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  1. paul sr

    20 years

    I was in those buildings many times. I find it hard to believe those planes caused the buildings to collapse in that way .supposedly there was traces of thermite found when the steel was examined. I find it hard to believe Osama bin laden sitting in a shite hole country thousands of miles away was able to organise and successfully inflicted this kind of damage. It takes about 1500 hours training to become a commercial pilot. Yet these guys only had a small amount of training on a flight simulator . Supposedly Larry Silversteine took out insurance against a terrorist attack a few months earlie
  2. In the world we live in today even if you had a girl as stunning as rosana Davison competing the african girl would still have won.
  3. The problem is the men that decide to go to war are never held accountable. War is rich man's racket.
  4. They did not remove saddam during the first gulf War because he was dropping scud missiles into Israel. The Israelis told the US they would use nuclear weapons against Iraq if saddam used scud missiles armed with chemical or biological weapons against them. Don't forget the US supplied saddam with some of these weapons and Donald Rumsfeld meet saddam at least 60 time's . The US had no problem with saddam until he became disobedient. Just like General Noriega.
  5. When the taliban first came to power they were destroying opium crops . When the Americans invaded that all changed .I guess to finance there weapons etc. Don't forget the CIA were at one stage were shipping drugs into the US to finance the CONTRAS
  6. It has to be very upsetting for anyone how lost family or friends to see how it a ended.
  7. I was looking at the al jazeera Web site. The taliban are driving around in humvees and new toyota pickups. Carrying brand new m16s. American tax dollars well spend.
  8. I did forget Libya. Before that it was Vietnam, south and central America. They told the America people they were going to bring democracy and freedom to these countries. Lol.
  9. You have Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria. All America has brought to these countries is death and destruction.
  10. Now that American has withdrawn . The Chinese will quietly move in with out dropping 1 bomb .
  11. Tony Blair is worth about 60 million. What is he doing to help British veteran's ? . I doubt if that wet brain clown Bush is doing anything to help America veteran's. Then you have Mr cheney his friends in Halliburton did very well with there no bid contacts.
  12. Afghanistan is like all other war's. Young working-class lad's are sent off to fight and die and the men how send them off to war get wealthy. The war in Afghanistan has cost over a trillion dollars. In America there is about 20 veteran's a day committing suicide every day of the year. You have thousands disabled, thousands homeless and ten's off thousands with ptsd. The politicians and main St media are more concerned about george Floyd, the Blm mob and the transgender community.
  13. You would not see roy Keane or vinnie Jones take the knee. The front people for the blm movement are marxist. So why would that nice old man george soros give them tens of millions. One of the blm leaders has bought about 3 million worth of property this couple of years. This woman is a school teacher how could she afford to buy these properties.
  14. Take half a cup of beet juice 30 minutes before your start your workout or 2 organic banana's.?
  15. paul sr


    When you look at that clip from Dublin, you can see what thre near future in eire is going to be like. They are going to take in a million more people by 2040. A large number of them will be from Africa and any one objection to this is called white supremacist and far right. No wonder the loyalists don't want a united ireland. Eire is how a socialists state controlled by the Eu.
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