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    ferreting, mooching, lamping, air rifle shooting, trapping, snaring, snare making, long netting, net making, been out with my dogs, fishing, woodwork, home cooked foods and my family.

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  1. Where did you get the twine from mate
  2. Who is the chap you referring to on this group.
  3. My Collie x is out of a long line of genuine Collie/Greyhounds that take all game. And I know exactly what my dog can do. They do exist but people don't say in this day and age what their dogs can do especially on an open forum.
  4. If you not going to put the right Greyhound to the right Collie you're not getting anywhere. It's no good using track bred Greyhounds to a foxy type Collie. You need to find a coursing Greyhound then find a 23 to 24 inch hill Collie that's out of genuine working lines you have more chance of a decent Collie/Greyhound.
  5. Did you receive my reply mate 

    1. Rabbiting man

      Rabbiting man

      Yes mate I've replied 👍 

  6. My youtube is a young channel. This season I be uploading lamping and more ferreting videos
  7. Cody. I'm thinking of putting them together and keeping a bitch back.
  8. Ste and his girlfriend Dawn. They are really nice people
  9. No hard feeling pal. It doesn't help me not reading between the line.
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