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  1. rabbit tourmentor

    Stud dog

  2. rabbit tourmentor

    Stud dog

    What I meant was not a saluki blooded dogs recall not hers hers is spot on
  3. rabbit tourmentor

    Stud dog

  4. rabbit tourmentor

    Stud dog

    Can’t see a grew having very good feet ? I could buy a bitch but like the idea of breeding my own I know what your saying you would rather breed to dogs retrieving hares together but I think she will produce well she’s not rubbish otherwise I wouldn’t even dream of breeding her l
  5. rabbit tourmentor

    Stud dog

    Nice dog mate just don’t think that’s not quite what I’m after basically I’d like a daytime dog to go over her Most of what I do is lamping but I would like to a play in the daytime as well if that makes any sense a sensible saluki whippet greyhound dog is what I’m after if there’s such thing ? I don’t want a dog what runs of in difficult places and won’t come back when it sees the moter
  6. rabbit tourmentor

    Stud dog

  7. rabbit tourmentor

    Stud dog

    Will put some photos up of bitch when I can work it out tomorrow cheers
  8. rabbit tourmentor

    Stud dog

    She’s bedywhippet x salukix 5 year old now spot on lamping and mooching good feet and very steady bitch at 23 half TTS but she’s not a daytime bitch I would like a steady daytime dog to go over her so I can a can keep a pup and the land I run isn’t massive so something with a it of whippet would be handy for that extra gear if you no what I mean
  9. rabbit tourmentor

    Stud dog

    After a coursing bred dog with a nice bit of whippet in it for my beddywhipsaluki bitch will have to be a sensible dog anyone
  10. rabbit tourmentor

    jacks shed

    I was squirrel killer was a good forum
  11. rabbit tourmentor

    Bull grey x saluki grey for sale

    Give you 1000 pound for that catapult shooting lurcher
  12. rabbit tourmentor

    Rabbit disease

    Were have to get out next season if your game for some bunny’s ofcourse
  13. rabbit tourmentor

    Rabbit disease

    I’m thinking of a change of dog my little bedlington is wasted
  14. rabbit tourmentor

    Rabbit disease

    How did this rhd start then is it man made ? A good day ferreting here u might get 6 rabbits 10 year ago that was a crap day even to go for a mooch with the dog now if you see a rabbit it’s a surprise how is the disease spread is it airborne ?
  15. rabbit tourmentor

    Rabbit disease

    What has wiped out all the rabbits they are nearly a hing of the past here in hampshire