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  1. Nice one if you find them pungent.
  2. Arry. You are gifted. Must admit that the June frost not only whacked my potatoes but also my runner beans. To be honest there is no sign on any beans setting. The only really good crops so far are peas and beetroot. Don't get me wrong, other bits and bobs are doing ok but not like usual. Jok.
  3. Imagine a four set of knives forks and spoons to this quality?? What would you give for such perfection.? I had the experience of diving on an E'boat which was a war tomb for 14 sailors. All their cutlery, plates and dishes were intact. It was a sight to behold. Jok.
  4. Gralloch knife I reckon. Looking good. Jok.
  5. No mate that's what happens when you have 15 sharing a two bed house on a rotating shift ffs. Jok.
  6. Nice one son. Getting up to my standards of excellence I see. Lol. Jok.
  7. Good morning my friend. Yes we are all good. No dramas. Haven't seen you on here for a while.  I still have a look and drop the odd comment. Just sent a box up to Remfrewshire. Happy days. Not been to Scotland since the funeral. Not much point really. Looking forward to a pint on Saturday. Jok.

  8. I spotted Bosun's bindweed which I also have plenty of. What concerns me more is the dreaded Mares Tail. Not knowing what I'd taken over, I rotovated the entire plot, which as you know just spreads the damned stuff. Now I googled the problem and there is a guy who advocates the use of WD40 which I tried. It certainly makes the heads go brown within a week but what is the long term solution. Anyone got proper advice on eradicating this horrible weed? Incidentally my potatoes really didn't survive that early frost. I'm like most I guess, leave them in, get new top growth and hope for the best but TBH I can't see a happy ending. On a plus I managed a good bagful of peas for tonight's dinner and most other crops are doing ok. Will put up a few pice end of next week. Jok.
  9. As you can see DC Flacko got the book. Thank you for looking anyway. Jok.
  10. jok

    willie thorne

    Played at his dad's club in Whitwick and had our dive club meetings there weekly. He and his brother both had serious issues. All in all though a nice bloke and he did have a few records to his name at one time. In his day, one of the best, and a good pundit for the sport. RIP Willie Thorne.
  11. £35 including the courier. Jok.
  12. All it wants is a new home. Jok.
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