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  1. Haha! I’m not surprised!! Bet not much about in that?
  2. Haha nice one!! Good covering up there!
  3. Rip Murphy Sorry to hear that buddy
  4. Cheers mate, 3/4 saluki 1/4 Grey shaun powell knows way more as he bred him lol
  5. Hey guys, very fortunate with the local land I can mooch, weather was perfect so me and the Mrs went for a 3 hour walk today. Just a few snaps of the day to share and had plenty of sport on the way round! Cream feathered dog is 8 year old and I had him from Shaun Powell on here.. been a good dog over the years and can still turn it on The red one is the Razor bred bitch (litter sister to Jacob’s Troy) I reared myself, she’s steadying up these days at 10 year old , but has been an exceptional bitch for me and done herself proud. and then the lunatic in the bun
  6. Nice to see you back mate!! let’s see how things turn out and if not I’m sure we will find you and your lad a good pup!
  7. Great stuff! I genuinely haven’t seen that many rabbits all year down my way
  8. Freddy = Torr x Rosie Torr = Tigger x Kim Rosie = Razor x Kim
  9. Cheers lad, been a shite year but having the pup around makes you look forward
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