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  1. dean1

    Boxing At The Weekend...

    A proper Christmas do... enjoy
  2. dean1

    Jerry dog bull x

  3. dean1

    Putting in kennel drains

    Have you aman hole in your garden ?
  4. dean1

    Moochers Forum

    Fukin quality lol A few people on here got found out over on moochers, .you know who you are lol
  5. dean1

    Only one cure

    The priory lake in Bedford used to be rammed with eels years ago , dont know about now...
  6. dean1

    dog collars and leeshes

    Biothane for me strong and washes up good....
  7. dean1

    Where I Grew Up.......

    Had a good few pals on the estate many moons ago....
  8. dean1

    Where I Grew Up.......

    Waz you on the lakes estate
  9. dean1

    What A Idiotic Woman

    I think a few people on here are voicing there opinions but not really knowing what there on about..
  10. dean1


    Any problems or questions with it drop me a pm mate I live local ....
  11. dean1

    Rhodesian Ridgeback Bushing

    Most of ye seem happy to settle with what ye end up with,no mention of a dog not making the grade.ye seem to tailor yer expectations according to the ability of the dogs ye have.that is bollix.if ye had high standards and only kept dogs that met the standards you expect there would be a lot less shite around Well said ......
  12. dean1


    Only drawback is no safety....
  13. dean1


    Also tried to pm ya ...
  14. dean1

    Don Mayfield

    didn't float my boat.. when outcrossed it was a different matter