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  1. Did you ever get the right sire for her?
  2. Is he still breeding beddie greys
  3. Can anybody on this site vouch for you? if your looking to sell spare pups you'll need to put a wee bit more info about the parents, to answer your question they make cracking dogs if bred properly.
  4. I'm not a great lover of the Tories but lets hope boris sorts them out and makes it a more level playing field, then we'll see if they can stand on there own two feet.
  5. That's a f##king disgrace, scumbags
  6. Have you got a greyhound lined up for her jake?
  7. Did yous ever breed anything from him AT?.
  8. Me and a mate bought two first crosses from that kennel, bred from Granitor line I think, handy wee dugs.
  9. always liked your bitch moocher.
  10. wee bit of information on your bitch might help.
  11. Two pups Two posts, we know who the character is
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