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  1. Lurcher to Lurcher, if the parents are doing what you want, you will have a good chance with the pups doing what you require.
  2. Sorry to hear that, she was a lovely looking bitch. Good luck with the pup I'll be interested to hear how you get on with her. I have an 11 week old pup here similar to yours but with collie from both parents as well as deerhound, grayhound & American stag hound. Good luck.
  3. I look forward to hearing how you get on as this is something I am keen to try in years to come. I would imagine a lurcher with gun dog or herding dog in its make-up would have the best chance. Good luck
  4. In our area we seem to have lost a lot of fox & badger in the last 6 months. I haven't seen a badger in 3 years & only the occasional fox. There has been a lot of shooting. The only pests that seem to be growing in numbers are mink. I hope to see more in the coming season.
  5. Nothing wrong with being 65 & still at it (I hope)
  6. Well after a trip to Cumbria & back Myersbg was true to his word & it was a hard choice but the merle made the journey back to North Devon with us, has settled in well & pinched the Terrier's bed. To be honest I would have been happy with any one of the pups, they were in great condition & Myersbg has done a great job rearing them. Thanks again Brian
  7. Can't wait to see them, it will be a hard choice.
  8. Been looking for a springer x greyhound for years. Whippet x would be a good rabbiting dog as well I would have thaught. You could always put it back to a grew in years to come. Goodluck with it
  9. I also like the merle & the brindle with the white collar also stand out I think.
  10. They all look good, how are you going to pick the one you keep, your spoilt for choice
  11. I am new to any type of air gun & am looking for a recommendation for an air gun to shoot rats & the odd magpie. All help appreciated, thank you.
  12. Pictures of both parents on myersbg's previous post "pups due". Nice looking dogs
  13. Is that a dog or bitch?
  14. Collie / Deerhound sort of dog.
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