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  1. "Those growing up today need to understand that we must always be ready to fight for peace and freedom".

    Joachim Ronneberg

    1. walshie


      R.I.P Mr Ronneberg. True hero. 

  2. You should sort out the long barrel HW100 you were after, and grab that custom stock, sorted.
  3. stealthy1

    Earthquakes in Blackpool

    They did some fracking in Market Rasen in Lincolnshire, a few years ago, the land slip woke people up in Doncaster South Yorkshire. I think we should all be worried. We are an island and breaking the ground under our feet, it can only end one way.
  4. stealthy1

    stolen transit van wrote car off ...

    It's gonna need a new filler cap, that is a fact.
  5. stealthy1


    Stick the chewing gum on next doors, and if they get burgled, you were right.
  6. stealthy1

    eBay bargain

  7. stealthy1


    Never been bitten my self, but heard plenty of folk say they were bitten by Harlequin Ladybirds, no plagues here this year, even though the weather suited them.
  8. stealthy1

    BBC Final Score

    Even Dr Who has tits now.
  9. stealthy1

    It has come

    Stick with the sub 12 HW100 Mac, it does the job. Look how well Falcongit is doing with his.
  10. stealthy1

    First kill

    Nice gun.
  11. stealthy1

    Beware - scam hunting website

    Is this a CHASE SHOOT LIMITED advert?
  12. stealthy1


    Look like a pair of WW2 bazooka's.
  13. stealthy1

    Boxing At The Weekend...

    Good finish by AJ.