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  1. Hope it’s cheaper than the last one you f****d someone about over
  2. stopping green baccy or both?
  3. He’s got kilometres confused with miles, times it by 2. and got the bus home in the morning it’s the only logical explanation
  4. Cashy, hull and Greb parked up after a quick 40 mile shine
  5. On a scale of responsibility for the horrendous scandal I’d say the police are up there on the same level with the pakis. Anyone that can turn a blind eye to what went on is every bit as implicit as the perpetrators. how any of that filth could go to work in a morning knowing what was going on but turning a blind eye to protect their job,pension etc is every bit as sick. unbelievable really. There can be no excuse.
  6. As soon as they start taking ballymaloe relish off the shelf in your local shop to make space for okra. get the f**k out of there
  7. Have you thought about liberia?
  8. The hardheaded bitterness and bigotry has achieved very little in reality in recent times apart from holding back certain communities From prospering. It’s sad to see children brought up with bigotry and hate, whilst there parents pick up their dole cheque from the enemy. How’s that for shortsighted apathy. I just hope the bitterness will let them see who the real enemy within is, rather than let the past cloud their judgement.
  9. I’d love to see you correct but I don’t believe it one iota. Modern day apathy has crept into your culture just as badly as it has here. 10% will make a stand and achieve nothing whilst the other 90% will stand by and let it happen.
  10. The degradation of Ireland will happen at a 10x faster rate than we’ve seen in Britain your talking of an area with a land mass greater than Scotland with a population less than Birmingham and Manchester. To the EU masters than control Ireland it’s basically an empty vessel prime grounds for a couple of million examples of the lowest form of human detritus. Ireland has been a net beneficiary of EU funding from the start, the benefits to infrastructure and investment in the country cannot be underestimated. So now it’s time for them to pay their dues in the form of imm
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