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  1. Nice pig certainly had a lot of explaining to do…
  2. We all think grebs a c**t mate but keep your head up he will be banned again soon.
  3. Mother_Mary


    Im a firm believer in always having a rainy day fund, could be 1k could be 10k etc depending on how much a parra Pete you are, and it’s only ever dipped into if absolutely necessary. I recon even for the most frugal of folks, it’s the curve ball you don’t see coming that can land you in the shit financially. Along with that I find if you have any amount aside, it gives incentive to save more and the more you save the less you want to spend it and end up back at the start. Don’t take out loans or finance to pay for something that isn’t an appreciating asset and will benefit
  4. And there’s the silver lining as I see it personally. the same organisations that have purposefully distanced themselves from dog work before during and after the original ban have found themselves under threat also. This should have the positive affect that those bodies who more than likely would have shunned us to save face and protect image otherwise, to join the fight. just my opinion.
  5. that’s my understanding also. so at present will have a knock on affect for the likes of picking up and beating on shoots as well as gundog trials etc.
  6. that’s it in a nutshell. I’d say a decent percentage of dog lads would take action if they knew it had merit and were asked to get involved and how to go about it. But the majority of us are woefully naive, uneducated and worse still totally uninterested in the politics and policy side of the sport which is what will be our downfall. where as the scum, credit where credit is due to them, have the tenacity to make a minority voice heard where it matters politically, amplified to sound like a majority. It’s a scary thought that we will have to explain to our kids in year
  7. Whilst recent hot topics such as what picture would be best for Ken’s deputy’s toad tank backdrop and who is going to make a move in shutting max’s mouth for good are truly riveting. I haven’t seen much on here discussing the proposed Scottish bill that if passed will effectively end hunting with hounds in Scotland? I know this is the general talk section, but when you realise what is proposed it will affect much more than simply hunting with hounds, it has serious ramifications for almost all forms of dog work, so seemed fitting to stick it on here as will ultimately affect us a
  8. Mother_Mary


    Don’t jump the gun there… he could be an SNP man
  9. Be your best option imo most paint/resin products will fail if the surface isn’t sound to begin with.
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