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  1. Funny you know I need a new pair of bins and I'll skint myself to buy a half decent scope for my favourite springer but I'm unable to bring myself to spend any money on binoculars....raising the Rifle to scan the trees is just daft and it's wearing my arms out
  2. I just bought a Nikko 6—24 SF with zero stop for 239 30mm tube for my LGV.. Do you think it'll make me like a world champ or what? Lmao. Can't wait to merely attach it haha
  3. The answer to that would have been simple. ZOS But they are being held in customs because the greedy drop shippers are trying to avoid duty by not officially importing them into the EU, so they aren't being invoiced or shipped correctly into the UK. Subsequently no correct paperwork no way of being evaluated... Takes ages... May never arrive. Most likely the same factory as some major brands. If you aren't bothered by an overly thick ret and the worst IR in history a 6-24x50 AOEG fifty quid on Amazon, tracks fine survives shock and recoil holds zero and is very clear. But not
  4. Bought a second hand LGV as some of you might know. Waited ages for a new piston seal to arrive from Poland, good quality item. Had a new spring and top hat and some delrin parts from TBT. It needed it, the existing top hat had ovaled slightly. Apparently the spring is cut for UK spec so with the top hat slip washer and one power band and the whole thing cleaned regreased and reassembled it shot a JSB Heavy Right through my wadded pellet trap and into the plastic box behind and registered 16.2Ftlb....bugger. Out came the angle grinder and the blow torch I did one coil to
  5. Excellent. The best. He's hard to flippin get hold of as well! Some bloke on the other place Shauny... Complete arrogant bellend..... Apparently Paul Short doesn't have a clue. As he basically poo poo'd lighter actions shorter strokes. Mega jealous of the tune. Just hope my work it out ya self attempts shoot as well!
  6. I've just this second seen one shoot 177 7.9 grains 10 pumps .. Doing well a lot more without blowing the blokes hand off. 11 plus ftlb... On YT.... I had one as a young man un modified which I shot against competitive pistols with outstanding results, would be fun to modify one.
  7. Me want. Unfortunately optics warehouse sell them, which means theirs a fiar chance I'll abuse my credit to get one rollseyes emoticon follows hahaha
  8. Do you reckon if you added a longer barrel and stock extension you'd still be bound to 6 ftlb?
  9. Seems to very difficult to get an answer to an email or even to speak to someone, I might have to turn up and force my way in with a biro. Fingers crossed.
  10. That's funny I thought I'd replied... Maybe I did t send... Doh...i was going to say I quote fancy building a 1377 in to a Rifle at near full power, apparently its possible, I've bookmarked a site that specialises in custom bits!
  11. Who did the stock and the tuning bud?
  12. That makes total sense. There is something clever going on with Hades so those suckers group well too!
  13. Well Jel. Compared to me driving to permission without ammo and getting rained off on the second attempt.... You did much better!
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