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  1. A friends partner in Alford in Lincs has just been locked down with the virus, picked it up through work, look out Lincs.
  2. I'd just chop the buttons off and Velcro the pocket flaps.
  3. Nice one, good intel, cheers.
  4. Was looking at these on ebay, for the very reason you said, it would get personal if they stole the expensive ones. lol Cheers for your input G.
  5. Thanks Ted, I'll swat up on them now, cheers again.
  6. What have you got, what do you like in a trail cam, and more so, what to avoid? Got a farm that I shoot and ferret on, quite like the landowner, old style gent, one of the good'uns. His farm machinery is being pilfered piece by piece, like someone is nicking for spares, so Trail Cams are going out to see if we can stem the pilfering. So what are you using, what do you rate, and what's crap. Thanks in advance.
  7. Happy New Year folks, hope it's a good'un.
  8. My Mrs would freak out if she had to wear a letterbox.
  9. George Orwell had it nailed, f***ing boring book, when I read it as a kid, I wondered back then if they could really change the past, our reference history which we rely on to avoid making the same mistakes of the past, in the future, and it now seems they can. Sad outlook for our future generations if they only believe what they see on their phones.
  10. Just been really busy, keep looking in, and I'll see what I can do about a post. lol
  11. It's so you can go prone on a wasps nest if you have to, and blend in.
  12. I'm with Boris, f**k the TV licence off, and let all the TV companies compete for viewers subscriptions.
  13. I'd rather buy another HW100 and put the spare Wonga towards some good night vision.
  14. Put some pix up of your bird.
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