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  1. Thanks lads Nobody trade here anymore for antibiotics, staples and stuff
  2. Help lads anybody know a good online vet suppliers?
  3. Il post up some pics when I get there.
  4. Yeah not made anything in years now . I doubt il make knives with the forge and hammer , maybe one or two .
  5. It’s all very posh in her now ! I’m glad to see knife making is still strong in this section .
  6. Hello lads , I enjoyed looking at all those knives . Interesting to me to see my work change as I went along . Ive not made a knife in a few years now . And only own two of my own (what an idiot , I should have kept so many) We took on a small tenant farm in Nottinghamshire with all the room I ever needed to make knives but no tools or time ! I just wanted to thank you all for your undying support over the years , knife making was the biggest success I have attained in my adult life , and that was down to the support you guys gave me . Having you all cheer me on to the next project m
  7. Thanks fellas , the tools are sold and being collected today . I don't think the new owner has plans to make my stuff , it will just be a hobby for him .
  8. Thanks guys , who ever buys it will probably make and sell some of my patterns !?!? You can allways ask !
  9. Hi ant , I really would like to see it all go as a job lot , that way someone can makes knives spare cash or a living from it in one go . If it's not sold in a few weeks as a job lot I may have to sell it that way !!
  10. Also I have compiled a list of suppliers , and all the companies I use for laser cutting heat treating materials etc . Thus will come with the sale along with any digital templates I have !! So it really is everything you need to get started !!
  11. Maxi grinder and belts Templates Bandsaw Folder fixings and pivots Handle materials Extractor Belt and disc grinder Chemicals Forge Electrolyte etcher Polishing lathe
  12. Well it time ! Everything I have for a knife workshop for sale . The Direct Drive Maxigrinder The professionals choice belt grinder. 2Hp direct drive, 240v single phase will run from conventional hhld supply, Invertek Optidrive speed control range from 02800 RPM with full power, at 1400-2800 power is reduced proportionally relative to the speed from 1400 down to 0 RPM. Takes 50 x 1800 to 50 x 2000 belts, angle-adjustable platen head, approx 15deg either side of vertical, worktable is also adjustable and extendable for when head is tilted, removable tool arm so a range of accessories can b
  13. Hi, I have one large and two small left , im not make anymore now I emptied the workshop today so this is the last from me ! All the best , Matt
  14. Just the little ones left guys . Il make one last batch of the larger ones , then I'm selling all the knife making tools as a busines opertunuty .
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