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  1. jok

    What you listening to at the moment.

    Just about an hour or so gone back to the beginning of this thread. What an eye opener. Brilliant. Headphones securely on and can't hear her indoors . Marvellous. Jok.
  2. Please tell me you did not extinguish life as we know it. That poor little helpless creature which would do you no harm. The produce of years of cultivation to produce Ermine. You heartless person you. The world's gone crazy. Jok.
  3. You are so far in front of us guys. It's hard to believe really. My runners have just started flowering and tomatoes are about as big as your thumb nail. However, even I know that patience is a virtue. We'll catch up. Jok.
  4. jok

    we got Man Spiders here in Ireland

    I've to assume everyone has missed the obvious ffs. Jok.
  5. jok

    Tree felling

    It looks to me that the two trees are lying in a fork of the adjacent tree. If you release the base of each, would they be able to topple forward ? That being the case you could dismember from the top rather than the bottom. Jok.
  6. jok

    Herb chopper

    In the fckg bath ffs. ?? Jok.
  7. Got a couple of pics of my mates enclosure. Nothing could get in here,,,, except that damned pigeon ffs.
  8. Anything that's free works well. Jok.
  9. Micky. You nailed it. I remember when on the side of a plantation near Pitlochry, we went out and placed a string of snares attached to the bottom wire of the fencing. This was done in the afternoon. In the early hours we went , quietly to within the trees and lifted the top wire as far as we could and let it go. Sounded like a rifle going off and the results were as you'd expect. Can't remember the numbers but it was a lot. Jok.
  10. It's making me smile. Just been having a libation with Tony Glover who holds the Guiness Book of Records record onion. I asked him about this block idea and to be fair he smiled as well. We like to grow onions that top the 10/12 lb mark and obviously bigger and indeed smaller. The idea would do us no good whatsoever but if it produces a sizeable multiple cooking onion then we agree it's a good idea. Going to give it a go nonetheless. Would this still work putting multiple sets together I wonder? Harping back to this Alium Leaf Miner thing, the powers that be are recommending planting in late May which appparantley beats the blighter but how will this effect the planting of blocks as regards time to mature? I'm not going to put up pics of my decimation as it's horrible. I should, however put a pic up of my next door allotment members attempt at reducing risk. (I will soon). He has completely enclosed the plot in framework and scaffold netting but, try as I could not to laugh, there he was, running about, inside, with a cane in his hand trying to clobber a pigeon. Jok.
  11. Never heard of either but will give the onions a go next year. Jok.
  12. Eh up Ratmanwan. How the devil are you? Still using the rat traps you lent me. My mate is having a whale of a time with white tailed bees. Them little feckers hurt ffs. Good luck in the season. Jok.
  13. 65 years of age. Gardened since about the age of 11 and never heard of block onions. I've asked all the local lads and they agree. All we can surmise is that you set 3/4 plants together to create a block but surely this condenses the size. Why would you do this.? I've just had a response from Agrigem regarding the Alium leaf miner problem and the result is that there is no solution. I took the problem to heart and no longer have an onion bed. They also suggest that if I have the same problem in my leeks then do the same. However, having only put them in I've decided to let things progress. Same problem as Deker with pigeons. They are a real menace at the moment. For the first time ever, having set a couple of rows of mixed leaf salad the beggars have done the lot. Normally they just attack my brassicas but obviously they have a new diet. Thought I'd pick my Strawbs for Sunday dinner only to find that the slugs/snails thought the same. Bummer. Not only that, my broad beans are not a happy family. They look really awful and not because of black fly. What the heck is cabbage root fly? We seem to be diagnosing new problems on a daily basis ffs. At the moment, if I'm being totally honest, an allotment is a liability. Everything seems to be against us and the loss of chemical help is not really helping. We'll end up growing radish, herbs and whatever a greenhouse can sustain. Jok.
  14. Started by John Galway 2013. Did he think the post would last this long I wonder? Is JG still with us. Jok.