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  1. jok

    Shit myself

    Some trip fella. Jok.
  2. Well son it's made me think. I get a lot of trout and why not turn it into fertiliser. Terry D, what's your thoughts? Jok.
  3. I think that is probably the loveliest knife I have seen. Nicholas, you have a real talent which has been obvious for a long time and seeing the walnut just puts it all , for me, together. Fantastic. Jok.
  4. VFR400boy. Just had a look at your pics re flesh and bone. Decided that having quite a lot of fish guts might be good for fertiliser. Never really thought about it before. When do hens die?? Lol. I have a few and never thought of them in that light. Sorry, I'm just thinking daft thoughts, and it's only 5.30pm. Jok.
  5. jok


    Well you guys, that was a bust. Never had to do anything like it, ever. Was having trouble in that the last three outings I had not even a pull, so, listening to the members, I have done something never done by me before. Fast sinking line. Now not only was that a newbie but watching my line coming back at me nearly vertical certainly was. I worked out that I had 127 feet of line and leader which I was leaving for 90 seconds on the watch before a really steady retrieve. The things nailed the fly and within 20 mins had my bag limit. Thing is that pulling them from so far down made me think about Nessie. These guys fought like mad and at only 2/3 lbs gave a good account of themselves. Our fishery is an old brick pit, fairly large surface area at about 3 acres plus, and we stock 5 times annually from 1.1/2 to 10 lbs mostly rainbows but quite a few blues and Browns. The last few weeks, with the heat have been quite a challenge. Next time I'll get some pics. Jok.
  6. jok

    Long haul holidays

    Just been reading this's and it is in the forefront of my thoughts as the lovely one asked where we are going this year. Short list are, The Maldives, Mauritius, Tasmania and Rio De janeiro. I reckon I'd enjoy one of them don't you. Jok.
  7. jok

    Card or cash ?

    My brother (RIP) and I took the family out for a birthday dinner and slid 2 X £100 notes on the plate. That took the shine out of their eyes. Didn't like it, didn't want it and initially would n't accept it. But hey ho the Queens shilling can't be refused so we stuck by our guns as you would. Funny as fck though. Jok.
  8. Just dug my first new potatoes, first broad beans and guess what I'm having with them? Gammon of course. Mmmmm. Jok.
  9. Now then guys and girls. Sweet corn.?? I've set quite a few and noticed that many have thrown additional suckers which I'm assuming will not give corns. Do I cut them off, promoting more growth to the main stem (as in tomatoes) or leave them alone? Now to be fair, I have researched this but would like a hands on opinion. Everything else in the allotment is going really well and shall let you all see the results before too long. Jok.
  10. jok

    Pic overload

    Nice one John. W here's the dogs?. By the way, haven't heard from Flacko in a while. Jok.
  11. jok

    Who can name this estuary plant

    Seaweed. Haha. Jok.
  12. Tell you what. This years comfrey smells as bad as anything you can find in a sewer lol. Jok.
  13. jok

    Sgian Dubh

    Griff, or anyone else for that matter. Bit of a question for a pal. Of mine. He has come into possession of a Swiss Army knife called, I believe, Swiss Super Champ Super Timer with Victrionox steel. Now, having done the usual interenet searches etc, he wonders if I can get a value for him. It's in good nick . Anyone shed any light please. Jok.
  14. Would be nice for someone on here to give us a heads up. Apparently they throw tubers in the ground like normal spuds but then they run , what we call sookers in Scotland, which can be trimmed off, potted on and he ho, next years plants. The problem is that they do not tolerate the cold. Point I'm making here is how do we keep them going ready for next year. Good to hear from Terry D again. Jok.
  15. jok

    Butcher block.

    Hi guys. Somehow I know you know I've been a bit quiet. My best friend, brother Ian died suddenly of some so of heart problem. As regards this thread, I have been tasked with sorting out his belongings which is a major headache. Ian lived near Melrose in the Scottish Borders and was a well known plasterer, rough caster, tiler, just the kind of guy you'd want to know. I started on all his building belongings and soon realised that things were bigger then I thought. 3 Lorry loads of scaffolding, three skips so scrap metal, three skips of general throw away and still not sorted out vehicles and personal registrations. When I read the comments, particularly from Griff, I realise the value of 'stuff' that we collect and wonder where and when they might come in handy! I've a Landrover, Defender, a beautiful multi purpose mini digger, oh the list is endless and I'm getting maudlin. Good night guys. Crying again. Jok.