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    Can any one recommend any one? Thanks


  2. Taxidermist west Yorkshire?? View Advert Can any one recommend any one? Thanks Advertiser Bostock Date 15/03/21 Price Category Miscellaneous  
  3. View Advert Hen FREE TO GOOD HOME Free to good home.west Yorkshire. Pick up only. Advertiser Bostock Date 30/10/20 Price Category Miscellaneous  
  4. The knocker box shop is Paul Sullivan.not Jim chick.
  5. Bull x bitch wanted. View Advert Half x or 3/8 5/8 wanted for F/D.must cum with trial.thanks.07388593454 Advertiser Bostock Date 25/09/20 Price Category Working Lurchers  
  6. Is the knocker box shop still up and running? I used them last yr. I got 2 numbers for em. 07791879579. 07807040793. As for battery to fit receiver collar i went to timpson watch shop out side asda
  7. Bull x bitch wanted. View Advert Bull x bitch wanted. Half X or 3/8 5/8 for F and D. Must come with a trial. thanks Advertiser Bostock Date 08/09/20 Price Category Working Lurchers  
  8. Pup is southern ireland but meeting at dublin an aving night on lamp with them an ferry bk home in morning so will be tired driving so quicker route the better.his area is not on lock down
  9. Cairnryan is Scotland? if is then Google maps says its 6hr 15 mins by car from were I live(west yorkshire).will b cheeper to get passported etc than fuel will cost.is there any other routes ?
  10. Thanks for the replys.I no from hollyhead to Dublin an dublin to hollyhead on ferry dogs must be passported. Vaccinated.microchipped to travel.dogs travelling from Liverpool to belfast on ferry arnt supposed to need owt but been told today by a dog transporter that now are needed to be passported.vaccinated and microchipped to get thru.dog transporter must no as does weekly runs.if this is the case now then hopefully my mate in Ireland will passport.vaccinate and microchip pup at my cost an hold for me till 10weeks old.any info/advice would still be help full.thanks
  11. I'm going to Ireland from england to buy a pup.what ferry route from Ireland to England can I do what I don't need pet passport.microchip etc.any info appreciated. Thanks
  12. View Advert Albino ferret kits 3 hobs.1 Jill left.albinos. parents worked last 4 seasons. Want between £5 and £10 gesture per ferret for my 8 yr old son as he's the 1 that feeds and cleans hutches and handles.thanks. 07388593454 Advertiser Bostock Date 14/07/20 Price £5.00 Category Ferreting Equipment  
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