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  1. My parents tried similar when they caught me shagging at 13
  2. So the ONS have officially published figures showing that white people are the minority in London Birmingham and Manchester …..
  3. Now that’s more like it
  4. New rule …. Anybody that posts on this thread and doesn’t put a massive lump of meat on display in their meal gets banned. Newkid you just as well Fukc off now you vegan ………
  5. Chicken salad ??? Where the fukc is the chicken ……..
  6. I can’t understand how anybody was questioning my post. Everybody knows I am the font of all knowledge when it comes to the beautiful game
  7. He does this … he disappears sometimes for a few months sometimes for up to a year then will come back on with a new user name.
  8. You would have to speak to baker boy about that.
  9. Yes under a brand new profile. Check his post count.
  10. It’s quite simple. Baker boy asked one of the mods to remove his whole profile off the site for personal reasons part of that profile was the covid thread. So when everything was deleted that went as well.
  11. Scottish rugby player doddie wier has died. Fought to the end …….
  12. Looks like a terrier whippet cross to me.
  13. They have beaten them 8 times.
  14. Yep as I said England have won 8 times out of 11 matches.
  15. England have beaten the USA 8 times.
  16. Fukc sake wales need to give up this football malarkey and plough the extra money into rugby
  17. socks

    I give up

    Well if I for one wanted to c**t you off I would do it here for everybody to see.
  18. No chance I’m dug in deeper than an Alabama tick.
  19. Your just jealous as you failed as his chief fluffer.
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