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  1. Is there collie on ether side myersbg
  2. No offence but I think you may be in a gang of one on here, all the best thank for your service.
  3. Would this be Jerry the berry
  4. Is there beardie collie in the sire myersbg
  5. They weren’t called weirdy beardies for f**k all
  6. There’s boys running beardy/grey Picardy/grey in the midlands area very similar.
  7. This cross looks like an old fashioned type, some crackers there
  8. There bound to be getting on now
  9. Cool how’s your big red beddy/grey dog getting on
  10. Phoned the vet today and he said they wouldn’t do it because it’s to unpredictable 50/50 at best
  11. Will any vet supply it
  12. Can you get this in tablet form or powder
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