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  1. MrsChamp606

    Sadiq khan's live on LBC

    London mayor - Kahn Home Secretary - javid no wonder the country and mainly London is f*cked up
  2. MrsChamp606

    Fieldsports Britain - Youtube

    Hi, Does anyone watch/subscribe to Fieldsports Britain on YouTube? they are selling some shares to viewers, invade anyone is interested: https://www.fieldsportschannel.tv/shares/
  3. MrsChamp606

    Just opened a mouse restaurant in my garage

    Great pics!
  4. MrsChamp606

    A Massive Shock... Warning

    sorry to hear that sad story mate
  5. MrsChamp606

    A Present From The Wife

    very good! well done to the Mrs
  6. MrsChamp606

    A Tribute To Derrie

    Cheers lads! going to get it properly mounted and framed so it can take pride of place in the house!
  7. MrsChamp606

    A Tribute To Derrie

    Well it's my birthday today and the Wife has had a portrait sketch done and framed of Derrie for me! Brought a tear to my eye but really happy with it! well done Mrs lol.
  8. MrsChamp606

    F All Else To Do

    Looks like strongstuff collar?
  9. MrsChamp606

    A Tribute To Derrie

    Cheers pal. He's doing well, just got back from an afternoon with him, he did well Not done as much with him as I would of liked this winter but he was worth the 11 hour round trip
  10. MrsChamp606

    A Tribute To Derrie

    Brilliant! Just made my mrs cry though lol. Thanks for sharing
  11. MrsChamp606

    A Tribute To Derrie

    Good question... Snoop?
  12. MrsChamp606

    A Tribute To Derrie

    Sound thanks guys!
  13. MrsChamp606

    A Tribute To Derrie

    Ah right ok, thanks v much.
  14. MrsChamp606

    Boots & Fenn

    Remember it well! All the best to mom and pups