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  1. Nice pics Ross. As you may have guessed I’m not going to make it up. I’ll keep you informed. Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year yo you and yours. Jok.
  2. jok


    Totally with you Charts. Just got in and was confronted with this. What the fck.?? Jok.
  3. Am just going down to referee some snooker finals but can’t wait to get back to listen to a few of them. Jok.
  4. Ok. Sorry guys. Just didn’t make sense. No more ado. Jok.
  5. Gentleman. I was not ‘defending the Hun’ as was so eloquently put. Merely asking a question which still nags at me. I can see both sides of the divide but seriously doubt the outcome. You are saying, I think, that the goalkeeper, who’s feet are planted in goal whilst holding the ball, only has to stretch his arms in front of the goal line to make it admissible. There is no logic to this imo. Jok.
  6. I put another post up here last night regarding a goalkeepers feet. It didn’t reach the thread. Why? Jok.
  7. Charts. Going on your response, just. A football being round can only have one grounding point. The whole ball cannot touch the ground so if the axis is over surely that means out of play. I think I know what I’m saying. Jok.
  8. Not to be fazed. On an earlier post I asked a question and, probably was given the right answer. However, I’ve been thinking about it more and more. The goalkeeper caught the ball, in the air, and landed with both feet behind the goal line. Now, is the ball in his control or not? If the ball is in his control then that surely means it went went behind the goal line. The argument was that the ball needed to pass the goal line but in my opinion it did. I don’t follow football. Jok.
  9. For goodness sake. An ants arsehole. Which planet do you guys live on. Wishful thinking planet I reckon. Ffs Jok.
  10. I’m exactly the same. I have had so many members come to my house for various reasons. It has been a pleasure to meet them all. Same as you, I’ve been on trips that otherwise would not have happened. I’m harping on now so I’ll go. Jok.
  11. Charts. 100% with that. However, how can one rebuild bridges? As I read through my posts I realised that the names are just no longer doing their thing and certainly not putting any posts on the forum. Whether, like myself that is age related is a mute point. Paulus has commented the the new generation possibly haven’t the same enthusiasm for country sports and to be fair, with all the new legislation and anti hunting who can blame them? Not only that, again reading through my posts, not only me but a large number of people are no longer trading in shooting, hunting, fishing and miscellaneous
  12. No what you guys. I have painstakingly read through all my posts from February 2015 and can honestly say that the response was both intuitive and non invasive. Yes there dingdongs but in a very light hearted way. Nostalgically it was a lovely read and to be fairI probably would have forgotten a lot of what I said or in what context. However, I would give my eye teeth for the forum to return to those times. I think all is lost as it stands but good luck to my many friends for the future. Seasonal Greetings to you all. Jok.
  13. I think the Dukes land , around that area is well gamekeepered. From memory they use the Angus Hotel. Slither in after a shoot and sit as close as you dare to, hopefully get some info. Maybe even need some beaters which would open a door. Just a thought. Jok.
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