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  1. Retire,I'd say you will end your last few minutes with a dog in pursuit of something out in the open
  2. I've had two so far,one outside bedroom window got rid one popped up on kitchen window,well hanging from the soffit
  3. Any handy sized bushing litters planned or on the ground?
  4. We are being made a minority
  5. How would this fair out with the anti brigade with hateful speeches material against say folk who are legally hunting?
  6. Jigsaw cottage in the hills
  7. I think I'll make a purchase lol
  8. There was an issue with the locking button but only if you were skiing,they send me a lovely carrying harness the holds the box on your chest it clips I'm lol,I obv don't need,box is good and accurate I've yellow green one, bergfrunde top corner take look their site,were reasonable when I bought and very good to deal with
  9. I have green and yellow pieps box sport I think it's called they also do a black one,think bergfrunde or something was website,2 year warranty an all I'll check out the web on my emails and post later
  10. Cheers dan,good idea,not to self move from the back door or smash window lol
  11. Are you still in the garden ?
  12. Any tips on self teaching how to use it
  13. It's hardly in a mobile viewing friendly version or something,I seen this before but maybe some of the wiz kids might be able to help sort I'd have no idea
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