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  1. She's either stupid or made of money. Honestly why do people still call Rentokil? Over priced under trained brain washed monkeys. The level of arrogance is absolutely astounding. The experts...yeah right.
  2. Hi folks, I have no plans to breed in the immediate future, unless something unexpected happens of course. I will however entertain the idea of studding my pure Beardie dog out to straight Greyhound bitches or Deerhound/Greyhound composites only. And only bitches of a sufficiently high caliber. Obviously there are few non-handcock bred dogs about so it's in my interest to know of future breeding options. If anybody would like to discuss please initially contact me via PM. I'm rarely active on the forums these days so you may have to be patient for my reply. Thanks. Magpie.
  3. Avoid Border crosses. Although they can and do make fox dogs it is quite often much later in the dogs development before they will entertain the idea. It's nothing for a dog to take up to 4 or 5 years to go to them. Beardies on the other hand seem to take to them much more readily. I've had 10 month old pups get stuck right in. As with any dog the entering is all important. If you can give the dog the opportunity to gain confidence it'll do the job you want. You don't need a hammer to crack a nut. I sometimes wonder if you average Collie cross if far more intelligent than your
  4. Modern farming methods and the increased popularity of trialing has seen the Beardie fall out if favour. So no there ain't to many around these days. There are a few dedicated stockman still keeping things goin. A quick look on the 'Shepherds with Beardies' website will give you some idea of who's out there. The best advice I can give anyone pursuing a Beardie pup or potential stud is to avoid the Working Bearded Collie Society at all costs. Bored housewives playing ball with shaggy mongrals. Best of luck.
  5. Some tremendous images there guys. Thanks for sharing.
  6. Good luck with your search buddy. Genuine straight Beardie cross not bred at the puppy farm are rarer than hens teeth. Drop me a PM sometime. I do here whispers from time to time.
  7. Hi folks, I have a surplus amount of chicken ideal for dog and ferret food and it's absolutely free! I have around 4 tesco type crates full of the stuff. If you are interested please give me a PM. I'm on the outskirts of Cambridge and can deliver for the cost of the fuel if necessary. Cheers Magpie.
  8. I'm lead to believe that it was Mr Burrel that bought the first Picardy over. I could be wrong but I was told this by someone who would have no reason to lie. Mark had previously bred a line of Beardie/Greyhounds that originated from Hancock's Beardie Remus. Mark then added the Picardy when suitably related Beardie blood couldn't be found. His old dog Blade was a cracker. These dogs have prey drive to burn and are exceptional hunters. Lovers of the old type of pot filling lurcher would appreciate dogs of this type. Serious dogs for serious hunters. I'm also led to believe that Mar
  9. You'll find Beardies working all over the British isles not just in Scotland. Have a look here... Www.shepherdswithbeardies.com
  10. Looking well SHH. All the very best with the pup.
  11. So he says. I'm lead to believe he buys entire litters of any old breeding and sells them on as whatever a potential client is lookin for. I have it on good authority that his house is full of cages containing various pups. Even the toilet has cages stacked to the ceiling. Those lookin for an old fashioned traditional type lurcher would do better seeking out a line of genuine Beardie/Greyhound or Beardie based lurcher than falling for the Smithfield/Tumbler sales pitch. Incidentally the Smithfield and the Tumbler were two very different types of dog that carried out very diffe
  12. The Smithfield in this country has long since dissappeared. Since the advent of the rail network dogs of this type has not been required to drive livestock to Smithfield market in London. I believe that 'Smithfield' was a loose term for a wide rage of shaggy herding/droving types that rocked up to the famous meat market. Dogs would have also been bought and sold at this market making for quite a mixed bunch. These old lines almoth certainly were absorbed into the modern Beardie and Borders you see today. Anybody claiming to have genuine Smithfield blood in thier line must have
  13. Hi folks, Assuming no one pulls out now I only have the one pup left to find a home for. Thanks very much to all concerned and to everyone for their kind words. Atb. Magpie.
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