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  1. Thanks mate. Yeah he's a lovely dog, growing all the time. Like I said he's only 5 1/2 months and he's already over 25 TTS. Be interesting what height/ weight he gets to.
  2. These expensive to buy pal?
  3. As it goes there was a bone in there with plenty of meat on it and the pup loved it . Kept him quiet for a good hour and a bit
  4. Just called with the local butcher who gave me a bag full of scraps. Said call any time as they always have plenty. Thanks all for the tips
  5. Cheers mate. Yeah I've bought a load of sardines from Lidl for 33p a tin and the dogs love em so they get them 3 times a week.
  6. Are there any decent tinned foods available to mix with gain or are they all shit. I don't have the ability to store fresh meat so looking for other alternatives
  7. Same here, can't stand dicks . I'm not sure what you think I've said in the message but I can assure you what ever you think I was implying I wasn't. No luck needed.
  8. You sound nearly as hard as the pup. Dick.
  9. Hey buddy. If it's normal that's fine, just didn't want to leave it and it then become a problem later on. 1st pup I've had with a bit of bull in it and He s definitely more head strong than any other pup I've ever had.
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