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  1. BTTT. The Scottish consultation on hunting with dogs (including ratting and rabbiting) closes tomorrow.
  2. The Scottish consultation on hunting with dogs (including ratting and rabbiting) closes tomorrow.
  3. Given the political make-up of Scotland and the deal Sturgeon has done with the Greens, I think there is an even more challenging time ahead, sadly. As I’ve said previously the politically driven ‘review’ of fox hunting is even contemplating making ratting and rabbiting unlawful in Scotland. Imagine that. Thats why I BTTT this thread yesterday as it is time for anyone living in Scotland who values their fieldsports to start engaging in this process, probably starting with the consultation posted at the top of this thread, however flawed it might be. I spoke to someone recent
  4. Following the positive news in NI today BTTT for the Scottish lads and lasses.
  5. Looks a cracker…good luck with him
  6. I agree it’s critical that anyone involved in field sports has their say. You can see which way this could ultimately go in Scotland by the way the consultation is drafted and the content of the supporting documents.
  7. I’ve cooked steaks and fresh stuff when wild-ish motorcycle camping but for the shorter trips I mainly do I do like the convenience of the wayfarer meals on my jetboil. Some of the dehydrated meals like summit to eat are actually better tasting than I expected. Expensive though and some are absolutely rammed with calories!
  8. Really hope your community is mobilising against the current draft legislation banning ALL hunting with dogs in NI with the exception of rats and mice. Sadly the show scene will be a bit hollow if this legislation is passed, at least in its current form. All the best.
  9. Exactly. Let’s hope the field sports community finally start to stand up and be counted.
  10. This is the way to go about it, there are compelling arguments in support of field sports but the silent majority in this debate need to now stand up and be counted. The people wanting the ban(s) are relentless and it’s time for field sport supporters to do the same. Having listened to interviews Blair doesn’t even really understand what he’s attempting to ban, which is typical. I would also say join the relevant organisations such as the CA and SACS and which ever others you have in NI and tell them what you expect them to do in terms of promoting hunting. Scotland have si
  11. It’s a pity something like this didn’t get off the ground properly and credibly. It’s exactly the sort of organisation your sport needs right now. Did the CA get involved?
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