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  1. Marvel

    Lets see some wheaton xs

    what's way is your brothers bitch bred?
  2. Marvel

    Lets see some wheaton xs

    Is that 5/8th wheaton 3/8th grey?
  3. Marvel

    Heat Lamp

    Thanks for the reply's lads
  4. Marvel

    Heat Lamp

    any pictures, where's the best place to get these
  5. Marvel

    Heat Lamp

    Like the title says what's the best and where the best place to get it, any tips about set ups would be welcome
  6. Marvel

    Kennel heating ???

    that doesn't look safe
  7. Marvel

    Kennel heating ???

    do you put them below the box Boris
  8. Marvel

    Let’s see your Pups

    That sounds a very interesting litter atb
  9. Marvel

    Lurcher pup

    Best of luck lol
  10. Marvel

    Non Ped Whippet

    That is an old wife's tale Mr Rabbit, everybody knows its square sausage that gets a good mouth on them.
  11. Marvel

    Vitamins and minerals

    why did he tell you to use it, do you run lurchers or greyhounds.
  12. Marvel

    Non Ped Whippet

    stick a picture up of your pup from paddy Terry Ermann
  13. Marvel

    Non Ped Whippet

    Feet like a cat, I like it
  14. Just read through this topic, fantastic information from owners who have walked the walk, this was started 8 year ago so who's the fastest now
  15. Marvel

    Non Ped Whippet

    No saluki please