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  1. Still growing will even out when hes finished.
  2. This is the first of 3 that patch pushed out of the heavy cover and BlackBerry for the day yesterday
  3. I would expect they wood be to big to drop now but stranger things have happened.
  4. Ya their would have been in the early days the Kelpie was a product of a collie that was tyed out when in season to draw out dingos to traps a common practice back in the early days in sheep country. Every now and then a dingo would get through the ring of traps and mate the collie. Any pups were ground on and drowned but as with these things some were raised and given a go. They proved them selves well enough to become a new breed. However the next Kelpie to get off a chain and sneak away at night to kill sheep a couple of Kim's away isnt the first and wont be the last.
  5. I talk to a guy in NZ thats uses irsh terriers for bushing and hunting pigs. they are doing really well for him but no foxes in NZ so they do not look like a target. They would be no good here in Aus as some dumb b*****d would shoot them first time out for sure.
  6. Ya Australia isnt made up of bowling greens surrounded by hedges many northern hemisphere were tried and every collie and working dog bought from England and Europe in the early days failed from heat exhaustion and pests. dingo in both cattledogs and kelpies bought heat restance and resistance to ticks. Dingos are a very athletic dog that occurs naturally in the mountains around scone and musswellbrook where the cattledog was developed for herding semi wild cattle from scrub filled gullies and mountain sides. Even boarder collies were not much good until they were breed for generations weeding out the week and breeding from the strong.
  7. Bullshit stumpy tail cattle dogs started as a breed ucalled timmins biters in a town not to far from where I live. They as a croup were moved to Qld where they were developed as stumpy tail cattle dogs. Make up is smith field and dingo.
  8. We are this year since mate lost his terrier my bloke has been going ok a good tracking collar is a must especially with a sillent dog so you can get a head of him to take care of the game coming out of ahead of the dog. We use this method in a bamboo thicket along a river for foxes.
  9. The gun packs Ive hunted with tend to speak a lot but you know when they are on a fox they really get to work these areas hold deer fox hare and rabbits the babbling helps push game anyway and the guns or runners take care of what comes out.
  10. MORTON they are everywhere here dont give them a thought just dont play with them either. Sydney funnel webs are the real problem a lot of gardeners get bit by them because thats where they like to live.
  11. My terrier doesnt go out until theres frost on the ground. Dam wiggle sticks dont like being disturbed by terrier.
  12. I've had deer grey, bully staghounds, whippetstagx greyhound and all have taken to fox with out hesitation I dont rush them and they come on in there own good time. But no failures yet.
  13. I bet if he hunts often enough with the butchers he will improve monkey see monkey do really does work with dogs.
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