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  1. Well guys. Is there any point in looking in on this forum.? I have been on here daily, morning and evening for quite a few years. I have met some lovely people, done some nice deals, listened to the banter and generally enjoyed the experience. Lately I’ve been barraged with the most stupid posts, advertisements and generally nothing to do with hunting, shooting or actually anything to do with the way of the country. Can I be the only person feeling this way.? Jok.
  2. jok

    Appleby Fair

    Have you all seen the mess and carnage left behind ? What a disgrace. Jok.
  3. Can you actually read this shite. Does Rabbitlincs have ANY idea about what happens underground? Watch a few videos son and learn something. Over and above that, any hemp or nylon with a 2” mesh will stop a rabbit. Why don’t you let someone in the know, with ferrets, teach you the ground rules. You could net all you want and wait an eternity but you won’t be having rabbit pie. Jok.
  4. On e of our guys had a visit from the dreaded camel spider. For those who don’t know, the blighters anaesthetise with a bite and proceed to eat the surrounding flesh. His arm had a hole about as big as a digestive biscuit and he had a lot of pain. Jok.
  5. Kuwait was quite warm but I don’t remember it being that warm. Must admit when the wind got up sand was a snag. Jok.
  6. jok

    Blood test

    Know what pal. I can’t speak more highly about the service I’ve just had. To be fair my health has not been good and I was concerned. I had an assessment on my cataract 4 weeks ago and last Wednesday had the operation. Eye drops 3 times a day for 3 weeks and job done. I had my psa blood tests come through within a week and lo and behold it has reduced. Am at ease now. Jok.
  7. Minted lamb roulade. Had it last night with garden peas and new spuds. Vveerryy nice. Jok
  8. Seeing as how you obviously enjoy, have you ever ventured onto Culloden Moor. It is the most heart stopping place imaginable. On the same trip I mentioned we stopped there and the hairs on every part of me stood to attention. We saw nor heard anyone for the best part of 3 hours. Well worth the trip. Jok.
  9. Well I was wrong on one and damn close on the river. We had a family jaunt in the motor home and I think we were very close to there. For saying that, many Scottish, smallish rivers look similar. Coming from the Borders it could have been one of many. I’ve fished quite a few. Awe enspiring is the scenery. Jok.
  10. The Chapel and the first river pic are for some reason ringing lots of bells. Any clues please. Jok.
  11. jok

    First cuckoo

    When I had my dive boat it was common practice when beaching, to count the waves. It seemed we always got that little bit of extra oomph when on number 7. Only thing is, which is number one? Funny old conundrum. Jok
  12. As some of you might know I was at Doddies funeral and the wake at the heart of rugby, Melrose Greenyards. These guys and all who support the cause, be it family, friends, fellow players, deserve a lot of credit. I hear that three of Doddies pals and indeed fellow players are doing a Europe run to raise funds for the charity. Good on you guys. Jok.
  13. jok

    First cuckoo

    Not the cuckoo but have been out the back watching swifts doing what swifts do . Stunning to watch. Jok.
  14. jok


    Nice to see you are still keeping an eye on us Keith. Hope all is well. I just had my second cataract done. No sweat and no dramas. Jok.
  15. jok


    It baffles me, in view of present crime rates, how a site like this can put up for sale, imitation handguns which have a real look about them, catapults, blowguns, ammunition and more. Surely this should be regulated somehow. (Forgot to mention samuri swords and other long blades). Jok.
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