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  1. Is there anyway of sending them to Hampshire mate many thanks
  2. Anybody got any for sale a friend of mine is after some
  3. I’m only after a pair or 2 is it worth it .
  4. If you get them threw the post you got to rest them fo 24 hours before setting them
  5. i dont own a lock knife anymore just got small legal folding knife does same thing without the aggro
  6. ive got stable mats in bottom of dog box with straw on top and stable mat on roof of box works well and you can hose it down
  7. Anyone got a hob ferret in Hampshire to go over a friends gills or one they don’t anymore cheers
  8. Anyone interested I’m charging 5 grand a pup
  9. I asked for a saluki whipgrey type of dog and there it is not saying it’s the one but it’s the first dog I’ve had offered of that type yet
  10. What I meant was not a saluki blooded dogs recall not hers hers is spot on
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