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  1. Cheers Ian. Thats a useful looking setup.
  2. Hi Ian Would you post a photo of your Jimny set up as im loking for ideas for a dedicated shooting vehicle. Good result and good story.
  3. I have a half gun on a driven shoot but when you run spaniels rough shooting is where it's at. Foxhunter is spot on
  4. I feel sorry for Baldcoot! I sometimes forget to count my blessings, i have a rough shoot just out side the village and the more formal driven shoot I'm in is 7 miles away. The rough shoot is more of a conservation project as the farmer and i are keen to look after the Grey Partridge and lapwing populations we have, so a lot of vermin control seems to be paying off. I get to walk around and rough shoot when ever i want but don't shoot any greys. I took the Kids 28 bore around yesterday, probably walked about 7 miles, what a joy to shoot and carry the little gun is. Shot three pheasant's with three shots and thoroughly enjoyed some good spaniel work. Saw 8 roe deer while out though and as we are planting some new trees i know what i will be doing next weekend
  5. Well I was complaining about the amount of water I had to cart around as we got our birds in early July. I can see I seem to have got the timing right this year for change! I feel for you lads with young poults in this weather.
  6. Headed home from Helmsley to Stokesley so i went past your shoot. I bet those pheasants get some height off of those hillside woods!
  7. Hi Stavross Just come back from my hols in North york moors. For a change i drove down through Stokesley into Rosedale Abbey. I assume your syndicate land is around the Stokesley area? Looks a lovely spot for a pheasant shoot. Master tech.
  8. Yes guys i know what you mean but when we cant get lead shot anymore! The ATEC is steel proofed.
  9. I knew i would get some straight answers from you Guys. If you could update us on your results Dervburner as it may influence my purchase. Thanks again , anyone else with any experience feel free to comment. Regards, Mastertech
  10. Hi Guys I am thinking of buying a semi auto for using around pheasant pens,dairy farms and for night time rabbit control. I am going to get an atec moderator for it and there will be times when i will want to use subsonic cartridges as well. Has anyone had any experience with this. Would i be better of with inertia or a gas action or should i just opt for a pump? Regards, Mastertech
  11. I know what you mean pirate 9000 its all biased towards the urban majority.
  12. I dont condone wild life crime but why do the BBC insist on trying to tar everyone with the same brush. Why are the RSPB given so much air time compared to BASC?
  13. Did anyone see that bunch of bunny huggers on countryfile today.
  14. Yes mate that's what I'm after. I have three jobs that were lined up for the snip before covud 19 ruined my plans!
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