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  1. There’s a big difference between a rascal and a total degenerate. failure to differentiate between the two shows a lack of morals and judge of character. Edited - *not aimed at NEWKID
  2. So tasty you’ve chewed the plate kiddo
  3. Fair play i definetly wasn’t expecting that. it just saddens me to think that people would genuinely believe the way to get the most out of what little sport we have left is to have a total disregard for respect of the landowner, the quarry and ourselves to achieve this. IMO it’s not the truth there are scores of lads up and down the country getting the most out there animals be that terriers or lurchers without degrading themselves like this. the reason you don’t hear about it is because quite rightly so they don’t want to be heard. I’ll be a long time dead before I
  4. Hate to say it sir but your opinion is wrong on this one your posts used to be top class and always worth a read. Now you just nail your colours to the mast at the start and refuse to even acknowledge any deviation from your opinion. I know your in the land of the pig headed but no need to turn into that yourself if you were woken at 4am to some coke fuelled heroes bashing down your gates and turning up your turnips, stopping only to empty your diesel tank and take your Land Rover. I bet you’d have a slightly different view on it, and doubt you’d be sitting ther
  5. I don’t think it’s a “weird thing” I think it’s blatantly obvious those in power are using it as a distraction away from the truth that our children are being systematically raped by minority ethnic groups we are meant to have welcomed into our culture. Its done because if we all knew the true scale of what is going on their idea of a multi cultural Britain is dead in the water. And as for the 100 years bit? Speaking personally I’m only interested in the here and now and it’s happening here and now never mind 100 years ago.
  6. Absolutely sickening reading but has become so common it’s almost expected now. the main issue is not the police, courts or cps etc (yes they are a f***ing massive issue but not the main one). the main factor is the general populations attitude and apathy towards it. it is not racist to label these fuckers for what they are, when a larger percentage of their population is involved in it. (I truly believe most of them one way or another are either involved, choose to ignore or support the fact this type of shit goes on). kind of the same with the travelle
  7. A poor attempt at Arrys with the tinned shite. 4/10 at best. must try harder.
  8. What he failed to explain was that he was giving her blowbacks though the letterbox.
  9. I typed out a reply thinking he meant passive smoking from a neighbour caused her mental health issues then deleted as couldn’t be bothered arguing with a crank.
  10. It’s also complete bullshit as it can test positive if you’ve had a joint say 12 hours previous and are miles away from being remotely under the influence.
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