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  1. Same here, can't stand dicks . I'm not sure what you think I've said in the message but I can assure you what ever you think I was implying I wasn't. No luck needed.
  2. You sound nearly as hard as the pup. Dick.
  3. Hey buddy. If it's normal that's fine, just didn't want to leave it and it then become a problem later on. 1st pup I've had with a bit of bull in it and He s definitely more head strong than any other pup I've ever had.
  4. Will do mate. He's hiding behind my boy at the moment after a shaking
  5. I'll ask misses to do it. She's got better aim than me..
  6. Finger in the bum and everything?
  7. Pup is 9 weeks old now (1/4 bull 3/4 grey)and over the last 10 days has become very confident at home pushing boundaries and 2 or 3 times when he's been corrected hes become a quite aggressive. I persevere through it and he will then back down. Any advice on how to handle this. Cheers
  8. Have you got a picture of her mate?
  9. Thanks lads.1/4 bull 3/4 grey. Spit of the sire
  10. Pup will be 9 weeks tomorrow and has settled brilliantly. Feisty little bugger, like nothing more than winding the up Springer for a play fight
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