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  1. Hi chaps As said above after a cheap knife blade stockists.Brought a mora blade from workshop heaven and with postage didnt get much change from £30.Is that normal if not any ideas of a cheaper high quality blade stockists. Thanks in advance Stig
  2. Great Post OTC.Really intresting i think we should get another intresting traps thread going ! You might like this http://www.britishpathe.com/record.php?id=11623 S
  3. cheers for the advice again duckwing With the planes i was thinking of something like this http://www.popularmechanics.com/home_journal/woodworking/1273456.html?page=1 Just want something nice and simple to start with.Dont want to run before i can walk !Managed to get hold of some walnut offcuts of my grandad today belive it or not he was going to burn then!I nearly fainted.Granted there not big but id love to put them on some knife handles or turn then into small dishes as a starter turning project!i know im a gluten for punishment. Great site by the way im lucky iv got this sh
  4. Thanks duckwing Iv now sent out 20 letters and attended 2 apprentice days and gone round a few firms that i liked the look of.Real old craftsman they were.One guy just had a little shop on the outskirts of a village near me and i went in ...christ his stuff was good i had a look at a dove house he was making really incredible.He had also done some work for Roman Abramovich who im sure with all the money he has did his research for the best.I know what you mean about some other younger lads they dont get it.Just college then dont think about it till there back again..me iv invested a
  5. What a fantastic post duckwing!Got a mate whos a wood turner and hes just re handled some old marples chisels for me and i honed them up a treat and there gunna do me well for my apprenticeship if i could only find someone with enough work. All the best s
  6. stig

    my own fault ??

    Spot on post duckwing.I see some of the people on here (one of whome has even posted on this thread) who always seem to have about 64 000 dogs! Always got a puppy in. I and i cant help thinking by what they say and pics on here they obviously dont do much hunting mabey a bit at most which is fine by me.Who am i to tell them what to do .But i cant help but think of the waste of these dogs just sitting around waiting for them to stop faffing around taking pretty pictures of them.Certainly not my way.
  7. stig

    UFC Live

    I agree gnash mir almost seemed to stand there and wait to get to get hit thinking he was fine.Its the very reason why i think GSP is so good because he knew hed come off worse in the stand up with hardy so .....didnt.He made hardy fight his fight.Mir just stood there didnt force his oppenent to his strengths. I think if mi flys across the ring and take silva down first time and manages to stay there he WILL finish the fight but i think if he stands there for a matter of seconds he will loose end of. On a different note theres a lot of new blood in the uf at the mo thats hear a few dream
  8. stig

    UFC Live

    well i be lieing if i wasnt just a little chuffed with the results.Hardy it was a shame did absolutly nothing throughout the whole fight and i mean nothing not one good strick ,dominant position nothing a clinic in takedowns and grappling.Would have liked to have seen that arm bar and kimora finished but it looked like there was no way hardy was going to tap! Well as we both said cupid it would have bee hard to back carwin but did he shock us or what those shot looked hard and i mean hard such hu8ge power then again from the start i think Mir wasnt there i think he spends way to
  9. Malt i apologise i shouldnt have directed that tyrade at you.I agree in part with what your saying. I cannot stand it when half wits say things like this you havent seen much pal have you a good working terrier is gold dust dont comment on something you clearly havent got a clue about if you wana see top class rabbiting terriers work give me a pm Old style this old style that i personaly have a total fasination with alll things old from tools,agriculture,dogs and what have you and i highly highly doubt that any of these old style rabbit catchers used terriers!In those days d
  10. ...bred to kill it's quarry not flush, Come on stiggy! Well it looks like its just me then ....i dont keep bushing terriers ratting terriers mouseing terriers or birding terriers or whatever the f**k you lads do with them. I keep digging Terriers there origional and proper function for a dog of that breeding and ...the only true way id call a terrier a working dog ! You lads really think that a terrier would out class a spaniel in its origional function?To find and flush game ?Im sure your terriers make just fine bushing dogs but a half decent spaniel bred from worker to worker as i
  11. "Also a Spaniel is meant to flush game and not actually catch it." And a Terrier is ?!
  12. stig

    UFC Live

    Dos Santos and Jones the next big things in there divisions?Guida another heart raceing fight.Surley one of the best to watch ! Whats everyones call on the GSP vs Hardy fight.I really hate to bet against my fellow countryman but i think i hope im wrong GSP is going to take him apart.Mir Carwin is a much harder call i love the way Mir fights but i cant stand his personality but i think hes got his hands full with the beast.W Whats everyones thoughts? All the best s
  13. After this brief interlude of a thread and a wee gander through your posts on it trisha i have come to the swift conclusion that you dont have a clue !
  14. Gnash Once again the voice of reason in an increasingly misguided world All the best as ever S
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