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  1. Don't forget mate. They know better than you. It doesn't matter how long you've been shooting or doing field sports of any kind. They know all about you, your hobby and your personality because they can tell that from a few short paragraphs of text Complete morons
  2. One of the admins or probably all of them somehow feel their roll in life is to be a policeman. It would not surprise me if they were police man, not one of the now rare vocational hobbies we so badly need, but the ineffectual cretinous type that enjoy telling people what to do. What a shit hole.
  3. Apparently it's down for updates according to that main cesspit FaceArse I mean book. Strange they did this with DNS, it's not my area exactly. But... Urch... What a crap hole.
  4. Same here. However the site is probably still there, or... At least there are no DNS servers offering results for the site which means your browsers don't know where to find it. A variety of scenarios could be the cause. Including not paying the bils. It staying down would be for the best. It's a toxic environment, made toxic by a total lack of free expression and a level of maddening woke control freekery I've never seen the likes of outside mainstream education, where the leaders are similarly inept.
  5. Every half decent human I know who shoots air guns is banned... They probably banned the wrong person, one who works in professional IT. It wasn't me BTW..... But I can tell you, they aren't the brightest bunch
  6. Been looking for a bargain like that myself. GX40 is probably the ultimate low cost PCP from what I can tell
  7. No malice accepted... If that makes sense His Mum and Dad are absolutely 100 Jack in appearance and would have no issues getting in.....hes a throw back of something unknown way back.. Not that we are bothered. He's 100 percent killer lol
  8. Indeed. And yes God Knows. His Mum and Dad were visually obviously Jack's mate... Right colouring in ever way... Yet him and one other from the litter came out like this..and apparently that's what they call the colouring... They aren't allowed in the club mate. But we don't care. He's such a great little dog. He was born to rat he's been shaking to death all his toys since he came home.
  9. Glad you found somewhere if it's no closer than Fleet do head to tackle up some time... They are a good little shop. Good mates to me. Compressor is always on the go. Just taking mine there now.
  10. Tackle up in Fleet. Tell them Jake sent you
  11. It was a joke but now I've offended myself... Htf does that work lol
  12. I've got a nightshit on my Gaystate mate
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