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    if I show up on your profile that's because I`ve clicked it by accident I`ve no interest in any fooker on here ..

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  1. sid g


    I wouldn't know where to look now days .. Donny c off here might be able to help
  2. sid g

    Boxing At The Weekend...

    we need a mod just to delete sunderland posts .. or fix the sunderland thread so it comes up jumbled like they did with stewies site...
  3. sid g

    Boxing At The Weekend...

    I think furys the best of a bad bunch , 2 year get this lot out the way with the new lot coming through be a whole new scene thank fook ..
  4. sid g

    Flat roofs

    would some stone chipping help ?
  5. sid g

    Which Camera

    does get a bit blurry on full zoom -- for a starter camera its brill..
  6. sid g

    Which Camera

    pics above taken with a sony cybershot dscw830 .. point n shoot ,landscape vid, £100 from argos https://www.sony.co.uk/electronics/cyber-shot-compact-cameras/dsc-w830
  7. sid g

    New estate car

    my 07 plate ford focus just passed its mot so that's me for a year if it lasts ..
  8. sid g


    dd I don't really believe anyone and thinking about it I don't really care feck knows why I even posted on here ..
  9. sid g


    ask ken direct that's the answer you`ll get the same as I did