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  1. Marvel

    Jerry dog bull x

    Is he retired Saxon?
  2. Marvel

    Fingers crossed

    Is she a whippet/Grey John?
  3. Marvel

    Planned litters.

    How did your bull lurcher get on GB
  4. Marvel

    whippet x greyhound

    some real crackers on here keep the photos coming
  5. Marvel

    Bitch is ready to pop

    5 or 8 pups?
  6. Marvel

    Bitch is ready to pop

    whats happening with these pups shh
  7. Arthur seems to throw workers
  8. Marvel

    Barnesmore whippets

    what size are they LPD
  9. Marvel

    Few runs on the lure

    how do you rate the lure machine, where did you get it
  10. Marvel

    A couple of pics

    Like him what sizes is he?
  11. Marvel

    Fresh set

    Big enough
  12. Marvel

    Fresh set

    Do you have to build them yourself DavoH66
  13. Marvel

    First cross

    If your serious about your hunting you'd be much better getting a well bred deerhound lurcher rather than a grey/deer, atb
  14. Marvel

    First cross

  15. Marvel

    Hopefully get a pup back

    perfect weather for having pups atb