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  1. there is an old school breeder from france on youtube i think its called valhale ill check im subscribed
  2. thanks i didnot want to get my pup back and have problems
  3. ive got two pups coming from europe later this year,ive asked for docked tails,is it still ok?
  4. Big cats caught on camera | The Northern Echo
  5. i just read it in the northern echo,i dont know how to link iti just read it in the northern echo,i dont know how to link it
  6. i have lamped one in herefordshire they are here
  7. i thought game wardens doing a wild boar count caught a cat on infrared taking a boar in the forest of dean
  8. mack 1o mths bred from son to mother mating hines/barker both parents were security dogs
  9. this is a bulldog from son to mother mating they all turned out well no problems,ive done half brother to half sister twice with good results i wanted to keeep the drive and it worked
  10. i saw her in an interview with tommy robinson right little charmer
  11. cover them in sh-t every time most are lowlife scumbags,its different when they spray sh-t and disrupt everything
  12. Hunting And Training E-Collars For Dogs WWW.DOGTRA.COM
  13. sorry shepard he was not to be trusted with strangers,id like a malonois i like the israeli police dogs
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