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  1. Surprised it took so long
  2. Until I see it rounding up a couple of unicorns I don’t believe it
  3. Since Blair’s new labour government gained power in 1997 there’s been more immigration into Britain than the previous 2000 years,you would think that there trying to change/destroy Britain/British culture forever.
  4. Put some pictures up of your bitch, might help sell her
  5. I was told he’ll put one or two different breeds into the line to improve what he sees as faults then levels everything out by going back to a greyhound, that’s when you buy a pup supposed to be some handy pups but who knows, still to much of a commercial enterprise for me, some lads on here might know different.
  6. Is it safe to say it’s a gimmick
  7. Did you ever see any pup from Hancocks jake
  8. Hahaha it must be about 45 lol
  9. Do you know anything about the beardie she used
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