything and start again with most of it .
  10. same here mate theres high end dealers middle or the road type dealers then dealers like me that just work the circuit get on the road and get it gone types my prices were high when i had the shop and the unit but so were my overheads now i work out the back of the motor just a bit of a hobby for me now days i used to try and earn my money in 2 days and have the rest of the week off when i had the shop it was 7 days and i still made the same money end of the week ,, my gals does the charity shop runs and car boots hand bags , shoes and certain makes of clobber few quid to be had out of i
  11. i`ll get maybe 75 quid each on em and gone today mate buy cheap sell cheap move on ,, if someone wants to move em on theres a bit left in em and a private buyer will think they`ve had a bargain they would`nt look out of place sat in a modern hallway /bedroom i shift a few to bigger places for towel rails in bathrooms dress em up little side table nice modern lamp couple of books would`nt look a miss ,
  12. they`d probly be early 1990s oak sometimes they`d mix the wood up
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