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  1. Hennessys or jameson hard to beat
  2. Put him away and cross too decent bitches take a pup outta each and future proof yourself, use the dog to bring on the pups,
  3. Eddie prime the flask it works a treat see above post
  4. Since when is in the van banned text lol
  5. Do ye know there's a secret to getting that water to stay scalding for long you prime the flask,boil a kettle fill the flask put lid on it,refill your kettle, give it two mins and boil your kettle,just before the kettle boils tip out your flask and refill,I put hot water in mine on a Friday morning 7am,I opened and 10am and 1pm to make tea,the flask was left until Monday morning 7am [BANNED TEXT] I tipped it out and was like warm,absolutely brilliant flask I wouldn't go past the stanely flask
  6. It's what they want, us to argue among ourselves while they unload the boats,the circus keeps us occupied while they do as they please
  7. I would like to add we are all more than likely being watched traced and opinions constantly monitored your best to work in the shadows lads,
  8. Different fractions of ra lad,the sf sellout s lol,don't forget about other movements,started with a split SF AND RSF many years ago,
  9. Take one small lesson from here Eddie B was quick with his opinion, I followed suit,before long we seem to be on the same page,governments are dividing and conquering, after a few words between us we've seemed to be at reason,together united,only way forward lads,like I said no matter what protest there's always undesirables,look at 1916 rising,shops looted,that wasn't part of the rising but shit happens,you can't let a propaganda machine push its agenda and label unrest as pure scum even though there is a scummy element as its everywhere, starting with the boys in suits,1916 there was a war o
  10. Should been hung drawn and quartered
  11. Fair enough Eddie,look my thoughts would be action outside the Dail outside government officials homes,wrecking shops looting that's a no but there's always a certain amount of undesireables in any group be it hunting protesting or rioting
  12. Palestine ira Irish very similar struggle that's the connection there
  13. Sell outs unfortunately its turned into a pension scheme for them
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