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  1. Same here in the Midlands. Jok.
  2. jok


    Eh up Bird. Saw your post and contacted a pal from the military. He recently had some footwear from a company in Leicester which may be called Polimil or very similar. They appparantley have a web site. Might be worth a look pal. Jok.
  3. A little dogs head I put together for a mate.
  4. Gooner. Thanks pal. Just read the link and all's good. Now the hard part. Trying to keep all the others away from my beer hoard ffs. They're like fckg vultures. My mate even brought a bench down which is no way 2 m square, the clown. Anyway, I'm glad we can continue. Got 8 rows of earlies in today, 3 X Jazzi, 3 X Foremost and 2 X Casablanca so all's good. Would like to hear from Terry D on here. ATB. Jok.
  5. Now then you lot. Having predicted this last Friday now it has come to pass. Am I allowed to get in my car and drive , via my newsagents to pick up the daily, onward bound to my daily exercise on the allotment, returning tired and weary, not been in contact with anyone inside 2 metres without getting plod gripping my arm? Jok.
  6. Well Wideboy. Traditionally we , in the Midlands daren't risk potatoes till 3rd week in March never mind planting other crops. I'm impressed you are planted up but with you lot on lockdown it's going to be a problem, assuming you have an allotment. I'm dreading tomorrow's news TBF. I wish you well . Jok.
  7. Well guys. Don't want to piss on your chips but I reckon we have a serious problem. If I'm reading it correctly, we will be housebound within 24 hours. Now my allotment is about 7 miles away and at the moment all I have in are 3 rows of first earlies. Like most of you I am 2 weeks before planting the normal crops. If you've read the news, Lincoln farmers, using 98% imported labour, who are no longer getting supplemented wages, are in the shite. Now then, we can't get to plant and they can't crop so essentially the cost of eating will clearly go through the roof. If I was you, which I am, rows of potatoes , no matter the risk of frost are going in during the next couple of days. Forget all your winter crops as they just ain't going to happen. IMO. If you have a house garden then all good but best get on with it. ATB. Jok.
  8. The Italian Job. Sometime in the 70's. Not exactly a buff am I ffs. Jok.
  9. jok

    A super virus

    The Great Plague springs to mind. Jok.
  10. Well son. Once again you absolutely have nailed it. I'm sure Griff, Rio. Socks and many more are quite in awe of the finished product. Also, your way of showing the product is, to me, second to none. I applaud you. Jok.
  11. jok


    Get over to Ashby and let's try them out pal. Jok.
  12. jok

    Six nations 2020

    Yes. Got to agree with you. What a horrible game . Not blaming the weather because both sides had the same problems. I'm just thinking, on that performance, how can so many good players make such a hash? If you know the conditions are against you then surely you adapt. I know we did. Jok.
  13. Well, if I could hazard a guess, go for cleaning air filters. Time after time they caused me problems. JMO . Jok.
  14. jok

    Six nations 2020

    Come on the Tartan Army. Let's see a bit of a game. Jok.
  15. jok

    Garage heater...

    I've a greenhouse heater languishing, unused and unloved, in the garage. It's paraffin. Certainly kicks out a glow. Jok.
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