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  1. I would get more satisfaction from the breeze block trap. What you do is carry one upstairs and wait until the rat is in the box and drop the f***ing block on the dirty b*****d.
  2. socks

    RIP Sid

    Sydney Poitier has died aged 94 ……..
  3. I can’t think of anything better
  4. Like the evidence you used from Neil furgeson
  5. We can all spend the next year putting up graphs and reports that suite us.
  6. Really less than can be counted on one hand. Maybe you should read the Pfizer report about how many deaths there were in the first 90 days of the vaccine trials.
  7. I didn’t mention death rates you clown.
  8. Bull gates admits the vaccine was ever going to stop transmission.
  9. Bill gates admits vaccine was never going to stop transmission.
  10. SHH does your arse ever get jealous of the amount of shit that comes out of your mouth ……
  11. WOW ……… https://www.worldtribune.com/researcher-andrew-hills-conflict-a-40-million-gates-foundation-grant-vs-a-half-million-human-lives/
  12. https://youtube.com/shorts/ZRQ1Sjh660o?feature=share
  13. You open the egg box you open the plastic egg carrier and put it on top of the eggs rotate 180 degrees the eggs are now in the plastic box close the lid and transport safely. The whole process is about 5 seconds long.
  14. Watched it last night decent film if not predictable.
  15. To be honest I never understood how they worked and when I did I thought fukc that I would be forever in debt ……
  16. I have to say my vet is brilliant. Whenever they can they book in PTS animals as the last appointment and the owner can stay there as long as needed with the animal then walk out and lay another day. He is a great bloke. Also very few overweight animals in my vets as he is on owners straight away about overweight pets.
  17. If it’s the fact you want to keep safe or transport half a dozen eggs then there are plastic moulded egg cases for this very issue. I use one for my camping trips.
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