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  1. Very nice, how's she working out for you
  2. Any of you hunting full beagles lads?
  3. Had a small Russel about five years old, excellent bitch slipped a disc, cost of sorting was 2500.00 euros, dog would not be able to carry pups out of fear of injuring again, all work was put out of the question,
  4. Hi Lads anyone have any planned litters of collie hounds coming up?
  5. Fingers crossed, handy push them to ground,
  6. Excellent, think I'm gonna go with crossing her with the springer, should be a good cross, both excel on f and springer is marking as well, so it'll be 1st cross springer beagle, I will get a pic up of the bitch soon,
  7. If the pups were anything like her be worth as a rabbit dog any you lads have same cross doing f
  8. Thanks lads, much appreciated, she'd rabbit all day and I use to ferret with her, got out of ferrets so lamping and the odd f in the day, too clarify though she never grabbed a f just coursed and would pressure em to a burrow or go a couple fields and come off, prob have left it a bit late with her she's 9 this summer
  9. So my collie hound is pushing on prob best rabbit dog I've had, her sire was collie hound and her dam was a track hound, as a cross for her what would you lads use,
  10. Definitely will, the way lockdown is this might not happen till 2021 but is def a runner I think,
  11. I've been told that the springer x wouldn't travel as far, beagle go on forever, there is a possible stud if I can track him down, full beagle marking also and is only handy size, just can't make up my mind that's why posted get more opinions, at min I've two beagles and a beagle harrier cross that threw to the beagle, I keep few terriers also
  12. Martinhalli they are crackers what way they bred
  13. Have a couple beagles, have a very good bitch good finder and plenty tongue, was thinking of cross with a barking springer, springer in mind no problems hunting cover barking and marks too ground, what I'm looking to know is anyone got them what they like for holding a line recall ect.
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