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  1. Toe looks sprung, nails are not long but are sharp and need to be trimmed. Time to see a greyhound man and have toe treated it may need a rubber band made from a bicycle tube in the future.
  2. Pures bitch from NZ dog nungloo works em on big game.
  3. If your serious I can I can put you in touch with a fella up in the new England area that has a pair a good guns. And breeds them occasionally.
  4. stevemac

    Dc 40

    Order one from double D in the states.
  5. Whippets are hunters they cant catch what you don't find.
  6. I wouldn't start em that young personally but I bought home a 10 week old smooth foxterrier. old golden use to catch a rat heroin the place every now and then. But that little terrier caught 10 the first week she was at home and never looked back. Love self starters.
  7. This is my bloke hes a great busher does like to go to ground when he can but earth are to small here mostly so he gets his kicks in the BlackBerry and brambles.
  8. Middle one was a borzoi xgreyhound x staghound, the far one stag x airedale we hunt fox every weekend of the winter but certainly never turn our nose up at a feral pig or two we got 6 that weekend.
  9. Birds and a 3 eyed lizard that's about it as far as natives go.
  10. Had some good bitches over the years . When hunting a trio always found one bitch and two dogs worked best. Now a days I just keep dogs with the season being so short here last thing I need is a bitch coming into season in the middle of winter wasting a couple of weeks.
  11. I know a fella that was terrier man for an average mounted pack here in Aus. He road a 4x wheeler and carried his two small lurcher with him as well. when foxes were bolted and hounds were off he dropped his lurchers they would race past hounds and catch fox. He didn't have to do this two often before hounds realised they liked catching foxes and didnt need any help. He said they lost hounds a few times as they couldn't keep up with them. Some horses are slow like that. haha his lurchers are airedale/greyhounds x patterdale
  12. Plenty of foxhunters here have put JR and pats to greyhounds.wwith mixed success and a fair amount of dead sheep. As it was told to me you know what proper shits terriers can be now put that into a big package.
  13. Common as in the aussie pigdog world. Stock dog crosses are very handy dogs.
  14. Are these man made dens your talking about or just fillets.
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