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  1. Every one should look at Ivor Cummins podcast . He explains a lot of what's going on in the world , in a clear and factual way .
  2. When you control the money supply , you control the politicians , media , the narrative .etc,etc.
  3. President Kennedy wanted to nationalize the federal reserve .
  4. Robert De Niro will be very upset today .
  5. 130 yards , how could any one get that close ? . The secret service have big questions to answer .
  6. The optics of him with blood on the side of his face and his fist in the air , is going to increase his support massively . It may be a pivotal moment in the campaign .
  7. Did he get grazed by the round or cut when the secret service pushed him down ? . This incident is a god sent for him and will increase his support in a big way .
  8. It is alleged that Edward Heath and Mountbatten were pedophiles .
  9. You should see the documentary about the African space program .
  10. The protesters in Ireland are constantly being called , far right , racist,head bangers, knuclke-dagger, etc,etc. Because there is a large number of women, children and older people at these protests ,the far right label does not stick .
  11. Apparently the African mayor of Derry, was a member of the BLM mob .
  12. " To achieve world government , it is necessary to remove from the minds of men, there individualism, loyalty to the family traditions, national patriotism and religious dogmas." - Brock Chisholm ( 1st director general of the world health organization. 1948-1953 .
  13. These working class people are being labelled as Far Right ,by the government and media .
  14. You continue to ignore the fact that Israel helped create Hamas . Are you aware that three of the seven international aid workers killed by Israel,were British and one of them was former sbs .
  15. As Yasser arafat said Hamas was a " creature of Israel " .
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