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  1. jok

    Duck feeding

    Greenshank 1. To be fair it was a happenstance . A good friend worked for a local fruit and veg merchant. As you would imagine, stock got tired and needed getting rid of. Me ,being me, decided to accept his offer of free duck food. Without doubt this was one of the best things we did on the (small) flight ponds. I stripped the bananas and just laid them around the perimeters mixed in with barley. I never, on these ponds, bothered with potatoes. The results were superb. Now I can't say whether the bananas had anything to do with the outcome but it's worth a go when you consider the amounts that are getting binned on a regular basis. On an aside, the supermarkets bin tons upon tons of fruit and vegetable produce so a little word might, just might, get you an outcome. Good luck. Jok.
  2. Might be an idea to Google Scottish taxidermists in the Perth area. Bound to be one up there. Jok.
  3. jok

    Gun dog training book

    Joe Irving without a shadow of doubt. Jok.
  4. Well guys this has been a he'll of a start. The driver of the Mini Cooper decided he could do the impossible and he ended up in the front of my vehicle. This is now a complete write off but with me not too badly scarred. He ha d no licence. No insurance and took the vehicle without his girlfriends permission. The Old Bill were pretty good in all fairness and only bagged this asshole. The whole deal is going to cost me a lot of dollar. Is this fair? I think not. I am right Royally pissed off and apologise for bringing this onto the forum. For what it's worth, how can we sort out this kind of crime? Jok.
  5. jok

    Duck feeding

    You Just re-read your last post and I agree with not shooting birds off the water. What a shit thing to do. A bit like looking at a covey of partridge and letting rip. No mate, stick to your morals and get that lovely glow when you have a real teaser of a shot. By the way, in my opinion, feeding as you have indicated, will be a complete waste of time, effort and money. When the birds pair up they do not crave feeding areas. As you might already know, mallard, our native duck, does not nest on or even particularly near open water. They secret themselves in ditches and culverts quite away from ponds. They do this to hide from predators and are remarkably successful at it. There are many films or sequences of that proud mallard marching his/her brood to the local pond. No mate, in my humble opinion, your time would be better spent building suitable hides and access points which will allow you much better concealment next season. Start feeding about September and get in these hides to monitor the flights. Then go to it. Jok.
  6. jok

    Duck feeding

    Just re-read your last post and I agree with not shooting birds off the water. What a shit thing to do. A bit like looking at a covey of partridge and letting rip. No mate, stick to your morals and get that lovely glow when you have a real good shot. Jok.
  7. jok

    Duck feeding

    Bob. You will only see flighting duck when there is cloud. A clear sky makes it absolutely impossible. You need to be downwind therefore knowing which direction the birds will be alighting then watch that sky like a snake watching a rat. They are quite predictable and you only need to hear the wings to get that memorable shot. Again, good shooting. Jok.
  8. jok

    Wander in the Toon

    Just found out. Free Trade Inn. Highly recommended both for beer and entertainment. Must admit I enjoyed that little jaunt and had one of the locals take our pics looking up river to the millennium bridge. Sorry to digress. Beautiful pictures. Jok.
  9. jok

    Wander in the Toon

    Mackem. What's the name of that pub pal ?? Jok.
  10. jok

    Wander in the Toon

    I reckon I was in a pub last summer just where you have taken some of these pics. Can't remember it's name but it was an amazing place to be in. All the walls are covered in murals and even the toilets don't have the normal wall coverings. A good pint as well. Jok.
  11. jok

    Happy Moo Year Fcukers😁

    Well to be fair, in the main, the guys on here are a good gang. They give it .They take it. At the end of the year each and everyone of us has tried our best. The New Year may or may not give us all better results but when all's said and done, we tried. Personally, I've not done that much due to health issues (which I'm not complaining about) but the lads still bring me the game which I turn into reasonable pies and the like. I'm sad that quite a few of the members who were on here when I joined no longer post but I guess that is just the way things go. All that's left to say is Have A Great New Year and I wish you all health and happiness. Jok.
  12. jok

    Dog walk by the tweed

    Low plains drifter. Strange but he or she is the only one not in the mighty river Tweed. Lovely dogs none the less. Jok.
  13. jok

    Ruggend and simple

    Spsurfer. As you know we follow your posts religiously and are never let down. Once again the attention to detail in the presentation is fantastic. Not to mention the blades lol. I wish you and your dearest a lovely Christmas and Happy New Year. From Jok and Family. XXX. Jok.
  14. Well VFR I just got back from fetching some parsnips and I'd better not put a pic up.lol. One of them I managed to nearly get to the bottom of the root and , to be fair, it's a good un. I hope you and yours, with the new sprog, have a lovely Christmas. Speak to you, no doubt, in the New year. Jok.
  15. jok


    Ehh up Sir Blessed. It's telling me you are not receiving messages??? Anyway Micky, nice drop on there pal and well done. A convert as well . Top man. Merry Christmas . Jok.