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  1. Let me know if you don't buy it cause I am looking for one my self mate
  2. Can you pm me your phone number please I definitely want em co
  3. Wats your views on a BSA ultra in 22 lads cheers Jimmy
  4. Yes mate I been txing you butt I don't know if you been getting the message
  5. Forgot to ad they are flatpack half barrel trap
  6. I have 20 odd duffas mole traps for sale all brand new £5 each pick up only South Wales pm me thanks Jimmy
  7. U home en jul Or u away butt

  8. Your up late in u boy can't sleep or wat 

  9. Who judged the terriers and who judged the lurchers en lads
  10. You crack on worming your dogs trigger And will do mine as of and when I been in the game 30 old years I and a bit old to listern to people when it comes to worming my dogs thank you very much not trying to be funny I know when they need to be wormed
  11. Rip Eddie I met the man a few times wat a gentleman he was
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