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  1. The hole in the wall was an entry point on the first floor. They were going up the inside of the drain pipe, along the waste pipe and in. Look at the smear mark on the conduit.
  2. Everything dido said is spot on. If you do 100 rat jobs in houses a good 90 of them are faults with the drains but you still need to rule out the easy first and that's looking for holes on the perimeter of the property, faultswith the brickwork ect.
  3. Can you get a picture of the hole ?
  4. Myself and the youngest both woke up this morning with sore throats, both tested positive. Neither of us have had our jabs but feeling pretty good at the minute. Both of us avoided it in July when the missus and eldest daughter caught it.
  5. It's been good here in the midlands. Both myself and a mate have had our best years.
  6. It's been one of my best years so far. Beat last years total a month ago.
  7. Ratmanwan3

    White rat

    One of the waste sites I go to had alot, if we shot 100 on a night, 10 would be albino. Filthy environment but they all looked snowy white.
  8. Squirrels in roofs are really common over here. I personally prefer kania traps in lofts but also use fenns and body grips.the tube trap is the same principle as yours but is a built in one piece unit. Works great cable tied to the top of a fence panel or tree branch.
  9. Given to me last week while doing rats for an old lady, hidden under a rolls Royce in the garage. 1864 us cavelry Sabres.
  10. Slow start in the Midlands, done 8 now, biggest about grapefruit sized. I think they will all come late like last year.
  11. Selection of gins for size. Fourth down is a standard 4 inch rabbit. Smallest is 2 inch. I think the bottom one is french, has teeth on the underside. Not sure what it was used for ?
  12. Cheers wolfdog, don't think there is a second dog on mine, it may be incomplete. I'll have another look.
  13. I've got a victor muskrat trap at home but can't see how it works. It's obviously got a set of jaws that spring up when the foot plate is depressed but then has another bar that looks like it springs over the top? How does that work wolfdog ?
  14. I would say kd is right, spend enough time doing stuff like this and sooner or later you get a wtf moment. I once caught two half grown rats in a rat snap trap which I thought that's a once in a lifetime experience, then about a month ago I caught 4 rats in 2 snap traps under a kitchen sink on the same day. Odd stuff does happen.
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