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  1. MrsChamp606

    Coarsing type

    Must of been bred by a top bloke that dog
  2. MrsChamp606

    Pups out of troy

    Tried to PM you Jacob
  3. MrsChamp606

    Pups out of troy

    Lovely looking pup mate!
  4. MrsChamp606

    New pup. Thanks Jacob evo

    Times flies when you’re having fun mate! PM’d you
  5. MrsChamp606

    Pups out of troy

    I’m still here boys! Been a busy year work wise and studying for my masters has taken up the rest of the time! This litter looks like it’s got the makings of a good en! good luck to all with a pup and keep us updated
  6. MrsChamp606

    New pup. Thanks Jacob evo

    Troy’s dam - Derrie
  7. MrsChamp606

    New pup. Thanks Jacob evo

    Troy as a pup
  8. MrsChamp606

    New pup. Thanks Jacob evo

    Sorry to post on this old one, wow!! It’s like a mini Derrie and Dre! still miss the old girl after having her PTS around a year ago, best all rounder this way for many a year and I know her litter brother Dre was the same! all the best mate and keep us updated with pics
  9. MrsChamp606

    Sadiq khan's live on LBC

    London mayor - Kahn Home Secretary - javid no wonder the country and mainly London is f*cked up
  10. MrsChamp606

    Fieldsports Britain - Youtube

    Hi, Does anyone watch/subscribe to Fieldsports Britain on YouTube? they are selling some shares to viewers, invade anyone is interested: https://www.fieldsportschannel.tv/shares/
  11. MrsChamp606

    Just opened a mouse restaurant in my garage

    Great pics!
  12. MrsChamp606

    A Massive Shock... Warning

    sorry to hear that sad story mate
  13. MrsChamp606

    A Present From The Wife

    very good! well done to the Mrs
  14. MrsChamp606

    A Tribute To Derrie

    Cheers lads! going to get it properly mounted and framed so it can take pride of place in the house!