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  1. jok


    I’m sitting here for the last two hours watching the most amazing sky and at last the little bugger has appeared. He/she is flitting about like a banshee. The sky is amazing so will put one up.
  2. jok


    That’s the one then I reckon. Jok.
  3. jok


    Nice one pal. Long time no speak. I actually am really looking forward to going out tonight to, hopefully, capture the little buggers on camera. The thought of a bat in the house is, as the lovely one says, unthinkable. Jok.
  4. I’m with Terry’d on this one. Since 1984 I have had a succession of labradors and springer spaniels. Versatile doesn’t even begin to tell the story. Both breeds have done absolutely everything for me. I can’t comment on the pointers as have never gone down that road. I can honestly say that all my dogs had the ability to point whether it was live, wounded or dead. Jok.
  5. jok


    Aye up Wayne. Nice to get a post from you. About time you popped round for a beer. On the subject of bats, Linda and I hadn’t seen any for quite a while but lazing out in the hot tub we saw these and a whole bunch of bees going into an air brick. We have put a couple of bee boxes on the fence and they are very busy. Will be out again tonight with the camera and see what we can capture. Jok.
  6. I reckon someone’s pulling your chain. No way anyone can tell where the wall ties are so replacement would be next to impossible. From memory, when building my garage, ties were put in every 3 courses and about 6ft apart. Think the problem is elsewhere imo. Jok
  7. jok


    These are little fellas about the size of a sparrow. Trying to get a pic is going to be tricky. Might follow Greyman with the trail cam idea.what breed might this be.? Jok.
  8. jok


    Ken. You never seem to amaze me. I have no idea what you are on about .Jok.
  9. jok


    Incidentally the sky was beautiful.
  10. jok


    Well guys. I know this not a normal topic. However. The lovely one just said come and have a look at this. There are bats flying about outside our conservatory. Sure enough there they were. Guessing 3 at most but super active. Took the pad out to try them on camera but not good enough. Will try again now that they are here. Jok.
  11. Now then now then. You ain’t shooting in an enclosed allotment. That is taboo. No council in the land will allow it as your local residents would go ballistic. They are the folks that need appeasing as one word from any of your local parish council could possibly close the whole site. Be Aware. Not only that, with the need for housing local councils, given a chance, will close them down. On our allotments we resorted to flying hawks and silhouettes of cats and foxes. They work 24/7. Other than that no idea. Jok.
  12. Socks. Could you pm me please. Jok.
  13. jok


    Very talked about subject. Yes, without doubt tomatoes can be over watered. Personally, I opt for very light watering using a lemonade bottle with the bottom cut off and 2 very small holes drilled in the neck. These go between the plants , in a grow bag, and are refilled as required. As regards the plants. I have been of the opinion that outside growth other than the main stem, should be removed. All that should be left are the first 4 trusses unless you are growing for chutney where green fruit is essential. Also, all lower leaves below the first truss can be removed as they give no nutrition
  14. You’ll see what I mean now pal. On the left side picture all those flowers are male. Unless you have female to go with them they are a waste of space. I think I see some flowers on the French beans so good luck with them. I can honestly say I’ve never grown anything in pots as have always had such a huge garden and greenhouse etc, so can’t really comment. For the future though, reading all the splurge, potatoes in bags, hanging tomatoe baskets and patio pots of chilliest and peppers might be the way to go. Obviously the smaller veg will also be good in pots, lettuce, beetroot, spring onio, rad
  15. As I’m sure Arry is about to tell you, courgettes have male and female flowers. Clearly the female produces the courgette. In my allotment I allow roughly 5/6 feet between plants as they do go biserk. Try to harvest when about 6/8” long. After that they grow to marrow size very quickly. (Very good in chutneys). Your beans are a mix of French and runner both of which react differently to where they are planted. Runners need to climb but French are quite happy at ground level. Tomatoes are what they are. Some say take away all the lower leaves as they have no potential, only allow 4 trusses as t
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