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  1. Sorry to hear that mate! Never easy! Been a few years but enjoyed our mooch when my old en was a pup back in the day! RIP Bryn
  2. Afraid so mate, was abit of sunshine so I thought I’d hang him out... I have a large open fronted shed and he was hung on the side wall about 6-8 feet inside and 2 hours later it was all over... can’t believe it
  3. Was just starting to string some notes together over the weekend... sparrow hawk strike this morning
  4. What’s that you have on the floor? Sand?
  5. Goldie cock to linnet hen. Ived had it on a linnet CD since it came off away from the hen
  6. A few notes before moulting, it’s still going through moult now so fingers crossed
  7. Sorry it’s later than I said... bad memory lol
  8. We started getting out and about now the weather has turned. so far so good!
  9. Leave it with me I’ll get some pics tomorrow.
  10. The bottom one and 3rd from bottom are stunning mate
  11. Lovely they are mate! im a newbie but the goldies with more white on them are really stunning! What do you call them?
  12. Wow cheers lads! very informative and my father in law and me are very impressed and thankful for the comments and info sharing
  13. Cheers for informative replies guys! Much appreciated. bird was booked into Vets did 17:20 today but unfortunately he found it dead this afternoon. shame
  14. Hi guys, my father in law had a bullfinch cock that’s wheezing/Coughing... any ideas? Or advise?
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