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    ferreting, mooching, lamping, air rifle shooting, trapping, snaring, snare making, long netting, net making, been out with my dogs, fishing, woodwork, home cooked foods and my family.

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  1. Rabbiting man

    A stroll with the pup this morning.

    She still here filling the bag
  2. Rabbiting man

    A stroll with the pup this morning.

    His Dam is a 5/8 Greyhound 3/8 Collie and his Sire is a first x Collie/Greyhound
  3. Few pic of my 5 month old Collie/Greyhound on a stroll this morning.
  4. Rabbiting man

    Cheap pups

    Exmoor lurcher I didn't know one existed
  5. Rabbiting man

    New pup

    All sold
  6. Rabbiting man

    New pup

    I do but it not for me to upload any with out permission.
  7. Rabbiting man

    New pup

    Cheers peeps. I collected him from Durham Saturday evening which took me a 6 hour round trip. I waited for this littler for a long time.
  8. Rabbiting man

    New pup

    I fetch my new pup Saturday evening. He a 14 gen bred Collie/Greyhound.
  9. Rabbiting man

    Lamb lac for dogs

    I feed it to my dogs. They do well on it.
  10. Rabbiting man

    Guard dogs

    I'm thinking of getting a Rottie.
  11. Rabbiting man

    Pic of my Collie/Whippet I bred

    She a cracker. Here a better pic of my bitch
  12. Rabbiting man

    Pic of my Collie/Whippet I bred

    Cheers lads I'm more than happy with him. He's catching on the lamp now., next step I get him out ferreting soon as the cover dies back. So onwards and upwards.
  13. Here is a few pictures of my year old 3/8 Collie 5/8 Whippet dog I bred. The bitch on the left with my son is the Dam to dog.
  14. Rabbiting man