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  1. Marvel

    Beddy Grey x Deer Grey

    I always thought grey/beddie, grey/deer would have been a better match than most
  2. Marvel

    New Arrivals.

    wow that's a lot of collie
  3. Marvel

    New Arrivals.

    colliejohn is liz a full collie?
  4. Marvel

    Good end to the season

    Milton Keynes hahahaha
  5. Marvel

    Bedlington x greyhound 1st 2generation

    what size is she moocher 71
  6. Marvel

    Dog kennels and galvanised runs

    what about a price list please
  7. well lads there yous go, fair play to you morton
  8. They both look like beddie crosses popps
  9. Marvel

    The Jerry dog

    whats your bitch bud
  10. Easy Morton put your beddie cross up for stud, and just wait on the right bitches to come along
  11. Marvel

    Nicest Lurcher On Thl?

    That is some lump of a bitch DC, all the best with her, I like her
  12. Interesting thread lads good to see there's still some good beddie cross blood still going about, ANYWAY ADAM C Hows your pups getting on, any pictures
  13. Marvel

    Any litters planned

    Is it bedlington greyhound bedlington greyhound or is there something else in them poxon, same as jack knife just nosey lol
  14. Marvel

    Next seasons hopeful

    where did you get her Moocher71, any better photos of her she looks strong for a bitch, pm if you like
  15. Marvel

    Any litters planned

    Theres not much being bred this year then.