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  1. See what you mean pal. Yes if open fronted to runs then pretty good style kennels. I will say that 2 of my good friends run kennels, (boarding) and to be honest the biggest thing is ventilation, not only from dog smells , but also from cleaning agents. Jok.
  2. wK You daft bowk. Leave the doors open??? The question was a kennel. Jok.
  3. By all accounts the major problem is condensation. Unless you can vent the thing properly it's a big problem. Just to qualify, I know a lot of builders who have lost loads of equipment to rust, as already mentioned. JMO. Jok.
  4. I'm looking good too ffs.
  5. Eh Ratmanwan 3 Jok here. Moira. What's best price I can get on these black cat rat traps. Still using your two fens. Think I need more defence, Jok.
  6. Bought the lederhosen but didn't find one of those little beauties in them ffs. And the cost !!!! Ah well. Nice work. Jok.
  7. Dido 1. No mate stopped shooting a bit ago. As I say in my missive anyone who can get to the foreshore without trespass can wildfowl. In general the locals were very good, didn't interfere and were there to give advice. Being such a small community everyone knows everyone in else in the shooting world , who's there and what they are doing. Jok.
  8. Obviously this can be adapted. 300 gms each of minced pork and beef. 450 gms sausage meat. 1 table spoon sunflower oil. 1 onion. 1 carrot. 2 garlic cloves. 2 tsp chilli powder. 1 tsp dried thyme. 7 tbsp tomatoe ketchup. 2 tblbs worcs sauce. 75 gms breadcrumbs. Bunch rough parsley. An egg. Some sea salt.2 tbsp brown sugar and some black pepper. For the gravy. 1 tbsp flour, 1 tsp tomato ketchup and about 400 ml stock. fry onion, (grated carrot) and garlic in the oil, stirring in the chilli and thyme, cooking for about 2 minutes. Leave this in a bowl to cool and add all other ingredients mixing well. Place in baking trays and smother in the gravy. In the oven for about 45 mins at 175 and should be glorious. can be eaten hot or cold. Enjoy my friend. Jok.
  9. Yes my friend I've posted before with the recipe. However, I'll give it again soon as the granddaughter has just challenged me to a game of cribbage. Can't let the little lady down. Jok.
  10. Well thank you for asking. I enjoy making all things country and to be fair all my mates get the benefit. Generally speaking all pies are fully cooked, left to cool and then distributed. However, some don't go and therefore go the freezer. When we are ready to eat they are taken out, defrosted, covered in foil and entered into a preheated oven, 180 , reheated for 30 mins then opened up for 5 mins to crisp up. Results are fairly consistent with not too many complaints. As regards my meatloaf and other goodies, they never see a freezer cause the lads are gagging. I've started again this Autumn with the above and different types of faggos which are proving very popular. Best of all are chilli and beetroot and Stilton. They also freeze well. Good hunting and good cooking, Jok.
  11. Sorry. Just as an aside. The subject is Wildfowling. This conjures up the idea of wild things which literally means they are under no control , so, can't really be subject to being in a 'protected' area if you see what I mean. Jok.
  12. Strange question. As I recall,, if you can have access to the foreshore, double meaning, then you can shoot wildfowl. By Royal decree , access was granted to anyone getting there by lawful means. For example, without trespass, you could walk down a burn or indeed transport yourself in a boat which does not break any laws. ( my opinion). What may be an issue is the collection of shot fowl which possibly ended up on someone's grazing. When we go fowling at Newton Stewart and surrounding areas this seems to be the case with access across narrow wooden passageways over burns but never on some farmers land. The only other thing is of course is that local wildfowling clubs already have made arrangements with either local councils or land owners which means that you ain't getting on there. Use your Google to some advantage and find out the local facts. These wildfowling clubs are generally very good to deal with so wish you well. Jok.
  13. One or two of my efforts. Hope you like. Jok.
  14. Greyman. Get on it pal. Jok.
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