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  1. About time we rekindled this topic. It's all gone quiet when really there is a he'll of a lot going on. Jok.
  2. jok

    Best bait for eels

    Bleak. If you can find them. Probably as rare as an eel. Jok.
  3. jok

    Poison blocks?

    How much are you actually after pal? Jok.
  4. jok


    Greyman . Small world. Friend of mine does a bit ar Fisherwick. Also done a bit there myself. Jok.
  5. Getting close now pal lol.

  6. jok


    2 X Fox Inn pubs around Tamworth pal. One at Hopwas near the woods that back onto Whittington Barracks and the other in the village of Warton, which, sadly is now closed. I'm guessing the former. If you feel it might be worth a whirl, I can highly recommend Coton and Hopwas Club for a bit of good banter and damned good beer. Jok.
  7. jok


    Strange but true. We have a little village , near Tamworth, called Dordon. No 1 fact the local pub was called the Cuckoos Rest and No 2 fact the locals are dubbed cuckoos. Now I'm not suggesting that things went on in another's nest but hey ho eh. Lol. Jok.
  8. jok


    Sorry Greyman it just read right when I thought it. Jok.
  9. jok

    A small Nicker knife

    Blooming heck. I bought some of them fancy leather britches when last over and never found one of them things. Lol. Perhaps you'd be kind enough to send it to me ASAP. Jok.
  10. jok


    I think your on something. Calling a cuckoo lol. They are possibly one of the most solitary birds you could possibly find. I reckon you have collared doves flying round you at 20ft ffs. Get some pictures if they are that close. Next to Greyman it takes some believing. Jok.
  11. Seen a lot more wild chicks in Nottingham than that Ben lol. Remember when the ration was six to one. Happy days. Jok.
  12. These white tailed bumble bee pack a punch when they get you. Hadn't seen them till this year. Jok.
  13. jok


    W. Katchum will let us know. Jok.
  14. jok


    How exactly can a "guest" get onto or into the forum. Is it just a question of you read what you want but not post anything? Just wondering. Jok.
  15. jok

    mxy up and down the country

    I may stand corrected but is it unlawful to move rabbits around? Got a sneaking suspicion that it is a landowners responsibility to control numbers. Jok.