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  1. There's some bloke on another forum who tunes. He don't know shit. 97K really benefits from a short stroke, slightly lighter internals. But the swept volume is far too large and the action too slow. Especially makes the lighter Poly Stock version unshootable in my view. Lots of work to do on a standard modern 97K. None required on my Walther to shoot as well. But the trigger isn't as good. Just need an AA Springer...
  2. Oh hello mate. I'm left handed... Thats the flipping problem sorry I should have mentioned that.
  3. Hope it goes well Jimmy, I'm pleased to be wanting to sell some guns I never really liked. Rather than ones I did like. I hope it goes to a lover of springers. Kids lol
  4. I've got a competition 97KT mate TX or LGU or prosport. Have to say the Walther is a superior design but the AAs better quality. When you mildly tune a floating piston gun with decent guides and a light polish, make sure they are 10.8 to 11 max they are extremely accurate... In comparison my HW took A LOT of spend to make as accurate as a LGV not even LGU. It is now mind.. But it was an ordeal of raisimg weight correcting rattling springs, loose guides, the WRONG spring and guides fitted by HULL cartridge... Shitty Poly Stock too light to be accurate..... Lots wrong wit
  5. Yes buddy. I plan to give one of them a go, I've been keeping an eye on them. Westhunter? Is it? I've got a few changes going on in the cabinet thanks to various under performing purchases.. Some are going to be replaced with one thing nice.. As its become really obvious to me over the last six months... German Rifles are either night and day or I'm a half decent shot somedays and not others and they coincidently happen to be the days I shoot Rifles with great reviews but are made elsewhere. I want either an LGU or TX or Prosport. It's all I want from life.... At least my sporting
  6. Holy cow..... My old friend. I've got one of those... Thank fully in perfect nick.
  7. Yes bud, as well as every other part you can see, seals, piston, spring guides the lot all matched and fettled... I'm going to tune it down at the weekend. 10. something....refine it as much as I can... A little worried about the lock time vs..... Power...as it works so well so may buy another spring and adjust accordingly.
  8. Yes buddy the former is a 200bhp man killer. Scares f***ing shit out of me. Makes me feel alive.
  9. Jesus bud you had me going there. Don't worry by GSXR1000 and GSF650 are both sidewheel free.
  10. I hope contraversial is allowed. I've been shooting solely sprung air rifles for donkeys. I think Si Pittaway is a top geezer..... We disagree on Calibre choice. Sorry Si. However, I don't think anything other than 0.177 works properly with any air Rifle especially hunting where precision is even more important. I've shot rabbits at 50 yards with the smaller caliber and seen the pellet pass through head and heart and lung... I've read a lot about dumping energy, but I think a flatter trajectory is key. PCPs obviously reduce the impact of slow lock times, but those
  11. I thought a silver wheel would look ace on the Falcon on my 97.... Seen the blimmin price of em? Original ones in silver seem to be unobtainable and Rowan want 115 quid plus postage... Seems a waste to stick a 3d printed plastic one on the side of such a nice gun... Anyone got one? Or got any ideas?
  12. Cheers Phil... Jeez I took some pics and the wood and oil didn't look as good as they did in that one, although it doesn't show how well the Nickel looks against the stained walnut I went for over half and half more like 60 percent stain to get the stippling dark..... Anyway I thought as my balls we'rent actually on show, I could rely on you lads to fill in all the appropriate comments, which you have done, so all is right with the world. And my flat smells nicely of stock sheen and a hint of Danish oil haha... Brilliant.
  13. Sorry about my pasty legs it's hot at home and I was giving it a buff... Its not perfect... the sidewheel isn't on yet... Arrives soon.. Hope its OK
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