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  1. stevemac

    Show Us Your White Dog's

    This is my bloke patch had two this weekend dug to yesterday where this photo was taken today he bolted his fox.
  2. stevemac

    Hamilton hound

    Mate Im in Australia but a good friend has had a couple nice dogs not as much drive as the foxhounds that I have owned more suited to one dog one owner type of thing.
  3. stevemac

    Hamilton hound

    Ya they came from a fox hound bitch breed to a swedish hound. Handy for a hunter in sweden with the restrictions they have.
  4. stevemac

    Tips on entering young hounds

    Start them with old slow hounds that know the score. Hound will learn far more from another hound than you could ever teach them If your lucky to have a good old hound your set. If not just keep giving then the opportunate to have wins like finding a rabbit at the end of the trail.
  5. stevemac

    Breeding Just Getting Under Way

    Well the Thanks Gripper canaries have done well this year, The parrot finches are just going down for their 2nd nest , the Goudlians are just starting , the cockateils have had several nests and plenty of young how ever the biggest let down have been the Princes parrots and the dam budgies of all things.
  6. Bulldog was breed into greyhounds in the 1800s they ere not called bull greys and were bred back to greyhounds. who Knows really
  7. stevemac

    Blue tick coonhounds

    they would have ago whether they were as good as the hounds you have over there that are bred for purpose is another matter.
  8. stevemac

    My first hook beaks

    good luck with them nice birds Bourkes
  9. stevemac

    Breeding Just Getting Under Way

    good article Voon he mentions after being in the NT he went to Cooranbong which happens to be about 20 mins down the road from me.
  10. stevemac

    Breeding Just Getting Under Way

    All good Neil, I watched Ireland flog Italy at the rugby league world cup to day The boys went alright.
  11. stevemac

    Breeding Just Getting Under Way

    No the Lady Gouldian finch is an Aussie its habitat is found in northern Australia.
  12. stevemac

    Breeding Just Getting Under Way

    Yes Neil when Ive had them in the past. just getting back into them. A beautiful bird but I'm lead to believe you need to put the eggs under foster hens, Mannikans are usually used ? The biggest problem is that they come from the very hot climate of the Northern territory and do not have down feathers so even here in Australian it can be to cold for them and they hate a draughty aviary. the wrong conditions and they will fall of the perch. They are self breeders here and a very common aviary bird. right up there for one of the best looking birds. The diamond doves are great they are no trouble and and only add to the Aviary .
  13. stevemac

    Breeding Just Getting Under Way

    Yes Neil when Ive had them in the past. just getting back into them.
  14. stevemac

    Breeding Just Getting Under Way

    Red Faced Parrot Finch mate. Was just going to ask about that one....can we see a closer pic of it? It caught my eye straight away! Sorry Dodo 1 hes a slippery little bugger and hard to get pics of.