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  1. i didnot have a clue about bigcats before i saw one if you would of said to me theres panthers running around the uk i would of called you an idiot but i lamped one and saw it as clear as day no imagination
  2. maybe theres too much prey no need i read a farmers wifes dog a whippet i think had half its head eaten by a leopard the police turned up to see the leopard going over the hill
  3. fish chips and peas for me tonight followed by ghanja cookies and custard
  4. a lot of dogo blood in this county is romanian and serbian piles of shit that wouldnot cut it
  5. in argentina they use the dogo x greyhound to catch up with the pigs but use dogos to make the catch
  6. it all depends if you get old type working dogo they are small about eighty pounds not these big fuckers you get a good dogo they are a very good hunting dog
  7. i know someone who breeds psycho x ingles lines they are a better dog
  8. no its gary lineker hes been seen in the channel picking up stray imigrants on his pedelo
  9. i win 210 pound if usyk gets the majority i dont rate fury joshua would ko fury fury aint capable of knocking someone decent out,i dont rate joshua either glass chin they aint a patch on boxers of old
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