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  1. jok

    Specimen perch

    Now you guys. Sorry to piss on your chips. Anyone on here who knows Stoney Cove dive centre in Leicestershire knows full well that that, not only are there record perch but also some huge pike. Because there is no fishing allowed, these things have gone to huge sizes. I've dived there for years and met these guys full on and believe me , they are big. Bet the British record is in there. Jok.
  2. jok

    New user

    What a very strange way to try to introduce yourselves to the forum. What do you want to change? Jok.
  3. jok

    Duck dilemma

    All of the above. However, one way we succeeded was to use a sewelling rope with a pennant about every yard or so. The blighters didn't like it so they flew. Must admit though that feeding well away from the main pond certainly works well. Dogs in the water just infuriates the dogs because they can't get close to what they perceive as a retrieve. Good luck. And by the way, when the ponds start freezing, you won't have a problem lol. Jok.
  4. jok

    Short & Sweet

    Hell. I still like watching your vids and especially the Jokbox. Keep it going pal. Jok.
  5. You are just an evil git. Jok
  6. Bet GruFfalo griff would like that vice. Don't see many of them about. Jok
  7. jok

    Few from the wood

    Is that a single shot Laurona? Jok.
  8. Socks. What, if anything, is it going to be used for ffs. Jok.
  9. jok

    Red kites heading south

    Unusual you might say. Jok.
  10. jok

    Growing Peppers...advice please!

    Well put my foot in it but They look like bell peppers which are very mild indeed. Take one off and knaw the thing then you'll know.good luck. Jok.
  11. jok

    Had an hour out this morning

    Glad I ain't playing on that golf course pal. Looks more like a football training area ffs. Nice result however . Jok.
  12. jok

    Toilet area

    Eh up son. Nice to see you on here again. Just a suggestion. My mate puts a tray of cat litter in the run and low and behold it works. Every 3/4 days a simple empty out and job done. Might work for your mate. Jok.
  13. jok


    Well my old son. Did you think to ask your local farmer?? Most allotments are council run but a bit of a garden on someone's land surely can be a possible. If the farmer owns the land then he can do what he wants but I'll guarantee he won't want a load of unknowns wandering about his property. I'd say a non starter. Jmo. Jok.
  14. jok

    deben charger

    Terry. Pop up a picture mate. What type of battery is it and what terminals? Jok.