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  1. Had some good bitches over the years . When hunting a trio always found one bitch and two dogs worked best. Now a days I just keep dogs with the season being so short here last thing I need is a bitch coming into season in the middle of winter wasting a couple of weeks.
  2. I know a fella that was terrier man for an average mounted pack here in Aus. He road a 4x wheeler and carried his two small lurcher with him as well. when foxes were bolted and hounds were off he dropped his lurchers they would race past hounds and catch fox. He didn't have to do this two often before hounds realised they liked catching foxes and didnt need any help. He said they lost hounds a few times as they couldn't keep up with them. Some horses are slow like that. haha his lurchers are airedale/greyhounds x patterdale
  3. Plenty of foxhunters here have put JR and pats to greyhounds.wwith mixed success and a fair amount of dead sheep. As it was told to me you know what proper shits terriers can be now put that into a big package.
  4. Common as in the aussie pigdog world. Stock dog crosses are very handy dogs.
  5. Are these man made dens your talking about or just fillets.
  6. Deerhound over greyhound took all game available here and her son and daughter by a bully x grey
  7. Ya hes almost 9 but been a much calmer around the other dogs since takes about 6mnths for their hormones to calm down your bloke looks simular to those mine come from the males can be very full on.
  8. Had my bloke done about 5 yrs ago hasnt stopped him he was a Randy fighting little turd. It was desex or a bullet changed him for the better and ive had a lot of years of good work from him since.
  9. He's almost 9 now but hes having a purple patch this year.
  10. Out again today managed the one. beaten by another today it wasn't a matter of pushing the fox out as we had just missed one from the briar rose when we got to the next next patch the runners were doing their impression of the Indians circling the covered wagons . Patch the terrier took matters into his own hands and went in and grabbed the fox and boxed on for quite some time while we broke into the clump of rose, my son grabbed the foxes tail and pulled fox and dog clear and swung fox out into the open where my runners finished the job out.
  11. Still growing will even out when hes finished.
  12. This is the first of 3 that patch pushed out of the heavy cover and BlackBerry for the day yesterday
  13. I would expect they wood be to big to drop now but stranger things have happened.
  14. Ya their would have been in the early days the Kelpie was a product of a collie that was tyed out when in season to draw out dingos to traps a common practice back in the early days in sheep country. Every now and then a dingo would get through the ring of traps and mate the collie. Any pups were ground on and drowned but as with these things some were raised and given a go. They proved them selves well enough to become a new breed. However the next Kelpie to get off a chain and sneak away at night to kill sheep a couple of Kim's away isnt the first and wont be the last.
  15. I talk to a guy in NZ thats uses irsh terriers for bushing and hunting pigs. they are doing really well for him but no foxes in NZ so they do not look like a target. They would be no good here in Aus as some dumb b*****d would shoot them first time out for sure.
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