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    ferreting, mooching, lamping, air rifle shooting, trapping, snaring, snare making, long netting, net making, been out with my dogs, fishing, woodwork, home cooked foods and my family.

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  1. How much for mucher's tales.
  2. 12 month old 14th generation bred Collie/Greyhound dog.
  3. Can you PM me a phone number as I'm interested in a pup.
  4. Year old 14th generation bred Collie/Greyhound dog.
  5. 11 month old 14th generation bred Collie/Greyhound
  6. She a 3/4 Whippet 1/ Collie and she takes rabbit night and day. And she a very effective ratting dog.
  7. 14th generation bred Collie/Greyhound starting to take shape
  8. 14 gen breed Collie/Greyhound, just turned 11month old.
  9. My 8 month old Collie/Greyhound dog. Full breeding is. Dam 3/8 Collie 5/8 Greyhound and his Sire is a Half x Collie/Greyhound, I say he's a,half x but I could be wrong well I'm probably wrong lol.
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