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  1. Here in Aus plenty of pig dogs go missing some a killed by farmers or dingo packs but some are ruff enough and smart enough to live in the bush for years. They tend to form a pack with a young dingo bitch. If they stay away from stock but most dont and the the poison, the trap, or the rifle take them out.
  2. rabbits were bought to Australia in small lots they blumed to become an eccological night mare in their millions to the point Australians have been at war with rabbits ever since. The point given favourable conditions they have remarkable ability to bounce back from just about anything. Be it viral or hunting pressure.
  3. Rich dairy farm land to scrub and wide open plains
  4. Jadgforlife the way dogs are used in Europe in your driven hunts is very different from the way dogs are used to hunt feral pigs in Australia. Where a hound or jagd that give voice are just the ticket for driving game to guns, this is far from the method dogs are required to run silent use their nose and get quickly up on their game make a catch and hold the pig so the hunter can catch up and dispatch the game with a knife. Bull terriers both pure and cross bred have been used for fifty years that I know and the Bull terrier brings a lot to a pig hunting dog. Not only the tenacity to see the
  5. The ideal lurcher is the one that works best for you in your country.
  6. Yes they are a hunting machine they have become quite popular out here amongst the fox hunters and even some pighunters I know are keen on them also. Pure they do have a soft mouth and not keen on teeth but the crosses usually harden up and maintain their unique hunting style.
  7. My hunting buddy has a 1/4 Ibizan 3/4 bull grey the dog is a very good fox dog very athletic great nose can find em in the swamps we hunt. Great mix for a fox dog.
  8. There has been many good collies and their derivatives all over the world but for the most part as far as the ACD goes collies were not suited to the the hot conditions here as well as the heavy coats that harboured parasites. It wasn't until the dingo was added that the British dogs blood were able to make their mark here. Many were tried and just as many failed. As far as the Kelpie goes the addition of dingo was a big secret for a long time as collie bitches were used when in season to attract dingos in to a trap ring some actually made it through and mated the bitches pups from these matin
  9. Never been as wary of kelpies as I am cattle dogs though as you say there's always the odd one to keep your eye on. I have known a few kelpie males that like to be king of the the hill the trouble being they will bite off more then they can chew which often does end well for them. But great working dogs with bucket loads of energy no surprise when you consider the type of country they were developed for.
  10. Being an Australian I think it is in bred in us to as wary of a cattle dogs as they are of strangers. Haha My best mate that bred them most his life had a dog when we were young that would guard his land rover at the beach while he surfed we all knew never go anywhere near his truck when he wasn't there. His later dogs were much more bidabel and great hunters
  11. Nothing alike in temperment slightly alike in looks. Would think the add would be better on anything that likes to fight back.
  12. Ya Cassowary are in the norther tropics best place to see them is the zoo. If they have young they have been known to kill people just race through the jungle and hit people so hard they kill them.
  13. Kookaburras are all around my area where I live I like them because they like to eat small snakes and mice but they do raid other birds nests as well.
  14. They can mimic anything motor drives are common with zoo birds. I've seen them several times in the wild they are brilliant mimic anything they hear in their area.
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