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  1. Hi Guys Took my two sons ferreting today for a local keeper. We got six before the rain started again! One had a bad case of my I think it's quite early for us in the north, is anyone else seeing it yet?
  2. Sorry to hear of your loss Ben. Sounds like he was a big part of your life. All the best, M.
  3. Well SL Im sure your mate will enjoy it up here there is always a warm welcome for good people with good humour.
  4. Guns were happy. We were short of beaters as some have vulnerable relatives so not taking chances.
  5. Good watch that Stav. Had a good boxing day shoot birds which considering we only had half our normal beating team is a great result.
  6. Ahh Tall trees! That brings back some memories young farmers used to organise bus trips there from my area of Northumberland we never used to get home before daybreak, usually in some inebriated state!!!
  7. Its full of trout. We dont feed it for ducks, i have had really mixed results with reared ones as well so i will give it a couple of years till i forget about my bad experiances then try again!
  8. Well guys out feeding today, so muddy i had to leave the trailer at the farm. This is where we usually have our elevenses, on the flipside a good shoot yesterday 103 in the bag.
  9. Cheers Ian. Thats a useful looking setup.
  10. Hi Ian Would you post a photo of your Jimny set up as im loking for ideas for a dedicated shooting vehicle. Good result and good story.
  11. I have a half gun on a driven shoot but when you run spaniels rough shooting is where it's at. Foxhunter is spot on
  12. I feel sorry for Baldcoot! I sometimes forget to count my blessings, i have a rough shoot just out side the village and the more formal driven shoot I'm in is 7 miles away. The rough shoot is more of a conservation project as the farmer and i are keen to look after the Grey Partridge and lapwing populations we have, so a lot of vermin control seems to be paying off. I get to walk around and rough shoot when ever i want but don't shoot any greys. I took the Kids 28 bore around yesterday, probably walked about 7 miles, what a joy to shoot and carry the little gun is. Shot thre
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