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  1. Got 4 nice Mexican house finches away from the parents in a breeder.
  2. 100% get yourself a mule. get on pre loved and see what’s available locally, prices have gone up abit lately (£50-80) Cage - anything like this will be fine Ferplast Cage for Canaries and Small Exotic Birds GIUSY Rectangular Bird Cage, Complete With Accessories and Revolving Feeders, Sturdy Painted Metal White and Red Plastic Bottom, 39 x 26 x h 37 cm https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00PB5YERE/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_QJ2VSZWZ7C422NXX4RMC
  3. Only 1 chick out of the clutch of 3 from the white/blue hen expecting the other ones to hatch early this week.
  4. A good friend of mine locally bred some and I picked up a couple from a local auction. they are steady little things and not so active in the breeders as the reds and mosaics but the kids love em with the top hats on em lol
  5. Got my 2 pairs of Gloucesters both down on 3 eggs each. fingers crossed! the frosts last week seem to have out my reds off abit.
  6. My father in law has a spare cock but he would rather buy your hen off you lol if you’re interested to sell?
  7. Was alright if you wanted to buy a budgie! I saw less than 50 British birds No where near as good as my previous visits
  8. What could try is that Bangers
  9. Wow I must be more popular than I thought lol pm you black neck sheep chaser your inbox must be full highest bidder takes it
  10. Has anyone ever kept quail in with chickens? very large enclosed coop and run with netting on the top
  11. Hi guys, having a sort out in the shed and found I have more lamps than I need. I have the world famous lightforce striker 170 variable lamp available. send me a pm if anyone interested
  12. Cheers bangers. Yeah that’s a double door and that side I never really open unless I need to get something big in or out of the shed lol. Ived got a pair of satinette red eyes pair of red mosaics 3 pairs of Gloucesters
  13. Hey all, after a few weeks of searching for something suitable and local enough to collect I dropped on these and set them up in my shed ready for this season
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