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  1. A quarter cup of beet juice and 2 organic bananas , 20 mins before the match.
  2. The malinois saved a lot of service men in Iraq and Afghanistan .
  3. I was told that the malinois can be slow to release ? .
  4. The guy in black has some basic combatives training , he stays calm , non aggresive and was using his his hand to keep some distance . The guy in white is aggresive and keep coming forward . It Looks like self defence . When the guy got knocked out , he landed good as in he did not fall straight back an bang the back of his head .
  5. paul sr


    That is the idealolgy of the elite class not ordinary european people . Any thing that rocks the EU heirachy is a good thing .
  6. paul sr


    When you don't have control over your borders , you don't have a country .
  7. West harIem . That guy died that night .
  8. paul sr


    Any thing that rocks the EU heirachy is a good thing .
  9. paul sr


    American women Barbara lerner spectre , 30 years ago told sweden that multiculturalism would be a good thing for sweden . Barbra spectre now lives in occupied Palestine .
  10. Did you ever have to deal with some one high on angel dust ? . Years ago one night where i was working , it took 13 cops to subdue one man high on angel dust .
  11. Your lucky to have the secound amendment , don't ever let them take that right away .
  12. The main way they are getting rid of sovereign countries is through mass immigration .
  13. There has being over €200 billion worth of fish taken out of irish waters since joining the EU .
  14. People forget Trump was on that island with Jeffrey Epstein many times . That honey trap was not run by Russia, China or Iran . Every time Trump was around Benjamin Netanyahu , Trump would behave like a prison punk .
  15. Never forget war is a rich mans racket. This winter ordinary people in europe will struggle to heat there homes and pay there bills and the elite will be come more wealthy , just like they did during the covid lockdown .
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