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  1. No I was part of a week long study as well you remembered correctly.
  2. Yes I was part of a test but I’m all cured now
  3. Is that what that emoji means
  4. So this is the camp knife I finished the other day. Just finished the fire Steele and sheath.
  5. socks


    Trainee gynocologist
  6. Thank fukc for that
  7. socks


    I’ve got tattooed hands
  8. Was asked to make a 4 inch blade with a drop point for a deer stalker ... so here it is done with a sheath.
  9. Do you think there’s people out there that will use this to pop off a relative or their parents to get the inheritance or just because they want to kill somebody ... It would be in theory a simple and blame free way to top someone. just something I was pondering
  10. socks

    Dirty trick

    That’s why I’m happy to just work with my dogs. If they go behind my back I can shoot them .......
  11. I can do any shape you want just happens that knife is for a deer stalker and he wanted a drop point on it ......
  12. Here you go a knife like this would be £85 with a sheath plus you pay the postage.
  13. No different for me really as I work on my own most days with just the dogs for company. I’ve got less work on but that means the days I’m not working I spend up my lock up doing knives
  14. This one never gets old lol .....
  15. Some of us are busy you lazy fukcer .......
  16. Depends on what you want mate ... I should finish one for a deer stalker tomorrow that is £85 with a sheath I will stick it up on here when it’s done for you to see.
  17. I’m down to just superficial cuts now.
  18. socks

    Pussy no more

    Kept telling me the site was down ... it’s a fukcing conspiracy........
  19. socks


    Boris Johnson take. Into hospital over his persistent covid symptoms......
  20. socks


    I let my dogs lick my hands clean ... after all their spit is antibacterial isn’t it
  21. socks

    Scone off?

    Here are my scones from last weeks bake ......
  22. Good singer .......
  23. Died of corona virus .........
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