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  1. stealthy1

    Rettendon range rover murders

  2. If it's sub 12, is it ok to fill to 250 bar?
  3. stealthy1

    Fury v wilder

  4. stealthy1


    Look on the bright side, If they ban airguns, then we'll have to use catties, until they ban them.
  5. stealthy1

    Fury v wilder

    God forbid, can you imagine Fury as undisputed world champion for a second time, would that make him better than Ali?
  6. stealthy1

    Paris riots

    An eighty year old woman killed in the riots. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-46429930
  7. stealthy1


    Glad it's not just me then.
  8. stealthy1


    Also strange that the shrapnel is not lodged in the soft tissue, and only seems to be imbedded in bone.
  9. stealthy1

    Fury v wilder

    It would take nothing for Fury to get a fight with AJ, all he has to do is pay off the contenders for AJ's belts and it's a done deal, and I'm sure the contenders would rather watch Fury get slapped round the ring instead of them, so what's holding AJ back?
  10. stealthy1


    Unusual pattern of shot, like Walshie said, strange shot, as if it was put there by a non shooter who knew nothing about shot or shooting patterns.
  11. stealthy1

    Storing bikes over winter

    I only put a light blanket over my bikes, stops the condensation building up on the cold metal. I don't touch the fuel as I like to start mine up every week and run it until it warms up, and the oil gets flushed round the engine.
  12. stealthy1

    Seven mk3 problem

    Did you check the battery before you put it in? Most batteries are flat when you buy them these days.
  13. stealthy1

    Fury v wilder

    Just watched the highlights again, worth it just to see the look on the refs face when Fury got up the second time. lol
  14. stealthy1

    Fury v wilder

    Good fight, looking forward to the rematch, because I don't think AJ will be in any rush to fight Fury or Wilder.