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  1. Can I ask do you expect the pup to become a dog that engages with its prey all I have read about Bavarian moutain hound they are mostly used for blood tracking I suspect the staffy would bring some catch to the cross.
  2. stevemac

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    Dam barb most fences where i live are five strains of hi tensile barb the cockies do a little different and drill holes to run the barb through makes it a bit easier for climing over but its totally shit on the dogs if they dont see it in the dim light.
  3. My bloke is a whippet/staghound x track greyhound with an attitude to make himself be the first to any catch. He gets the shits if its not him making the catch.
  4. Staying still isn't in their programing Rebel
  5. Be good day out to follow him around.
  6. Being Australian iv had a lot of exposure to pig hunting my son has a fine hound with plenty of wolfhound blood hes a very capable pigdog. The woolly dog and white dog both are wolfhound xs
  7. Im a big fan of wolfhound xs and have found them to be very good hunters with plenty of power to handle the job when required.
  8. Im a couple of hours north of the ritzy area of Palm Beach if your out here in our winter might be able to sort something .
  9. Im in Nsw we dig to terriers but unless on a river or creek bank its usually only 3 or 4 feet. We use our terriers and running dogs to hunt up most of the time, dealing with dens as we find them. Our terriers get as much work pushind foxes out of culverts hollow logs and trees as much as anything else.Aussie whip was spot on with gaining access to private property though being an older bloke that polite and respectful of others property it usually gets permition to surounding properties.
  10. This is my bloke patch had two this weekend dug to yesterday where this photo was taken today he bolted his fox.
  11. Mate Im in Australia but a good friend has had a couple nice dogs not as much drive as the foxhounds that I have owned more suited to one dog one owner type of thing.
  12. Ya they came from a fox hound bitch breed to a swedish hound. Handy for a hunter in sweden with the restrictions they have.
  13. Start them with old slow hounds that know the score. Hound will learn far more from another hound than you could ever teach them If your lucky to have a good old hound your set. If not just keep giving then the opportunate to have wins like finding a rabbit at the end of the trail.
  14. Well the Thanks Gripper canaries have done well this year, The parrot finches are just going down for their 2nd nest , the Goudlians are just starting , the cockateils have had several nests and plenty of young how ever the biggest let down have been the Princes parrots and the dam budgies of all things.
  15. Bulldog was breed into greyhounds in the 1800s they ere not called bull greys and were bred back to greyhounds. who Knows really
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