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  1. jok

    Life on the edge

    We used to have a copper which was like an urn. All the heads went in there and it was always away from the house. Jok.
  2. jok


    Well geezers, I've been a bit quiet for a while regarding food . Just thought I'd share a little gem. The allotment, I'll admit has not been the best this year. However, you make the most of what you get. One of the best was my beetroot which did extremely well. Another was the chillis which were under glass. Now, thinking outside the normal I thought what a marriage that could be. I had my usual faggot mix (fry) together with onion, sage, salt and pepper, mixed with breadcrumbs and about 7 chillis and a quite large beetroot all blended. This is, quite literally, a fantastic dish. Whilst it was cooling I decided to have some with fresh tiger bread and to be honest I was blown away. Have yourselves a treat and give it a go. Jok.
  3. jok

    Kennel heaters

    Just looked myself. The range is limitless both in capability and cost. Mine might just be available I reckon. Jok.
  4. jok

    Kennel heaters

    Mine has a name Parasene. I'm sure however that there are many available. Jok.
  5. jok

    Kennel heaters

    Just a lateral thought. What about a greenhouse heater? I've been pottering in the garage and just spotted mine. I'll admit it's paraffin but I never smell nowt and it does give off fair heat. Like I say just a thought. Jok.
  6. jok

    Cocker x

    Eh up son. How the heck are you? Getting rid of old stock? I don't think so. Wish to hell I was a bit fitter and I'd be your man. Still needing that cup of coffee. Lol. Jok.
  7. jok

    Deer Day ..!

    Is it possible? Fallow cross Roe ? Flipping looks that way to me. Jok.
  8. jok

    Am I missing something here.? Is Ross still asking this question or am I years out of date? Jok.

  9. jok

    Training mink.

    Totally agree Bird. Watching his vids are very entertaining and even though he's over the pond it's easy to relate what's going on. Highly recommended but doesn't sort out the problem of having someone over here with a male mink. I wish the lad well. Jok.
  10. On a healthy note. I'm ok. However, the future son in law came round and mentioned he was partial to chillis. Gave him half of a ghost naga which he nonchentally chewed before, within seconds, his world exploded. Milk was no help as it took over his functions which to be fair gave us a bit of a howl. Poor lad was in bits for quite a while. He, appparantley, has put it on Facebook not to come any where near my kitchen. Jok.
  11. Bit of of a link earlier I think about hot chillis. I think I must have stumbled on something outrageous. All I did was cut the damned thing in half, washed my hands, had a piss and the world exploded. I' m on fire.
  12. jok

    Freshwater eels

    Now then you guys. A comment and a question. In the 70's we fished for eels on the North Bank at Boston. Having fished for bleak on the way there and then a night of fishing before returning to Northampton. Cubed and jellied. Marvellous. Now the question. Lamprey. As a young lad in the borders of Scotland we regularly had these ugly things in the local brooks. They ate well as I recall being more or less an eel with a suction mouth. I have never heard of them since then. Local knowledge?????jok.
  13. jok

    Ferret boxes

    Deep Earth. Yes mate I do. Mostly anything anyone asks for. It's fair to say I've made a few. Jok.
  14. jok

    Ferret boxes

    Yes mate.
  15. jok

    A small Nicker

    Agree with Welsh-Red. And. On the subject of lederhosen , I bought my first pair many years ago and they gave me great comfort when out hunting, shooting and rabbiting. Amazingly comfortable and the ladies found them irresistible. Probably got the lederhosen wrong but you get my drift. Never, however, had a knife secreted within. Jok.