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  1. Same question for the sportdog owners... “what distance you getting before you loose signal”
  2. What distance are you getting with the dog trace before you loose communication
  3. dean1

    Dc 40

    Won’t post to the uk....I am no sorted though thanks
  4. Theoben rapid 7 .22 View Advert Looking to get a rapid 7 in .22 any one got one they want to move on... Advertiser dean1 Date 12/11/20 Price Category Airguns
  5. Looking for a rapid in .22 anyone get one they and to part with..
  6. Looking for a bsa ultra se multishot in .22 for my young lad any about.
  7. Personally wouldn’t believe too much coming from the CIA after the Kiki camerana carry on ...
  8. Just out of interest what year was Pye born.?i bred a very similar way bred litter about 97 ,a dog and a bitch went up to Preston
  9. dean1

    Gyms shut

    Ultimate orange..that was a Long while back.
  10. Trying to pm ya can’t get through
  11. What mid range kibble do you feed dodger.
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