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  1. cheers Ben im glad your happy with your pup, this bitch will do well for someone
  2. jacob

    Tottenham Riots last night.

    think you are tired :laugh: yep sneaky b*****ds you aint wrong
  3. jacob

    Tottenham Riots last night.

    seems a bit strange though,the amount of police around, hardly any,nothing done really for 4 days,anyone who had any real power on holiday, i know this is a bit conspiracy theoryish but if a load of new police powers and laws come out that would have never been passed before this rioting, but look as though they slot in a bit too usefuly, could it have been construed, a means to an end. after all ,when they say we need this law or that new power who could argue. could they be after a complete ban on hoods, face masks religion related or not?who knows,or am i just tired lol
  4. thanks mate,i could watch that clip all night lol
  5. shes a curious bitch who seems to move completely silently not a sound when she moves very weird lol,shes got a tuft of hair running down her neck like a mohican,shes gonna be very fast and will probably make 27tts
  6. sire is doxhope lines 3/4 deerhound 1/4 ghd.. dam is good track ghd
  7. these are the pictures:
  8. jacob

    bullx vs wheatonx

    ok mate i see what youre saying
  9. jacob

    bullx vs wheatonx

    pain threshold is the same ?, youd have to see things go a long way to say that