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  1. that makes a change from you bitching on everybody else thread
  2. How are you getting on with yours, you don't hear much about that litter your bitch came out of.
  3. are they bred from Trevor Cooklands stuff? nice big strong pups
  4. what age is he and has he produced anything shh?
  5. Marvel


    Hows your bitch bred ?
  6. Don't think there would be to much bull left in the pups after you put a 3/8ths bull 5/8ths grey to a grey, different kettel of fish a 5/8ths bull 3/8ths grey to a grey, think that might make a better allrounder.
  7. No wounder Ace is your pride and joy, hes a cracker busher, is he a genuine fist cross whippet/bull?
  8. Somebody should start a thread about greyhound bedlingtons, might be interesting
  9. How is the lad in cumbria bitch bred budgie 123 ?
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