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  1. i saw a clear video of the one in a field with sheep you can clearly see what it is
  2. hes coming along well looks a nice dog my bullx was a cu-t hed eat a few and bring back when he was full
  3. jerimiah johnson good film
  4. mr moocher


    i cant stand the c-nt
  5. good post i really enjoyed it well done
  6. just got back from fishing

  7. what company sells them mack trip cherrie cookies
  8. a few years back i done a big bhudda blue cheese it was funky as f**k and had a lot of colour real nice smoke
  9. i dont like auto flower not strong enough
  10. wicked action shots and very nice dogs thanks for sharing
  11. a great day she is one sour cu-t
  12. my daughter said she has just read the attack on the little girl was by an american bulldog
  13. in america the dogo is cropped to stop boars from ripping the ear off ive seen a dogo with the ear and surrounding fur ripped off so on a boar dog it is prefered the boar made a right mess of the dogos ear
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