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  1. Yes mate your right there I always do mine around the vents how s your breeding season going mate
  2. I agree with bangers
  3. Where will I get that grog from mate cheers Jimmy
  4. All the best for the rest of the breeding season mate
  5. Your right there mate I have had a good few clear eggs I got one hen on 5 eggs due tomorrow I had a nest of 4 eggs 3 dead in the shells so she's rearing one chick I should of chucked it really butt didn't have anything to putt it under butt that's birds for you all the best for the breeding season mate
  6. I got 4 pairs of reds on eggs at the moment I got another 2 pair s f***ing about butt they will go down when they are ready the ones on eggs are due Monday Tuesday and Wednesday so good luck with the breeding lads
  7. You got to watch they are a live vaccine and you don't know how long they being in transit so you could be putting a dead vaccine in to your dog pay that bit extra in vets but you know it's right then mate
  8. How much for the accupel and the diablo s in 177 please
  9. You know what you're doing mate and what you want out of your birds they are a credit to you sir I have just gone back in to reds can't wait for the breeding season now
  10. I enjoyed it to a good watch
  11. Very nice them mate I went to Stafford last week it's getting smaller and smaller every year I bought some reds again after a 4 year off due to health issues so wait for the breeding season so onwards and up wards I. Got to say you breed some cracking mules mate well done
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