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  1. Short Stroke, custom spring, walnut custom stock, adjustable comb and hours and hours of finishing.. Its not that tuned. It's good mind.
  2. Well... You can't better a standard HW101 accept with a better fitting stock... So I won't be finding out... H Shocking non the less mate.
  3. First of all everyone,. Sorry for being such a shit member. I've had so much going on you woudknt Adam and Eve it Anyone I got into fixing the 97 and finished it tonight. The longevity of the tune will pay out in time. But I've sorted the power and consistency 11.8 now max.. Lowest 11.6 with 8.4grains Very happy with that and the target results more to come of them soon. Hope all is well everyone Jake
  4. Awfff.... Now ya talking... If you got two flog one. But... Still if is a seriously serious Rifle that.
  5. One that practiced a lot. And wasn't very good faaaaark
  6. Everyone just uses Rat Works for BSA mate.
  7. Don't buy a pistol in 22...Well I wouldnt. Not one that nice.... Seems little point. IMHO
  8. Thats good news mate indeed. I have to say why I asked. I have a Sheffield stock and the area around the trigger and thumb hole are near exact to the eye (with my gun in the cab) my stock wraps a 97 though
  9. Is that defo a Warren Edwards stock? When was the stock made?
  10. I use FX Branded 4.51 and 4.52 JSBs, I use AA JSBs when I can't get the FX Branded ones, which I'm told is permanently gonna be the case now.
  11. Yeah weight is good for Benchrest for which this is the ultimate tool imho... With the right stock...
  12. I've heard good things about Rat Works and I've heard of Rifles needing leaks fixed.. But one thing I do know, is I own a very recent HW100 if you weight a dozen pellets it will shoot them with only a few fps deviation fill after fill... And it will nail single home groups at 35 yards with a whole mag going through one small hole. Thars why I'm sceptical it can bettered.
  13. I do understand that unique challenge of having a forum dedicated to the use of a device often used for pest control, and having therefore people like us going to said place. And then running it as if you were running the Student Union at East London University, the notably worst university in the country at that. That is a unique challenge seemingly of their own choosing
  14. Bat shit crazy... Whoever it was that ran that forum and banned all those people for their views. Was fekkin Bat Shit Crazy... Madder than my ex wife after half a bottle of Chardonnay. And that's fekkin saying something that is lads.
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