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  1. Not only is that a masterpiece but it’s also a good time to hear from another master, gruff also. Nice to see you still around pal. Jok.
  2. Come on Mr Wilkes. You know more than most. Do you agree? Jok.
  3. Ger2020. Yew and holly. Both hard as hell. Nice. Jok.
  4. Ger2020. Yew and holly. Both hard as hell. Nice. Jok.
  5. Strange. I have only recently managed to get back on the forum. Don’t know why and actually not that bothered. However, I agree with one or two comments. Where are the boys, who over my time on here, dissapeared to ? The most important thing for me was, and is, watching for the well known members who had a good thing to say about their individual likes. I know some of the current members by dealing with them in the past. Terry d, Flacko, Sir Blessed, he’ll the list could go on and on and get boring. But, as the intro asked, where are they all.? Jok.
  6. New idea Socks? Upside down parasol??jok.
  7. Stunning. We hear them and the greens in a nearby wood but seldom see them. I think it’s grand to see peckers in flight with that lovely wavy motion. Jok.
  8. jok


    I’m seeing 15. Maybe shouldn’t have had that last pint ffs. Jok.
  9. jok

    Live Bands

    For what it’s worth. I’m in the event business and have just had the heads up that Glastonbury will not be going ahead. (No real surprise there). This pretty much means that all music events have no 2021 future. I’ m guessing most of you know that anyway but, as I said, have only just been told. Jok.
  10. Joe. Pm me mate. Might have something for you. Jok.
  11. jok

    Snooker !

    By the way. Where about was your Saudi compound in Riyadh.
  12. jok

    Snooker !

    How absolutely lovely. To be fair, my time there was a bit haphazard because of being moved from Riyadh, Jeddah, Al Khobar and many other places. We also took in Kuwait City, Al Dubai, Al Ain, Fuguieria and all the rest. A spell in Oman was interesting. I’m saying too much already but suffice to say, got the tee shirt. Jok.
  13. jok

    Snooker !

    Interesting that. Did my bit in Saudia Arabia and indeed most of the Middle East. Spent a lot of time with the guys in Rhiyadh. Even set up my own little bar ffs. Jok.
  14. jok

    Snooker !

    Chartpolski. See what you’ve started my friend,. History and all the things that went on when men played in every local working men’s club in the land. They never made the grade but thoroughly enjoyed their snooker, billiards, dominoes, darts, cribbage, bar billiards, shove hapenny, a little bit of cards and a good banter. These things, sadly, have gone to pass. Sit down ther in the loveliest of NZ and (hopefully) watch a Jock win the masters. Jok.
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