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  1. Those tiny little speedsters are a thing of beauty when in full flow
  2. Marvel

    Beddy whippet grey

    where did you get her Moocher71, nice bitch btw, pm if you like.
  3. Marvel


    You should get back to the Beddy bull greys Dia
  4. Marvel

    Litters planned or due

    All the best Jigsaw
  5. Marvel

    The pup and new addition

    The big pup starting to stretch out now, like your bitch aswell
  6. Marvel

    Lurcher and terrier

    Your diet starts NOW
  7. Marvel

    Be a year old soon

    Is your big bitch and the big fawn dog brother and sister? it's hard to tell from photos but what size did yous get, btw there crackers
  8. Marvel

    Racing Greyhound litter question

    I think the man you need to ask is Mr Maxhardcore but the greyhound he used was top notch.
  9. Marvel

    11 months old now

    Any other photos of that big bitch shes a cracker
  10. Marvel

    Strange bred

    looks ideal for a nice deerhound or a deerhound cross, anybody ever ask?
  11. Marvel

    Litters planned or due

    What size are the parents alun? any of the pups rough coated? atb.
  12. Marvel

    Litters planned or due

    There like hens teeth these days.
  13. Marvel

    whippet x poodle

    That's what I heard
  14. Marvel

    whippet x poodle

    what is the best producer from hancocks kennel shaaark?
  15. Marvel

    Nicest Lurcher On Thl?

    now there's an animal, like it