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  1. Gee I wish you were in Aus id jump on them.
  2. That's a rough looking beastie.
  3. Black bantam leghorn hens a real nice birds. Believe they would be my pick if I got back into fowls.
  4. Seen a feral cat go to ground when a big ridgeback dog I had was doing his best to bite its arse.
  5. A long dog good on ya by the way. Deerhound was often added to greyhound lines here in Australia back in the early part of last century before registration became so strict for track dogs. The second cross back to the greyhound was the ducks guts feed coursing back when it was sanctioned.
  6. Where abouts in New Are Aussie whip.

    1. Aussie Whip

      Aussie Whip

      Back in the Central Tablelands now stevemac was up the coast for 12 months and drove me and the dogs mad with no rabbits about, lol.

    2. stevemac


      I travel out around coolah and dubo a couple of times a year. I'm in Newcastle and do a lot around the lower hunter valley.

    3. Aussie Whip

      Aussie Whip

      I hunt rabbits mainly, not many out Dubbo way I believe but lived not far from Wellington a few years ago and the place was over run with deer, fox and hares. I had a bloke from Coolah wanting me to get rid of rabbits, I was busy moving at the time but reckons there were hundreds on his place.

  7. I have a wolfhound greyhound deerhound greyhound hes 29.5 inches its I went for him because wolfhounds give a bit more nose to the mix but my bloke is very much a point and shoot type, dam quick dog with good finish just have to rely on the other dog to get them moving first.
  8. Cut the hair away it will heal quick enough.
  9. We use our russels to push cover all the time. They do a great job pushing fox feral pigs and deer.
  10. Gave a cock bird to mate recently now I like a bird you can hear but this bugger had a set of lungs on him I hear him way brown the street. Was a gloster x Norwich gave him away he wouldn't pair up and wanted to fight for ever hen that I owned.
  11. One fox hound from the Perth hunt in WA he was a trialling power and many fox and feral pigs meet their dimise over him.
  12. Here in Aus plenty of pig dogs go missing some a killed by farmers or dingo packs but some are ruff enough and smart enough to live in the bush for years. They tend to form a pack with a young dingo bitch. If they stay away from stock but most dont and the the poison, the trap, or the rifle take them out.
  13. rabbits were bought to Australia in small lots they blumed to become an eccological night mare in their millions to the point Australians have been at war with rabbits ever since. The point given favourable conditions they have remarkable ability to bounce back from just about anything. Be it viral or hunting pressure.
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