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  1. It is a pity the western countries and politicians that support and arm Israel , regardless of what war crimes or atrocities it commits , don't want to have a similar immigration policy to Israel in there own countries .
  2. The only reason they have backed down is there is going to be EU elections this year. I suspect the back down is only temporary .
  3. We can add navalny to a long list of questionable deaths . JfK , Robert Kennedy, Martin Luther King , Malcolm X, Yasser Arafat, Dr David Kelly, Jamal Khashoggi, Jeffrey Epstein, Yevgeny Prigozhin , etc, etc .
  4. Are you surprised ? .
  5. European cultural and heritage is being dismantled and eroded in all European countries.
  6. The people that tell us that China ,Russia and Iran are a threat ,are the same people that want to flood the west with millions of people from the 3rd world.
  7. Ivor cummins was talking about this on his podcast . His podcast is well worth watching , he comes across as a very intelligent man.
  8. If they get the people responsible for any of these arson attacks , the system will do there best to make an example of them .
  9. I had sleep apnea for over 20 years ,so i definitely was sleep deprived . When i had my first sleep test , they said i stopped breathing 30 times in 7 hours .
  10. If any one doesn't think open borders and mass immigration is not planned . I suggest you ,do your research in to that dung bag of an irish man , peter sutherland and listen to his speeches . Then look at the companies and organisations he worked for .
  11. London is not that far behind Paris .
  12. Last year there was over 50000 Africans that crossed the US southern border . The big question is how payed for there flights from Africa to central america ? .
  13. Sinn fein only became acceptable in the south when they took the knee to Brussels . They want the brits out , but are willing to accept EU control over the country.
  14. Wide spread civil unrest is the thing most people are concerned about . There is nothing wrong with being able to feed and protect your family in that kind of situation .
  15. They could just make Hamas irrelevant by granting and respecting full statehood for Palestine within reasonable borders .
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