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  1. paul sr

    Liam Neeson

    Every year in south Africa . there is a minimum of 40000 rapes reported of women, children and men and tens of thousands not reported. you have to wonder what the feminists and outraged leftists and snowflakes think of that statistic.
  2. paul sr

    Rip Whitey Bulger

    A TOUT, RAT b*****d.
  3. paul sr


    This war in syria was started by western powers not russia. Everybody needs to look at c556 post on page 7.
  4. paul sr

    Knife and gun crime

    The problem is there is no fathers, no discipline,no work ethic and political correctness.What London needs is rudy giuliani. zero tolerance and stop and search had a massive impact on crime.It works and saves lives.
  5. paul sr

    The Russians

    War is a rich mans racket and it is the working class that fight and die.I dont know much about putin but he comes a cross as a intelligent man and i would say a patriot .A lot of western leaders i would say are are a bunch of 2 dollar hookers for sale to the highest bidder.All you have to do is look at the number of military bases america has around the world and the number of military bases the russians have .. How is the aggressor . When i lived in the states i knew a lot of korean and Nam vets.The vietnam war started over the bay of tonkn incident which never happend. . Almost 60000 americans died and over a million vietnamese. For what.
  6. paul sr

    The Russians

    Tony blair and the media lied about iraq and look at the death and destruction that invasion caused. You have iraq, afghanistan. libya and syria. The russians were not responsible for what happened in those countries and you have thousands of veterans homeless and unemployed. In the states you have 20 veterans a day committing suicide and Today tony blair is worth 60 million.
  7. paul sr

    The Russians

    for the russians to use novichok a nerve agent that supposedly only they have,makes no sence..as regards the mainstream media you cant believe them.
  8. paul sr

    Another school shooting in America

    chris. i agree with every thing you said as regard rural and urban crime. all you have to do is look at chicago . the 4th july weekend 2017 there were over 100 shootings.
  9. paul sr

    Another school shooting in America

    i lived in the states for years. in the late eighties and early nineties there was an average of 2500 homicides a year in the 5 boroughs of nyc. americia is a violent society
  10. paul sr


    Looks like trying to save africa has taken its toll on him. He is a gobshite just like Bono
  11. The clip put up by neems was excellent and informative.Tommy robinson is just a puppet.
  12. paul sr

    Whose Side You On?

    The women has zero class and the bouncer is a disgrace and very unprofessional .He hit a women that maybe drunk and in high heels with no effect . That boy has no upper body strength.
  13. paul sr

    Guard Dog For The Yard

    A female belgian malinois or rottweiler or german shepherd .One of these with a large male pitbull in the yard and you wont have any problems.
  14. You cant blame the farmer for being upset at the loss of his sheep but there are a lot of irresponsible dog owners out there. If there are 1 or 2 donkeys with the sheep they will protect the sheep from the dogs the same way a llama would.
  15. paul sr

    Trumps In Favour Of Torture ......

    I dont no what the fuss is a bout as regard water boarding. The arericans used to water board there on tier 1 special forces. As regard the wall he is going to build on american soil where were all these outraged celebrities and bums like bono when the israelies where building there wall on palestine soil. The reality is benjamin netanyahy and his cabinet make donald trump look like a boy scout.