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  1. Ratmanwan3


    Morning jok, they will probably be pipistrelle bats. Saw some last night coming back from donisthorpe. See quite afew in people's lofts round by us.
  2. The three at the bottom are the same as mine. Interesting to see them with the chain attached
  3. The chap I asked is an avid collector and dealer. Same chap who i sold the sara to and he paid me very well for that. That was another trap that was well over engineered. You could imagine it shaking itself to bits when it fired ! It's only worth what someone wants to pay, but this ones not for sale.
  4. Alot of these traps are over complicated, the length of the trap is 20 inches sprung, in what situation would you use a trap this long to snare a rabbit ? It doesn't make any sense. They are so rare because they were crap at what they were supposed to do so got thrown on the scrap heap !
  5. Yes, you and ken are correct. It is a snare. The loop went over the trigger pan and was attached to each end bar that springs out. Apparently to catch and hold a rabbit by the leg. Had a better look today and the is the remnant of a brass wire on one end. Also spoke to another collector who knows far more than me, straight away he told me what it was, approx age, 1920s and value. Thanks all for your input.
  6. Afew more pics showing it set, sprung and the trigger pan. I think the wording is paiges patent and 'the humane' at the bottom. Still cant work out how it would kill tho ?
  7. Ok , well thanks for your help so far. Any more info would be welcomed. If it is what you think a price would be interesting but it wont be for sale, made that mistake with the 'sara'
  8. Ok Ken thanks, any idea on the writing on the bottom of the pan ? Model type perhaps ?
  9. It's only about 18 inch long and the killing springs either either end are small mammal size
  10. Hi jok, I think so, but not sure as it's in the fired position in the pic so cant make out how it would kill in the set position ? I'm guessing its American. Got it at a local auction last night in a job lot of traps. Cant quite make the names out on the plate.
  11. Any ideas what type of trap this is, what it's used for and how it works ?
  12. The hole in the wall was an entry point on the first floor. They were going up the inside of the drain pipe, along the waste pipe and in. Look at the smear mark on the conduit.
  13. Everything dido said is spot on. If you do 100 rat jobs in houses a good 90 of them are faults with the drains but you still need to rule out the easy first and that's looking for holes on the perimeter of the property, faultswith the brickwork ect.
  14. Can you get a picture of the hole ?
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