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  1. Good on you Foxhunter. If you can’t use your hand then you haven’t lived. I’m a sick barstuard trying it as I’m writing this and the dos g’s going daft. Happy days having said that, the squeaky toy does work. Jok.
  2. Right all you lot. All I can ask is can anyone help with a book about Barney Corley? By all accounts some will be quaking in their boots by such a request but I have a very good (old) friend who would love to read this account of his life. Don’t know the author or any other details but would appreciate any help or indeed a copy of the book. Thank you. Jok.
  3. Them black cats are a bit good. Jok.
  4. Can’t really believe this post. 6 month old pup acting up ffs. I always remember a quote, ‘when a dog is on the lead, they can do what they want, but when a dog is off the lead they do what you want. Seems to me you are a young fella who could do with a bit of training yourself. OMO by the way. Breeding is something you haven’t mentioned. I’m again of the opinion, some breeds(cross breeds) that without doubt some are more hyper than others. I have ran a few and without doubt there have been rowdy buggers. They will run it out of the system given the right amount of work. Good luck. Jok.
  5. I’m sure there are a lot of guys on here thinking the same as us. What a masterpiece. All credit to you Nicholas and for sharing the pics. Wish you was my neighbour ffs. Jok.
  6. What a lovely piece. To link the black with bronze and then Damascus is amazing. I am having a beast delivered next week and wish I could be using this but what a shame it would be to defoil such a masterpiece. Reds. Jok.
  7. What a lovely piece. To link the black with bronze and then Damascus is amazing. I am having a beast delivered next week and wish I could be using this but what a shame it would be to defoil such a masterpiece. Reds. Jok.
  8. Walshie. Them puff balls when I first had them, were cooked by our local landlord, first in oil and then with a helping of Scottish malt. He had cut them like slabs of beef and, frankly, were fantastic. Hope you enjoy. And by the way, sorry for my lack of communication over the last couple of years. I’m missing quite a few of our contacts. Jok.
  9. Lewis. Somewhere on here there are some great footage of ferrets working underground but with camera attached. The lad is in the Scottish Borders and he has posted incredible footage which will definitely give you inspiration. If you can’t find it, have a word with Admin and I’m sure they’ll help. Happy hunting pal. Jok.
  10. Lewis. Ask the old timers about 2 holers. One in, one out. Your young ferrets will encounter something that can’t go anywhere but to your net. If they don’t you just move on. The beauty is that they are learning, as in junior school, little ata time. When we encounter 10 or more holes it is not unusual to enter 3 well skilled ferrets. Also, when you enter a young ferret, I assume. With a locator collar on, do you scan to find out what they are doing? Often you will find them either lying still or scratching away like demons on the side of the burrow. I’m not sure about the feeding aspect to ge
  11. We lived, in them days, on Park Farm, near Earlston in the Scottish Borders. Walking to school, I remember seeing my first, which was to be, a mixied rabbit. That would have had to be about 1963. Bearing in mind my old man and his mate would get rabbit regularly for the table this came as a bit of a shock. We didn’t actually know what was wrong with the poor thing but the swollen eyes and involuntary movement didn’t bode well. It was many years later when I returned to the UK that I took up the sport again. Still haunts me when I see a rabbit in this distress. Jok.
  12. Just sorted some cherry vodka pal. Can have it in coffee. Jok.
  13. Still owe me a coffee Flacko. Jok.
  14. Just out of curiosity, how old are you pal. What the heck does a centimetre of blade offer you.? Why chase a belt pouch when you already have what essentially is all you need .? Watching and reading most of your posts my opinion is that you are just searching for something else to moan about. Have a good weekend. Jok.
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