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  1. Yeah got it off with a tick tool I have. yes it was a youngster for sure!
  2. Was in the garden yesterday and I spotted this little bird on the floor and I walked up on it and managed to catch it with my hands. couldn’t understand what was up with it, then I turned it around and found a massive tick on its eye! removed it with tick remover tool, bathed it best I could sent it on its way thought be interesting to share poor little sod
  3. Cheers mate. ived put the bully hen back in the flight yesterday… she’s been calling/piping like mad and today there’s a wild bully cock all over the avairy, been back and forth all day, Ived never seen a bully at mine in 10 years so great to see! yeah I love having them And love hearing the linnets and redpolls singing, I’ll have a move about in the avairy inside and out and see what happens
  4. Nightmare so far, lost my bully cock so separated the hen on her own in a breeder. separated the 2 pairs of linnets and got one pair in a flight cage. other pair of linnets and pair of redpolls in the avairy are just not interested, they got multiple nesting sites, loads of material, good food but nowt! don’t know why I bother lol
  5. No sign of any building or anything from my bullies, linnets or redpolls how soon is it to get worried lol
  6. How’s you getting on Abullx?
  7. Hey guys, a mate of mine has picked himself up 2 pairs of Pekin robins, stunning birds! he asked me a questions that I didn’t know an answer to but said I’d ask on here… will the robins be ok in a mixed flight with canaries or need to be kept separate?
  8. Hey boys after being let down on a couple of linnet hens, I’m after 2 linnet hens or 2 canary hens to run in the mixed flight. let me know if you have anything suitable thanks
  9. Brilliant thanks so if there’s plenty of nest sites and cover they should be ok
  10. Ived literally just logged to ask a very similar question! Ived set up natural hedging inside and outside, should I put some nest pans or cages inside? Ived got linnets, redpoll and bullfinch Thanks and sorry if Ived hijacked lol
  11. have you still got the linnet

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