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  1. Of cause no one has better than you or done better than you have you ever run black tail jacks on cactus filled desert where one farm is bigger and flatter than half of britian. Where the jacks are conditioned from birth by coyotes that can run faster and further than your average lurchers. But hey you know you have been baiting and arguing this whole topic so you must.
  2. Well I've seen galgoes run black tail jacks over cactas filled desert in New mexico and the the frkers can catch. Ive also seen saluki hybreds and pure saluki do the same.
  3. From what I've been told by a friend in America that managed to get a couple the Spanish would rather kill them then let them go and do in some pretty horrible ways.
  4. Keep your pathfinder till can afford something better. There heaps of shit farmers here back over them with their tractors to right them off so they can by a hilux or ranger. Haha
  5. Please yourself i always have a chuckle to my self when I see off roading depected on british tv. Absolutely no problem with them on wet roads here but as you say the nut behind the wheel is always the final determining factor. Just looked up the vechicle ya I wouldn't put them on one of those either, but I wouldnt ,own one of those for going bush.
  6. Bf goodridge all terrains KO2 good grip in the and long wearing. I've used them on all my 4x4s
  7. I like 6mm square mesh painted black I can see my birds so can the predators but the butcher birds cant grab them.
  8. That little pack of yours would be hand in a few spots I know over here in Aus.
  9. Been a big fan of deerhound /greyhound and their staghound offspring for about 20yrs. Like all dogs and their crosses its more to do with the dogs you start with then the breed. As luck would have it I meet a friend with some of the best hunting deerhound in Aus at the time. Picking the right greyhound is just as important it doesn't have to be the fastest you can get your hands of but it needs to have the right stuff at the finish. No point having a dog that can gallop along side a hare saying gday and never making a catch. The mother of my first deerhound greyhound was such a greyhound raise
  10. Toe looks sprung, nails are not long but are sharp and need to be trimmed. Time to see a greyhound man and have toe treated it may need a rubber band made from a bicycle tube in the future.
  11. Pures bitch from NZ dog nungloo works em on big game.
  12. If your serious I can I can put you in touch with a fella up in the new England area that has a pair a good guns. And breeds them occasionally.
  13. stevemac

    Dc 40

    Order one from double D in the states.
  14. Whippets are hunters they cant catch what you don't find.
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