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  1. RIP Fly, never easy mate but you made the right decision to repay her service to you over the years!
  2. busy afternoon in the yard mate
  3. I didn’t have that one for some reason, looks a specimen there snoop!
  4. It’s earlier in this thread mate. jacob has Troy and I have my bitch Darla from the litter.
  5. Yes mate, he was the biggest lump of a pup from the litter. Jacob put some right gear under his nose over the years. they are 10 this year ... time flies
  6. Bitza bitch mate. Derrie she was some dog for me, went back to some merlin and eve lines. litter sister to Snoopdogs Munchie.
  7. Well said mate!! he made you happy as did Munchie and that’s all that matters in the end! their blood lives on and when your ready there will be some top pups available that you had a part to play in. ps : nice to see u posting again !
  8. Wish I got to see Veet before she was safely taken mate! you got a nice pair in Maggie and Bic to keep you busy!! Can’t wait to get out with them next season with Freddy!
  9. Razor x Kim = Rosie X Freddy Kim x Tigger = Torr
  10. And abit further down the line but still razor stuff is my latest recruit Freddy (8 months old)
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