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  1. Can't get my head round this. Wales.?? What an arsewipe of a place. Imagine , in later years, when you have to explain to the kids that you actually took them there. Get your head round the fact that the Empire is bigger than that place and get yourself over the border into a proper place. SCOTLAND. the Borders have a lot to fifer but, unfortunately, no sandy beaches. Everything else in spades. JMO. Jok.
  2. Read this and smiled. Who the heck wears size 7 boots? Jok.
  3. Nice to see you on here Terry. Long time. I'm still churning out the goodies. Gave up my allotment today in favour of somethings closer to home. But still at it. As aforementioned, pheasants being delivered to my door so new pie recipes about to be released. I'm thinking pheasant done in a cranberry sauce with onion and wild mushrooms. Jok.
  4. There's only one Billy. Jok.
  5. Ch. Now then. Them pheasants have become game and Silton pies with onion and woodland mushrooms. These guys are what the locals really enjoy as I try to inovate as much as possible. There's no point in putting pics up as a pie is a pie but try to imagine the aromas. Good cooking. Jok.
  6. Budgie 123. Or anyone really. The grey box is part of my history. The knowledge that you can literally locate to within an inch is paramount. Been on Skipton moors among the rocks and had to adapt . Lowering the box on a line between crevices to locate the ferret and ultimately get a rabbit was fantastic. Only the sound of the bleeper gave me a clue. Lying in a sow drift with my ferret somewhere below me, possibly laid up, grey box to my ear exactly locating where she was unforgettable. Working on a sandpit rail line using the grey box, found my girl at 8 ft which was as you might imagine a challenge. Spent quite a while digging only to find she had got rid of the collar and was quite safe lying about 18inches below me with a rabbit. The collar was relocated to her neck and off we go again. Railway bank. Little girl off like a waif. Gone gone gone. My friend and I searched for ages with the grey boxes to no avail. Panic set in. Looking up the railway line, there was the little bugger running after a rabbit. Even the grey box couldn't help with this one. All in all that little box, or quite a few of them have attributed to many hundreds of rabbits for which I'm truly grateful. Jok.
  7. To CH. yes mate, I agree with slow cooking and I do a hell of a lot of it producing 40/50 different game pies every week. When I watched the clip there certainly wasn't a slow cooker in evidence , therefore, tough as shoe leather squirrel. I remember some years back when I hosted a shoot dinner and my wife and I decided to try squirrel as an option. Whilst it wasn't dish of the day, our guests were good enough not to say or mention their like/dislike. However, almost everything else got the fork and knife treatment. The dogs had the rest. I agree however that we must try our best with anything we shoot and applaud anyone who has a go. Just had 15 brace of pheasant delivered so looks like I'll be busy in the morning. Jok.
  8. Been there. Watched the vid and still come to the same conclusion. WHY. Tough as old boots and really not that tasty. I know you seasoned and honeyed and all the rest but to be fair, why bother? Jok.
  9. Yep. Us Jocks do like a Hogmany when you can wish good cheer to folks....so...hope you all have a good one. From me and the whole family..happy and prosperous New Year. Jok.
  10. You might as well ask your dentist cause they probably know more than your GP. Jok.
  11. If it's any help, gaffer tape on the windscreen is a sure fire deterrent. Little message written on it helps also. Like you fkcing wnk at parking. Jok.
  12. Round our area everyone seems to be going down the Alpacho route with accompanying tea shops etc. And, to be fair, they seem to be doing very well. Jok.
  13. Strange but true. Had a conversation with a kennel lad today and he asked if I knew anyone who bred Airdales. The answer was no. Are they an endangered species?jok.
  14. See if you can get Culloden. Hairs stand up a bit. Jok.
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