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  1. cant remember what it was called i think its on at 8oclock
  2. it was on quest last night i believe its on again on the 30th of oct
  3. did anyone watch last nights documentary i thought it was good
  4. See a Black Canada Lynx on Video: Rare Big Cat Filmed for First Time (msn.com)thought this was intersting in canada its the first time its been filmed shows how elusive they are
  5. ive read about a hines bulldog killing one the bob cat put up one hell of a fight apparently
  6. i was the same but ive just started to watch him again i like some of his music,filthy pig hunter is a good song.josh james is another good one
  7. i have an old vhs tape about an hour long of dogos in pens in argentina and hunting really old footage i think its in my shed somewhere with old bulldog tapes
  8. i dont have no experience of big cats,only what i have seen on video,i see the point of pens to train young dogs as is done with boar,i have seen dogos whoop mountain lion on numorous videos and can only go by what i have seen jmo
  9. ive got nothing against hunting of big cats they are considered a dangerous pest i love the dogo and bulldog for their courage,
  10. my bitch was hunted many times with out a plate before i got her me personally would not let her out with out one on
  11. sorry to hear of your loss its always hard and never gets easier
  12. ive seen pitbulls that would not touch a cur dog and even had one as soon as somethingg game was near them they knew the switch went
  13. mine was hanging off the horse i managed to get him off he got kicked and i got chased out of the field i shit myself
  14. theres footage on youtube and i have footage here somewhere on an old vhs tape from argentina
  15. united states of america colby did he crossed them
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