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  1. Marvel

    Non Ped Whippet

    That's a cracker, would that be classed as an over sized non Ped because that's what I'd be looking for a bitch about 23/24ins.
  2. Marvel

    Deerhound greyhound pup

    Trevors last litter of grey/deer was 2000, you could try Dave Platt.
  3. Marvel

    Deerhound greyhound pup

    Don't think trevor breeds deerhound crosses anymore, just Deerhounds, atb
  4. Marvel

    The future

    For once, talk sense
  5. Marvel

    Non Ped Whippet

    come on lads, the other whippet page gets 70 pages, surely the non Ped owners cant be shy
  6. Marvel

    Building new runs up for ma mate

    where did your mate get his galvinised panels SHH
  7. sorry to hear about the lurcher Trev
  8. Is the top one a greyhound Magwitch?
  9. Marvel

    Building new runs up for ma mate

    what did he put to his lurcher bitch
  10. what size are they two in the top pic trev
  11. Marvel

    Non Ped Whippet

    can the size vary greatly in non Ped Whippets
  12. Marvel

    best all round lurcher?

    well back on track lads, anybody else own this cross back in the day, haven't seen this cross bred for a while atb
  13. Marvel

    Bull whippet grey

    Best of luck sully be nice to see how these turn oot.
  14. Marvel

    Planned litters.

    is your bitch a genuine first cross beddie/grey pot hunter?
  15. Marvel

    Planned litters.

    that dog has got some noggin on him