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  1. Happy hunting fella good luck with the season you've got some tidy looking terriers there atb
  2. My Patterdale dog does it [bANNED TEXT] he's excited or his adrenalin kicks in before entering a fox hole and after quarry has been dispached he pumps himself up and then there's know stopping him lol
  3. Wanted young hound dog I'm located in Cumbria pm me if you have 1
  4. I was just curios so I thought IDE ask cheers for the replies good to know that what I thought was right for once atb
  5. I've got a pure American pitbull bitch could I put a pure greyhound over her or do you think there will b to much bull in the pups and to heavy to work?
  6. Lovely looking pup marra hope it turns out a world beater for you.
  7. I've just bought 2 fc?k the ban quick release slip leads from black dog trading and they are made to an high quality and they work a treat there's know looking back now from using a bit of blue rope and ending up with rope burns on my hands where the dogs are pulling hard lol
  8. I've decided not to breed as I av acquired a Minshaw pup
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