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  1. stealthy1

    General license

  2. stealthy1

    Boxing At The Weekend...

    Crawford took Khan apart, as predicted. Down in the first, then he bottled it. Don't want to see Khan fight again, for his own safety.
  3. stealthy1

    I’m back

    Switch your electric fencing back on folks.
  4. stealthy1


  5. Tried all sorts to get them going, Just put them out in a nice sized planter this year, still no flowers. lol
  6. stealthy1

    More swans killed

    Or another Cwiz Pakhum stitch up.
  7. stealthy1

    More swans killed

    And how do they know it's not Ray Mear's fans doing a bit of wild camping in the park, you have to eat what's at hand.
  8. Yep, tried all those remedies too. They have been in the ground, in the sun, in the shade, organic feed, the lot, think I'm going to give up and bin them. I just have this vision of them growing well on the edge of our local land fill after I out them. lol
  9. Anyone ever heard of blind daffs? I've had this pot of daffs for over ten years, and not once have they thrown a flower, tried them in all the known soil and peat based mediums for bulbs, and nothing. I thought they were to small at first, so I let them grow on, and on, and on. And just like the three blind mice, they're still blind. They reproduce new bulbs, but these seem to be blind too. I've never know this before, anyone any ideas on how to make them flower?
  10. stealthy1


    It's a fix, you can only have 7 ticks.
  11. stealthy1

    Mini Ferrets

    PM Rakeaboot, he's the man for greyhound ferrets, a legend on THL, and other forums, his stock is second to none.
  12. stealthy1

    Boxing At The Weekend...

  13. stealthy1

    Boxing At The Weekend...

    At least Price didn't get knocked out this time, makes a change.
  14. stealthy1

    Boxing At The Weekend...

    I fear for Price every time I see him fight.
  15. stealthy1

    Bird feed raiders

    I've never had Rooks on my bird table.