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  1. wee bit of information on your bitch might help.
  2. Two pups Two posts, we know who the character is
  3. why not ask joe ox to use his collie/bull/grey, there I've said it.
  4. Maybe he's waiting on a greyhound coming into season.
  5. Did you ever get something sorted out with a greyhound bedlington first cross Dbod?
  6. I suppose the question should be is a quarter anything enough when the rest is greyhound?
  7. I sometimes wounder what Vic Minshaw would make of all this, arseholes using his name to sell pups.
  8. If say again goes with a greyhound lenmcharristar will quarter wheaton be enough?
  9. she's a very nice looking bitch, hope you find the right dog for her, atb
  10. Have you got an update of your deer map Bush Rummager, it only goes to 2007.
  11. Are they first crosses or three quarter crosses?
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