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  1. rabbit tourmentor

    The Last Waterloo Cup

    Can’t course a hare but you can marry a man
  2. rabbit tourmentor

    Bloody dog

    Does it have saluki in it
  3. rabbit tourmentor

    Bull greyhound saluki greyhound pup

    Dog or bitch
  4. rabbit tourmentor

    Travellersways Kennels

    Not saying there no good if it’s not crossed with a herding dog it’s a long dog not a lurcher
  5. rabbit tourmentor

    Travellersways Kennels

    A bedlington x is not a lurcher a lurcher is a herding dog x with a sight hound
  6. rabbit tourmentor

    Back at em

    Round here if you bush a rabbit with. A dog it’s f***ing rare not been out ferreting once this year find a few on the lamp but mostly just. Deer hare and foxes
  7. rabbit tourmentor

    Back at em

    Got some rabbits up Devon then there nearly extinct down are way
  8. rabbit tourmentor

    Deer dogs

    She was a good bitch she would mark pheasants pigeons roosting at night would mark squirrel dreys good at ferreting lamping she was no mug but not for breeding I don’t think
  9. rabbit tourmentor

    Lab x grey

    Like the old days when a collie was crossed to disguise the dog don’t think people would take much notice if your dog looked like a lab
  10. rabbit tourmentor

    Deer dogs

    What I’m am saying is she would run them and run them with no strike almost jacking until about 3 then later on At the age of 6 she couldn’t leave them alone was a nuisance for hunting up and catching them on the arse end I rehomed her to a pet home in the end
  11. rabbit tourmentor

    Deer dogs

    I did but I’m not the fastest lol she was 23 24 TTS don’t know what she weighed not much
  12. rabbit tourmentor

    Deer dogs

    What do you mean black mag I had 2 bitches the first was a bedlingtonx grey with a tad whippet she wouldn’t touch a roe for 2 years I was out ferreting one day and she ran a roe buck I looked around and the buck was running her back lol at 3 years old I ran her doubled up on the lamp with a dog on a roebuck after that she loved them by the the time she was six I couldn’t keep her away from them she couldn’t hold them down she ruined the meat she was not a deer dog that’s why I asked the question what makes a deer dog this was along time ago mind
  13. rabbit tourmentor

    Deer dogs

    What sort of size do you think a dog had to be for the game in the day I had beady xs take them but struggle to keep them down that was roe before the ban of course
  14. rabbit tourmentor

    Deer dogs

    I’ve not heard great things about them do you think they can cope with smaller size ground or do hey need a lot of space to get going
  15. rabbit tourmentor

    Deer dogs

    Back in the day what was the best cross for deer ? How did they take them and what did they take ? Cheers rt