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  1. I'm still using my original HW100KT, and its still croaking bunnies and doo's. ?
  2. You can't go wrong with a HW100, bought mine in 2008, whacked thousands of rabbits, lost count how many, and all manner of air rifle sized game, and it has never missed a beat.
  3. Watched the lads on Worlds Strongest Man lift a tonne each, think four of them did it, some good training to lift that kind of weight.
  4. World peace can't be achieved if you can't or won't stop the war mongers(Biden) making billions from their destruction of other countries, just to plunder their oil and gas. Kiev will end the same way as all the other bombed out countries, just another waste land.
  5. I have the same problem, Paypal want me to send them a photo of me because I'm not dumb enough to be on Facebook giving away all my personal details, see if a buddy will sort it for you, don't know what a new stock will cost, and hope never to find out.
  6. Nice to see you fannying about with another gun, or is it fettlling. ?
  7. Lad on Ebay is selling one, £180, banger715 with studs and adjustable but pad, don' know him, but if it helps you out.
  8. Takes time to move on, and its some thing you can only do at your own pace, it's the only way to feel you've done things right.
  9. I like the one where he rides round the kids toys, or round Edinburgh ride.
  10. A good way to off a few million people to lessen the burden of world wide over population.
  11. I think we're all the same, you cant not with working animals, last year I lost a really nice marked wild polecat, and my oldest hob, he was 7. Seems to be the age.
  12. I've had a couple of ferrets that went like that at their back end, not saved either, vet gave them the thumbs down.
  13. Cheers Tomo, won't be having any pups in the near future will he. ?
  14. The merle in the middle is a nice looking dog.
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