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  1. jok


    My allotment is out of bounds. I'll shoot your legs off if I see you there. Lol.
  2. jok

    Anyone in Leeds or around?

    On here. Leslie . Leeds officialdo.
  3. If you go back through the posts on this subject, you will find various comments, including some of my own. BANANAS. The ducks flipping love them. My mate worked for a vegetable distribution firm and anything out of date was freely available. He supplied me with box after box of bananas and the results were great. I remember the farmer saying that he no longer had the ducks knocking on his cattle feed door . We used to lay them down about 200 yards from the flight pond and then drive them back. Come shooting season the birds were well sorted and flew around affording good shots. Magic.jok.
  4. Eh up Adam. First off, get the sleeping arrangement off the ground. One of the best beds, and freely available, are the bread baskets that all the supermarkets have. Right size, easy clean and with the right bedding totally a good idea. My opinion. Jok.
  5. Totally agree Terry. The shoot I try to be on as often as possible will NOT , for any reason, see game going to waste. We do everything, from pies, terrines, roasts, burgers , sausages and obviously the shoot dinners. Anything that isn't taken by the guns and friends generally ends up being delivered to me and I distribute accordingly. The kitty soon builds up and 2 of our stalkers get their annual dues paid from the proceeds. As far as I'm aware the shoot doesn't get much unwelcome attention but that is probably due to the diligence of the keeper and indeed the guns. Jok.
  6. jok

    Knockerbox Repairs

    So, so sorry to hear this bad news. Jim and I shared many a customer, with me passing repairs to him and in return him putting me forward for ferret boxes. We knew each other on the phone and by email but sadly not in person. My sincere condolences to family. RIP my friend. Jok.
  7. jok

    Afternoon session

    Leeds. The place to be. Lol. Jok.
  8. jok

    Cape Verde

    One of the best holiday locations we have had . The accommodation was at first a bit to get your head round but overall nice and clean. No A/C so a bit warm through the night. Food good. Entertainment non existent , but all in all , as a family resort, not bad. The sea, as one might imagine, is amazing. Huge dunes so good walking. Be aware when swimming. The Red flag is there for a reason. The undertow is immense. We will definitely be going back. Jok.
  9. Knit per. Is that the one you would enter a comp.? Jok
  10. As an aside. I've been making shit loads of chutney as per the norm. Using the courgettes, onions, cauliflower, green climbing beans, runner beans and green tomatoes. The results are flying out the door. Everyone here are complaining about stringy runner beans but I seem to have escaped. I must admit however to having an early low down crop, then nothing, then a great top crop. Jok.
  11. Right guys. Biggest pumpkin for the October festival. Let's have a go. Jok.
  12. The harvest is coming thick and fast now. Nice one Terry. Jok.
  13. Sure makes you hungry doesn't it. Jok.
  14. We are in a right lather here in the Midlands. I know it's the same for everyone but this lack of rain is really playing havoc. Runner beans, if they set, are producing very stringy pods. Try digging spuds and they come up in what feels like a lump of concrete. Gooseberries cooking on the bush. Peas, that without water aren't producing peas. All in all the main crops are crap. Onions have been so so, carrots fantastic but only because I decided to try raised boxes and water frequently, outdoor tomatoes same as above and salads very good. Saving grace is my sweet corn which is ready and having tried a couple the other night, sweet as sweet can be. Similarly the French climbing beans have done very well and am. Eating them nearly with every meal. Am just doing the River Cottage chutney which is using up some of the plentiful supply of courgettes, straggly onions and green tomatoes, among oth bits and pieces. Actually, another thing that has come through it all are the beetroot. I grew Cylindra and Boltardy and both have come good. Slightly dissapointed with the whole thing but we're still eating well. (As an aside. How are you all doing with your leeks? Mine appear to be going to seed. Not good.) JOK.
  15. Been on holiday so missed this. Ant. Where you live pal just get on with it. Post as much as you want and I guarantee nobody will bother you. Just as an aside, we had our Phillos distilling sidiqui for us in Riyadh. Fckg stuff was totally insane. Double distilled from memory and when tested over a spoon, no orange flames at all so pretty much pure alcohol . Yep, that would eventually send you blind. Notice my spelling mistakes ffs. Will try to see you later in the year but no promises. LAK. Jok.