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  1. Aye up Ross. How ya keeping pal. That vista is pretty good. Stirs the heart a bit. Going up to Northumberland 22nd for a couple of days. Dogs looking good, even your sisters ffs. Jok.
  2. Know why the Norwegians had them ?? It’s a fckg ice saw used for char fishing haha. Possibly the most illegal thing you can have ffs.Jok.
  3. Nice little pair on there way if you give me postage details. Norconia 10 x 25. Hope your lad likes. Jok.
  4. jok

    Aye up son. How the heck are you? I’ve just been rattling on to a couple of the guys about someone I now know who will undertake repairs to Deben Products. Farthingstone Northants. Just a heads up. Jok.

  5. Sorry to piggyback lads. BakerBoy. Please give me a ring? I’ve your number mixed up with Colin’s. thank you. Jok.
  6. Just had a chat with Colin who is happy to have his details out there. You can send the package to him direct. Also, BakerBoy sent me a box and terrier collar for him to work on and I believe they are ready to be returned. All good. So. Mr Colin Benham, Blackberry Court, Maidford Rd, Farthingstone, Northants. NN12 8HE. I’ll not give out his phone number but you can always get that from me off pm. Jok.
  7. Well sir. What I think might be an idea is for me to contact him and make sure he doesn’t mind me giving out address details, after which I’ll pm you and away you go. He is a lovely gentleman who has lived his life in and with electronics and relishes the chance for a challenge. If you missed an earlier post, he has built his own television, computer and currently builds and, I believe, flies his own built model aircraft. Jim Chick is missed greatly as he and I got on really well and helped each other. His daughter decided enough was enough. Will contact Colin now. Jok.
  8. That’s more or less what I’m saying. That is the old/new generation of collars which Deben introduced against the old collar. The Mk1/Mk2 were the grey boxes with the old style aerial cap type collars. These new Mk 3 are not really totally compatible with the 1st generation boxes IMO. Jok.
  9. Which boxes are you trying with? The grey boxes are marked Mk1 and Mk2 but we’ve found them to be the same. Also, when Deben introduced micro collars everyone thought things would change. Similarly, the 8ft box works perfectly well with a 15ft collar but only to 8ft. A 15ft box does the same but is used more on deep digs more likely on Charlie. When they introduced the yellow and orange Mk 3 the collars altered and I imagine they didn’t want them to work with the old grey box. I met a guy called Jim Chick (sadly passed) who got well involved in, not only repairs, but also making collars and o
  10. Mate. I genuinely feel for you. I’ve read all the posts since it happened and am saddened. When I lost my younger brother I was inconsolable for a very long time. Now getting onto the cooker request. WHY. Today’s slow cookers and microwaves are absolutely the dogs bollocks. A very very god friend, 78 years young, swears by the things. He will never need to use a cooker again, not only because of the microwave, but because I take him at least 3 meals a week and a dozen eggs. The other week I took him a lovely haunch of venison which he lightly explained that he had prepared it in the MV. I coul
  11. Well guys, this is a heads up. Something I’ve never heard of an d certainly don’t want to hear of again. Didn’t even know where to post it this. I’ve just joined forces with the brother in law on his allotment. I interested him in some of my past experiences regarding soil conditioning etc. One of the subjects we talked about was manure. A great friend of mine supplies me with spent brewers hops which over the years has been absolutely brilliant in the garden. Right. Now the downside. One of the 8 month old labrador pups took a fancy to a meal of said hops. Dead within 6 hours. Guys, google th
  12. Reading this thread made me think. Some time ago I was putting up a marquee for the geezers wedding when onto the lawn came this robot. I’d arrived a bit early as one does and he was getting everything ready. In his garage he also had one of those spiders like on the golf course. He just programmed it and away it went. Fckg great to watch. Every time it came near a border or an obstacle it stopped and re-routed. None of that forking ffs. Jok.
  13. Stop touching things you can’t control ffs. Lol. Jok.
  14. jok


    I truly am surprised. Never would have thought it. Jok.
  15. jok


    Sorry. I didn’t mean to be a no it all which believe me I’m not. What little I’ve learned is that racehorses train on gallops which means they run on grass. I can’t for the life of me see trainers taking there rides on tarmac. These are highly strung animals and I would imagine anything other than the norm would spook them. Only my opinion. Jok
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