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  1. im not sure how you do it bay area dogos put it up and war dogs put a few of puma v dogo up
  2. what because i said they wont quit on what their on its a fact im done now full of senile old fuckers your talking shit
  3. rocky and chester my two stud dogs have had one mating each they are seven in june next year
  4. the reason im not waiting until hes two is my bitch is getting on a bit now ive never bred her,and shes a good little bitch id like a bitch from her,those pups where my first litter in seven years,i would normally wait until two years old but i dont wish to take a chance and she dont have none
  5. not once have i claimed my dogs are game they are hunting dogs if you dont know the difference it says it all i only put pictures up for someone on here im likely to give a dog too,i dont sell my dogs a good home is far more essential than cash,
  6. years ago we all took white lightening real strong acid tabs when they want shit my pal took a turn and jumped straight through a glass window,we took him to the hospital he tried to jump out the window there and ended up in a sraight jacket until he came down i had some good times on it
  7. i dont know what type of bulldogs youve had but if they cant do a job by 12 mth let alone 18 i wouldnot even feed them im not talking about a useless bandog,and mine are worked all year round but you do think your some sort of bulldog guru but clearly youve probally never owned a good dog thanks for the advice but you can stick it
  8. the dog will be well tested by then i dont need you to tell me its ok all pups are already homed
  9. im putting him over a 65 pound scott bitch theres no chance of that nothing bully about them anyway standard bullys arnt illegal or micro bullys,they will ban all big dogs if they get their way their wankers,you want to get on instagram theres some nice physcho lines of staff on there best ones are in brazil still tested
  10. he will be tested first then mated when hes 18mth old
  11. last time i had mushrooms i was listening to the pink floydd track with the helicopters in it felt like it was gonna land in my bedroom i used to love a trip but had a bad one and never done them since
  12. cain kagers brother he weighs 75 pound gonna make a nice male he lives with my daughter
  13. kager today hes eight mths on the 6 dec,he weighs 78 pounds gonna be a big boy excellent guard dog already its his yard he lets you know if anything comes near the house deep serious growl on him
  14. i love a dope cake now and then when i give up smoking it ill have cake ocasionally
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