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  1. Hi Andy i would like to buy that frame if its still available, pm me if thats ok.
  2. Thanks for the help guys but i think she has sorted it out herself, whippet to whippet unfortunately.
  3. My mothers best racing champion whippet has just come into season. If i can find a good working bedlington i think she will let me get her in pup. Can anyone help preferably in the North of england please. PM me if you have any info. Many thanks, Sparky
  4. Quick message mostly to mr Sausagedog. My mothers best champion racing whippet has just come into season and i think if i could find a good bedlington terrier i could persuade her to et it have a litter of pups. Do you know of anyone in the north with a good sire? If anyone can help PM me please.
  5. Hi Stav I have just bought a benelli super nova , i can use it with my atec moderator around the farm buildings, its real quiet with subsonic cartridges and it will go up to 3.5 magnums if i ever go goose shooting. It sits on the front of the quad when i go feeding and never misses a beat. No left hand option but the ejection port is so far forward i dont think that would be an issue for you.
  6. Stav you will like the C50 had mine for two weeks now and i think its the business. Got one zero profile on my .243 for my light weight foxing rounds and press a few buttons and i can use the profile for my 90 grain rounds for roe deer. Good piece of kit inmho.
  7. Hi Everyone I have just got my new Digex can anyone recommend a suitable pair of mounts? I have a reknagel picatinny rail fitted. Cheers in advance guys.
  8. I know what you mean Stav about running around in June/July. Storm Arwin has damaged a few of my Pens but the wire was old and has been patched up many times so i suppose it was Karma.
  9. Well a right good day up in Northumberland. Had some new beaters and a 103 bird day, new beaters have asked if they can come again so great start to the season.
  10. HI Guys Has anyone used one. Whats the differance between the normal on and the light version. Is there a better one out there? Cheers in advance for your input.
  11. I used to go out with a mate all the time but he would never leave the car or do any static calling. I always felt we were missing so much ground, i bought a thermal and he is still a lamp man so i always go on my own now. I prefer it as i can do as i please.
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