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  1. She’s turned out a nice bitch
  2. If you can source the proper litter
  3. I think it’s for pre menstral cramps
  4. Sorry to hear that,did you previously have trouble getting the bitch to come in season.
  5. Anybody ever used raspberry leaf supplement?
  6. I agree with what your saying BUT if you’re not in the know to be able to buy a pup of this breeding then it naturally follows that you won’t be able to breed one either
  7. Are the pussbook groups in the know you know as in proper stuff🥸
  8. That’s one of the reasons there’s as many pet lurches about.
  9. Send busher100 a pm he might be able to help you.
  10. Didn’t think they’d be as big as that,any pictures sorry if I’ve missed them in a previous thread.
  11. When you say bull cross do you mean pit/grey and what size did the pups leavel out at
  12. Is there many litters of first cross pit/grey getting bred or is it 2,3,4, generations now with bits and pieces in them, that question is to anybody.
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