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  1. U home en jul Or u away butt

  2. Your up late in u boy can't sleep or wat 

  3. Who judged the terriers and who judged the lurchers en lads
  4. You crack on worming your dogs trigger And will do mine as of and when I been in the game 30 old years I and a bit old to listern to people when it comes to worming my dogs thank you very much not trying to be funny I know when they need to be wormed
  5. I do mine every 3 month s
  6. Rip Eddie I met the man a few times wat a gentleman he was
  7. How much it be to post to. South Wales Mate the 2.5 kg bags please
  8. How much are we talking for a seal kit en lads
  9. They seem to be going for the cables in the attic is that right if so it because the caseing s of the copper wire are made of caramel mate
  10. I got a air arms s400 for sale plus bottle the bottles only 4 month s old in a 1 condition and comes with a air arms gun slip and 2 tins of air arms pellets and a cracking scoop First 550 takes it and pick up only South Wales cheers lads
  11. Wats the mileage and any pics mate
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