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  1. jok

    Best value fly line

    Have a look at Fishtec. They have everything, at the right money, next day service and brilliant after service. Highly thought of. Jok.
  2. jok

    What lawn mower

    Just out of curiosity I had a squint at EBay. Without any shadow of a doubt, Honda is the Best Buy around. You can look all you want at Cobra, Huskies and mount field to name but a few. Honda leads the field. I notice quite a few new names but am guessing they are of China origin . Not really tested. Get something about 16 inch with, if you can afford it. A back roller to get that lovely finish lol. Jok.
  3. jok

    Atherston ball game

    I've just been having a pint with one of the contenders. He is battered and bruised and admits he took a few good shots. In the early part of the clip he can be seen holding the ball whilst half in the road and half on the pavement. One of his comments was that although it was in broad daylight, when he had the ball and with his eyes open, it was completely dark from the number of bodies on top of him. I mentioned the female in one of the skirmishes and he just laughed and said that she and quite a few more also got some good hits in. That cabling above the shop door is live so a bit of risk there. Appparantley there were people on the roofs as well and bits were raining down. I asked him who pays for the carnage? No clue and no interest. Mental. Jok.
  4. jok

    Atherston ball game

    With you there Paulius. I've done quite a number of marquees in the town and for various events and without a doubt the female gender are the ones to avoid. Mean as hell with voices to match. All ends well normally. Jok.
  5. jok

    Knocker Box Repairs.

    John. JimChick. RIP
  6. jok

    Atherston ball game

    This is, without doubt, the roughest, toughest ball game you can get involved in. Atherstone just shut their doors and when the ball goes all hell breaks loose. No quarter given and how serious injury doesn't happen is a complete mystery. It's fairly common for the same families to 'win' the ball and as you might imagine, they are hardy kind of characters. Jok.
  7. jok

    Holly walking stick

    Oil mate. Doing quite a bit of wood turning you find some very good oils available. I started the same way as yourself spotting a decent stick in the hedgerow and putting it away for later. Blackthorn is one of the most rewarding with holly and ash a close second ( in my opinion). Strangely, wild rose is good as well. I get off on doing the top end of the sticks. Nobody really notices the shank. As regards the ferrules, a must. A good stick needs that finishing touch. Jok.
  8. jok

    Holly walking stick

    Rob. I have made quite a few sticks and actually a number of holly. If I'm being honest I cut the holly, put it in the workshop and completely forgot about it for a number of years. The bark comes off fairly easily leaving an unforgettable white stem which is as hard as nails. I think if being honest, time is the main thing. As you doubt are aware, green timber is a Nono. Just as an aside. Ash which grows on the sides of road banks is an amazing way of getting a natural handle. If you look at how the root goes in to the bank at virtually 90 degrees you'll see that it creates a natural handle.
  9. jok

    Old fly fishing rod,any ideas

    Oh dear. Now you've got the boys hopes up. Naughty naughty. I'm willing to bet that if he checked in the same skip he'd have found a dinosaur skeleton or something of real value. LOL.
  10. jok

    Old fly fishing rod,any ideas

    Split cane rod. Chucked mine about 1965. Was a Hardy's. From Alnick in Northumberland. Should have a badge near the front of the cork if same. Reel just a centre spool, nowt special but should polish up nice. Not a bad find really but not collect able and not of any value, in my opinion. Jok.
  11. Flipping heck mlk those dogs really look the business. I particularly like the black lab. What a specimen. Actually the springer looks pretty good as well. Good luck with your endeavours and look forward to your write ups. Last up on Montose Basin in 1987. Jok.
  12. Eh up Terry. Hope you've had a good winter. Back to reality now though. I've bought all my seed potatoes including 2 new varieties, to me at least, Jazza and Casablanca. Also found a local source for large onions of which I've ordered a score. The onion sets and garlic that I put in, in November are looking healthy. Also Spring cabbage starting to heart up a little. I think, because of health issues, this year is going to be tough so I'll be downsizing next year. I wish you and all our fellow contributors a successful growing season. Jok.
  13. jok

    Knockerbox v mrk3 m

    Budgie 123. I agree if you are only using one knocker box. However, using 3 boxes , one at each end of the bury, all you have to do is work the 3rd box in the middle. Simples. One or two hiccups on the side of busy roadways but other than that fairly foolproof. Jok.
  14. jok

    Under the feeders

    Grey an will sort this out. Jok.
  15. jok

    Knockerbox v mrk3 m

    Seeing as how the knocker box ceased being produced some years ago to be surpassed by the dreadful orange thing with the huge collars it seems that you have little choice in the matter. Also, there are not many technicians coming forward who are prepared to carry out repairs on the lovely grey box. Actually, I imagine there are 1000's of these MK 1's in existence, in drawers, in sheds in old rabbiting coats etc. All you have to do is find one. Ah, if only the lovely gentleman, Jim Chick, was still with us then we would have a definitive answer for you. One other thing springs to mind!!! Have you any rabbits to go at next season as there are many areas where a rabbit stew is a thing of the past. Jok.