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  1. I think it's worth calling the RFD. Mine is a nice bloke, bit he don't know much. A ring around is required. Everyone is telling me to be competitive with a multi use Rifle AA is the way to go. However I know comps been one with BSAs... So I'm told.
  2. I didn't think so.... But I'm googleing it... Which one in particular. I'm thinking of R10 as a possible option.
  3. Dear all, I'm putting together a Rifle for a bit of comp. But I am left handed. I want multishot as I love a bit of fast bench shooting for a laugh. But I also want a reasonbly competitive setup for HFT. I have tried a right handed gun, and despite my ambidextrousness (!) the lever / bolt being on the wrong side simply drives me mental. So I've had a chat with RAT Works about regulating an S410 and dropping it into an S510 ultimate spotter stock to give me some adjustment etc... What do lot reckon to this plan? My only reservation is is the flipping ag
  4. Well, I'm glad someone reminded me about this.... As I've been meaning to post. I am not pro banning anything. I'm pro choice, pro freedom, anti legislation. However I feel an impactful ban coming, and I fear these tactical look guns are attractive to people who have more negative views towards out sport. Effectively anything that involves a gun. Clays, to LR FT to..... Etc... I've more recently learnt that it's quite common for gang figures or drug dealers to carry air soft or C02 "9mm" pistols to both make it appear as if they are armed and combining that with the lesser ch
  5. I cant look at that without thinking about the black guns matter joke... Still laughing.... Cracked me up.... Hahaha
  6. Tony Bellas. Tbh... I think I've spent a lot of time watching him on various YouTube popups and... The one thing that sticks with me is his long term admission of how terrible the triggers are. He tells a story of how they take them into a lake to prove they are OK in thr wet and they still die..... The idea of having anything proan to possible failure so fundamental to something required to be both safe and dependable.. When something so simple and dependable is effectively better....is just f***ing thick tbh. I can pump up me PCP... I might fix my O Rings. If it leaks.... And I'm
  7. I don't have the patience to tell them Im 53 I've been shooting since I was 9 years old.
  8. Freedom of speech is lost on those idiots. I've never met such an intolerant bunch of people in my life.
  9. Trying to build a PCP rig. It looks to me like AA multishot mags and or single shot adapters will be prevented from fitment if you use a sidewheel? Can anyone confirm?
  10. I've been kicked out of forums because of my loathing for that shite. I'm sure Tony Bellas is a lovely bloke, but I'm sorry, battery drivem triggers that go off when it rains. I've seen videos of him saying how unreliable they are.... Will I buy a mechanical German or British Air Rifle yes. Electronic anything..... No....with or without a spring or gas. Just f***ing daft.
  11. All Guns matter mate .. That ckin cracked me up
  12. They've got a good rep for sure.. Czech, isn't going to be junk for sure.. I'm gonna air my controversial opinion about "tactical" look air weapons. I think they attract too much unwanted attention, they may attract their own legislation, and I think possibly the wrong kind of people buy them. I think our hobby is teetering on the brink of unwanted legislation, and tactical look air guns may accelerate that. Just my 2ps worth. If its got a great action, and barrel and shoots like a laser.... It would always be better in Walnut hahaha
  13. I can't beleive the specs on that! Resettable zero! Side Focus... I know there are three or so factories in China making most of the scopes outside of EU manufacturing, when you consider these are... What... Elements? Nikko.? Hawke, Falcon even?.... Just cutting out the middle man / brand..... Makes me feel a tad ripped off.
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