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  1. sid g


    I put a pup in a lakie class at Llangollen show around 1982 40 plus terriers in the class same at cearwys show different animal to most you see nowadays
  2. sid g

    Quirky THL members

    put me down for that please kev
  3. sid g

    Help with links please.

    look on youtube stan ..
  4. sid g

    Help with links please.

    that it lip ..
  5. sid g

    Help with links please.

    you need a fookin tablet ..
  6. sid g

    Quirky THL members

    site needs its childish corner ..
  7. sid g

    Quirky THL members

    cant beat a bit of schoolboy humour -- shame he`s gone oh he`s back that lasted a long while..
  8. sid g

    Bloody Sunday

  9. sid g

    Out Ratting

    yep and mine .. first thoughts when I saw the photo ..
  10. sid g


    cant be assed with it ,its a bit of a procession whoever gets in front wins
  11. sid g

    Out Ratting

    good on him I judged a show and a fella bought 2 westies into the any other terrier class used em for bushing and out with the ferrets, they were in cracking nick ..
  12. sid g

    Out Ratting

    the westie we used belonged to some old gal off the posh estate we put an in season Russell over her gate .. we all got on with the dogs but the 4 of us that raced pigeons it was a different matter all top secret stuff one of the lads out our lot still keeps a few show racers and a terrier we get together once a month for a catch up aint seen the others for years .. I remember one of the farmers offering us a quid to get the fox that was killing his chickens -- we spent 6 week school holidays trying to trap it dig it lamp it and shoot it with gats and 22 air rifles we never did get it .. about 30 of us after that quid ..