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  1. At the present time the national debt is about e 27 billion and there is 11500 irish people homeless including 3500 childern .
  2. The top 1 % of irish society owns 27 % of wealth ( e 232 billion ) . The top 10 % owns 64 % of wealth ( e547 billion ) .
  3. All any one has to do is google Peter Sutherland to understand why there is an open borders policy .
  4. I am not looking for argument but hundreds of republicans died during the troubles and thousands did long sentences behind the wire , men did years on the blanket in cold cells with there on shit and piss around them and were beating daily . 12 very brave men died on hunger strike . Was all that for a united ireland where nationalist and unionists would be a minority on this island and controlled out of brussels ? .
  5. How can you call your self a republican and want open borders and mass immigration and except being ruled out of brussels ? .
  6. Drew harris and sinn fein are singing of the same sheet ?
  7. The next big racket is going to be climate refugees ,
  8. Don't forget Martin callinan spread the rumour that Maurice mccabe was a chomo to discredit him .
  9. He was arrested by special branch , a week after Drew harris was talking about sinister forces .
  10. If the people of ballsbridge can say no , why can't the people of ballymun not say no ? . When Ballsbridge said no they were not called racist and far right by the media , politicians or drew harris ? .
  11. These are the people that are being labelled racist, sinister and far right . Irish politicians have contempt for ordinary irish people .
  12. The irish government wants to take in 1 million more people to Eire by 2040 , if this happens the irish will become a minority in there on country .
  13. All the political parties are infavour of open borders and they are labelling ordinary working class people how object to large numbers of unvetted males being moved into there areas as racist , far right and sinster . They need to start housing these people next to the politicians and in areas like dalkey, sandycove , foxrock sandymount, etc .
  14. Last year the 2 men in sligo were decapted and ccastrated .
  15. The attack was reported in several newspapers .
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