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  1. even the dogs are immigrants he hates his own that much ?
  2. Leave her at it forget about it and move on, along with the thousands of other daftys that thought a pup during covid was a good idea. her problem not yours
  3. Some harness aswell. Someone’s showing off.
  4. Don’t worry it was shite with or without an explanation
  5. I thought you said the other day you were done? just regurgitating the same stuff going round in an endless loop no?
  6. good. The time to give up the charade and move on was several months ago, but now will do. From both parties that applies to. it’s all just too embarrassing for words start to finish.
  7. Building a wall to keep G-man out?
  8. Has anyone tried the O’Donnells moonshine yet? at 72% and 144 proof must surely be wild stuff? ? www.odonnellmoonshine.co.uk
  9. Just aswell your tucked up nicely in safe Devon, where none of the above are a reality. The above only applies to the multicultural piss pots you support.
  10. Why not start by putting your hand in your own pocket to help the needy first if it means that much to you? The problem with your type is they spend their whole life pointing the finger playing the blame game, always someone else’s problem. Meanwhile your sitting in a very privileged position, certainly far better off than the majority of the population. And to rub salt in the wound you’ve sucked far more out the economy than most, simply by being an employee of the failing nhs, a horrendous waste of tax payers money. How can you enjoy living in a country you
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