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  1. The bayonet is of a ak 47. I have one the same my mate brought back from the first gulf war. There should be a slot in the blade that clips onto the scabbard to make wire cutters.
  2. I bought a few fenn scissor traps and used them for years successfully, not a bad trap. The Sara I picked up at an antiques fair , I knew it was a trap but had never seen one like it before. Sent pictures to a mate and within a few days got an offer I couldn't refuse. So I let it go for a lanes egg trap, a pole trap and a bundle of cash. Whilst I'm not a serious collector I do have a fascination for traps and always on the hunt around old farm buildings ( handy on my job) If anyone's got any swaps or selling any let me know.
  3. Some nice traps on there kd. This is my rarest find.
  4. I had a job a couple of years ago where the owner of a lake had seen two mink attack and kiil a swan. I would say mink or an otter to do the killing and drag it to the bank to eat, then maybe a badger or fox scavenging the rest ?
  5. Pulsar hd38 View Advert Hd38 thermal spotter. The auto calibration shutter is sticky so you have to work it manually by closing the lens cap. Would prefer you to pick up to trial it. South Derbyshire. £500. Advertiser Ratmanwan3 Date 12/03/21 Price £500.00 Category Optics, Night Vision and Thermal Imaging

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    Hd38 thermal spotter. The auto calibration shutter is sticky so you have to work it manually by closing the lens cap. Would prefer you to pick up to trial it. South Derbyshire. £500.


  7. Great trap, the ones I always go to first for squirrels in lofts. If anyone has any for sale let me know.
  8. Looks like there's mouse muck in that photo ? They could be years old though and nothing to do with what you've got now. Getting quite a few squirrel jobs in roofs again now the females are looking for nesting sites. If it is a single rat and it's only coming now and again you wont always find droppings for a start.
  9. Hi jok, which shoot is it ?
  10. I use mine straight out the box, just rub them in a fresh mole hill as your setting. Make sure a fox hasn't marked the hill though !
  11. Love live music and seen loads of mostly rock bands. Metallica at monsters of rock in 86, 87 ? Just as they were making it big. Depeche mode are a great live band, one of the most entertaining shows I seen was Gary glitter. Would love to see paul Rodgers when all this is over, fantastic rock/ blues voice.
  12. Just looked at your profile and your in derby. This is an area saturated in pest control firms, me included ! Google all the company's in the area and see what your up against. Every year there are more and the following year most are gone. Been beating with a local lad today who's just been made redundant, he's thinking about it as well. It can be very cut throat in this area so have a good look at your finances ect. Best of luck. PM me if you need to ask anything.
  13. I'm looking at selling my spotter and not sure what it's worth. The auto calibrate sticks so I use it on manual, other than that works fine. What would a reasonable asking price be ?
  14. How does that compare? Are you up or down on last year.
  15. Poor for me this year. I've done about 220. Still odd ones coming in but I normally get alot more from the festival sites and obviously they've all been cancelled this year.
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