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  1. Just got one and set it in a loft yesterday. Used a sticky sweet as bait, something they have to pull at. Got it off a lad I was on course with last week and he had some decent catch photos.
  2. I've found just the opposite! In the twenty years I've used them only had to chase them up once. Always found them very helpful and my area rep is great, will help In any way he can. I have tried the other companies but found their baits lacking in quality. Out of interest who are you going to use?
  3. Can't remember who supported them, it must of been 20yrs ago. We have a tea tent at most rock festivals, we're called the motley brew. Bloodstock, download, ect.
  4. Seen motorhead at rock city many years ago, my ears hurt for days after. Sabbath, ac dc, maiden, all fantastic bands live. For all you lads that like thrash the bloodstock festival in Derbyshire is a great weekend away.
  5. Hi jok, to be honest I'd not seen these before, non of my suppliers sell them. I'll have a dig round to see what I can get em for.
  6. I know how you feel there Dido. Had one recently where they were hearing them daily in a single story extension. Just to prove a point the only place I baited was the manhole next to it. Dead rat, no more noises.
  7. Great show, watched the last couple of seasons. Once the water freezes and their trying to live off berry's and mice it gets tough.
  8. You can see the spring wouldn't of been great and I think it would of struggled to hold a rabbit. I emailed pictures to a collector saying it wasn't for sale but he gave me a guesstimate at between £500-£1000.
  9. You can set it by hand, it's not very strong. Even when new I don't think you would of had to tread on it to set. I've never seen one of these so wondering how collectable it is and what it's worth?
  10. that's it set. I presume it's buried like fenns ect. When the rabbit steps on the plate it knocks the catch on the left and spring shoots up bringing the Jaws up with it.
  11. found this today at an antique show. Obviously a trap of some discription so got it for my little collection. After a bit of digging its a Sara patent rabbit trap from around 1905. Still working but abit weak. Any trap collectors on here shed any more light on it?
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