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  1. That wet brain fool is responsible for way more deaths and destruction than any thing Russia is doing in Ukraine.
  2. The drug problem has a lot to do with the level of violence. Last year in America there was over a hundred thousand deaths from overdoses. That is double the number of men killed in Vietnam.
  3. If guns were outlawed only the criminals would have guns. You have other countries that have high gun ownership, but they don't have the same problem as America. Big cities in America tend to have high rates of violence.
  4. Democrat controlled cities usually have strong gun laws by high homicide rates . Just look at Chicago.
  5. They got the nyc homicide down from 2500 to less than 300 . Having good old school cops like William Bratton and John Timoney in charge. With strong political support. The Steet crimes unit did an excellent job getting illegal guns of the street's and saved thousands of lives.
  6. The problem is gun control does no disarm the criminal. Thirty years ago there were an average of 2500 homicides a year in the five boroughs. Mayor dinkins, response to the homicide rate was to ban hunting rifles. Law-abiding men , had the rifles for deer stalking and hunting coyotes up state. What got the homicide rate down was The Street Crime Unit and Stop and Frisk .
  7. The reason the majority of them get locked up , is when they were growing up they had no father, discipline or guidance.
  8. There was a similar type of shooting in a Jewish owned business on e 125th St in harlem about 25 years ago. A man entered the store and shot any White's he came across. I can't remember but I think he torched the store as well . I think about 7 or 8 people died.
  9. The majority of veteran's I came across, all felt they were simply used and when the war's ended. They were discarded. The Rhodesians were the exception. Which is understable when you see what was done to there country.
  10. The brake down of the traditional family has a lot to do with the chaos we have in society today.
  11. Innocent people going about their business, being shoot by criminals or mentally ill individuals in state's is nothing new. The media and politicians were quick to promote the white supremacy narrative. The race hustlers and gun control people will exploit what happened to these poor people. There is a good chance this piece of Dung will have federal charges brought against him and he will go behind the wire for the rest of his life.
  12. George soros and Bono .
  13. Hungary and Poland don't have 4 star hotels ? .
  14. Why do they not want to live in Hungary or Poland ? .
  15. These people coming off boats today , if they were offered jobs or welfare which would they choose ? .
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