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  1. I'll bet it's got a hole where it's arse used to be.
  2. Was that with a 1.77 or .22?
  3. Usyk to fight the winner of AJ v Ruiz. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/boxing/48738582
  4. Crack on, makes change to see you lot getting on.
  5. Tyson Fury on TV tonight, anyone watching it?
  6. Tell that to AJ, and Ruiz warned him.
  7. Warrington or Galahad? Warrington should waste Galahad.
  8. stealthy1


    At least Quiss Spakam can go to dog shows again.
  9. Schwarz is number two for a go at one of Ruiz's belts, not sure, but I think Brazeale is number one, or was before AJ dropped him. And it looks like Ruiz will bin defending one belt (IBF) to fight the rematch with AJ. So the belts will need to be gathered again. Who can do it? There are some good unknown heavy weights in the USA.
  10. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/boxing/48619543
  11. stealthy1


    sacred ibis and Indian house-crow are pest spiecies. lol
  12. stealthy1

    Hw 100 leak

    It would seem that nobody knows.
  13. stealthy1

    Metal detecting section

    Keep this topic going and get your finds posted, fields will be down soon.
  14. stealthy1

    the fight

    The only thing wrong with AJ was ring rust, 9 months out of the ring? Big difference between hard sparring and getting in the ring to defend a title. AJ needs to get over his self, forget making Grime records and swanning about and get fighting. Anyone who didn't see this coming when AJ cancelled his last stadium fight to go abroad lives in a dream world, how can you hold 3 titles and have nobody to fight? Where are the mandatory title defences?
  15. stealthy1

    well thats the first step

    I think you'll piss it. Plenty worse than you have FAC's. lol