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  1. Work well in cane if they through to the whippet good ballers can get knocked about if they take to lugging. But plenty make their trade as luggers.
  2. You could get onto the coyotes hunting guys but however the only way to have fast dogs in the forest is to raise them there so they learn that trees dont move before they are fast enough to really hurt themselves. A running hound x sight hound could be the ticket for what your after.
  3. O k I kept foxhounds from show kennels myself years ago every one made a dog and could handle what I do.
  4. Do you have her papers just wondering if her lines come from Aus.
  5. True their are and a mate in vic has a very handy 50/50 but having owned a pure bitch I wouldn't bother again.
  6. Just as a side note I had a friend in the 80s and she and her first husband ran their straight salukies on pigs ive never had any reason to doubt the story.
  7. There were a lot of shenanigans went on around the formation of the bull grey and the bull arab. Stollen dogs friendships lost most of it lost in time but i do know a big staghound dogs featured in the early days.
  8. EBT/greyhound x pointer either english or gsp. A lot of dane or bloodhound been added as well. Like all dogs some good guns some rubbish.
  9. To be honest ive not seen one hunt roos but big and strong enough for the job. Bull Arabs are pig dogs generally pig hunters are very hard on dogs that hunt anything other than pigs. Staghound crossed with most things can produce some handy dogs.
  10. Keep digging I've seen big dogs take them one out the sire of my deerhound greyhound he was a special for it he was a mighty deerhound that one.
  11. Roos can open a dog up like a tin of salmon nothing may have happened in that situation as the dog wasn't fighting but many a roo dog has been killed taking down roos
  12. You don't train Parsons haha. He could hand that mighty task. Contact him on face book he actually does help those that are having trouble with dogs.
  13. I know tonks personally he is a very good dog man, he should be hes a zoo keeper and works with elephants
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