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  1. stealthy1

    Fury v wilder

    Can't believe AJ is fighting another mug.
  2. stealthy1

    Average speed check....

    Half chat, lez, and she does like a fight on a Saturday night after a few pints.
  3. stealthy1

    Average speed check....

    Tell them your a gay, black, muslim with behavioural problems, and they'll let you off. My next door got one through the post, she ripped it up, not heard nothing for two years.
  4. stealthy1

    Big Tommy Robinson news ..just gone live

    I'll say one thing about Tommy, all his evidence is up front, and not held back as a defence. And I don't see why I should fund the BBC any more, it's a f****n freak show these days, and by law I have to pay each year just to own my TV, even if I don't watch the BBC, if that's not a monopoly.
  5. stealthy1

    the nw hw100 bullpup

    More airgunners running round the countryside pretending they're SAS. The airgun world becomes more like Black Ops every time a new gun is launched. I don't shoot from the hip, so I don't need pistol grip.
  6. stealthy1


    Lime Sticks, I used to help putting them out for Bullfinches in orchards as a kid, used to trap every species of bird, most went for sale at the local markets.
  7. stealthy1


    You need more ram.
  8. stealthy1

    Bloody anoying adverts

    Vagasil fanny cream at 10 at night, just when your thinking about going down on the Mrs for a 69.
  9. stealthy1

    What's this??

    Looks like slime mould, or doggers sperm.
  10. stealthy1

    Just the one

    Who gave you a lift to your perm, Ru Paul.
  11. stealthy1

    Fao greyman

    No red eyes.
  12. stealthy1

    Black Ops 4.

    Bit like here then when folk go for a meet up. What the f**k is wrong with them.
  13. stealthy1

    Black Ops 4.

    Even the games I play are about shooting things. lol Mostly play with mates from away or my grand kids, it's either join in or sit an watch for hours with no dialogue.
  14. stealthy1

    Black Ops 4.

    I love to hear the moaners getting battered, love it when they lose it and kick off.
  15. stealthy1

    Black Ops 4.

    Got it for Christmas. lol What a download though.