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  1. sid g

    Fury v wilder

    Tyson was there for the taking when Bruno fought him if Bruno had the killer instinct he would of beat him --- nice bit of boxing history that would of been,,,
  2. sid g

    When you don’t get paid your wages..

    said on news from London ..
  3. sid g

    When you don’t get paid your wages..

    same as -- I got a knock just before Christmas few year back lads all got paid up incl all the holiday pay .. never not paid anyone but been on the wrong end of it a couple of times big firms not paying overtime and extras even though they`d all been signed for and agreed .. when I was on the books myself not getting paid your bonus off price work happened all the time ..
  4. sid g

    When you don’t get paid your wages..

    a lot of lads in the building game would of had a knock and some stage depends how you deal with it some can let it go others cant .
  5. sid g

    Chris Packham CBE

    --- give him some shit on his f/b page ..
  6. sid g

    dodgy bird feeders

    and cats ..
  7. sid g

    moaning black bitch

    I thought this was another patterdale thread..
  8. sid g

    Went pidgeon shooting today

    I only ever stick pigeon in a curry
  9. sid g

    Mechanical help

  10. sid g

    dodgy bird feeders

    saw this on another site --- share it where you can ..
  11. sid g


    what and get dirty knees
  12. sid g

    Pins and needles

  13. sid g

    Pins and needles

    same painter and decorator --- changed jobs when I was 50 went into semi retirement 60 now and I try not to work if I can ..
  14. sid g


    rip --- I think socks gave up when it became a competition