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  1. No but a shortage of money. Can't pay with buttons or eat them either. It's just adding to financial pressure on top of everything else. If you're on the line before all of this what happens with a drop in wage. Food for the table will take precedence over electric and medication.
  2. Where would you fall if you're going out to provide food for the table ? I'm a chef just been given a 12 week lay off and money might be getting a bit tight. To alleviate pressure would normally hunt for the table. In this case is it classed the same as shopping
  3. Hello all just wondering who's breeding the best working line German wirehaired pointers in england. The Mrs wants one as her next dog but it will be worked on shoot days picking up and beating as well as some falconry in the future. I'll be looking for a pup preferably male if anyone knows of any litters ? Thanks in advance.
  4. Think she's got some of that American squirrel feist aswell as duck tolling retriever. I'm enjoying the dog and hoping she progresses and proves her worth. She retrieves feather well but anything with fur on gets locked in the vice and shaken until she's had enough of being dizzy. Trying to get her out ratting soon sharpen her up a bit and then give her a look in once or twice till next season to start the hard graft. thanks for your replies and more than likely be getting myself another of this type shortly.
  5. Cheers gnipper it don't make a difference to her and I'm not bothered about her being a show dog just going to give her a go at working eveeything. Within the law like and was wondering if anyone else is from the South West and fancies some sport ?
  6. Only got one of her when she was younger that's full body and wasn't told specific lines but dam and grand dam were there and had seen some work. Can't really trust anything anyone says anymore and it doesn't affect the dog was just a bit curious about it cheers for you're replys
  7. Bought a bitch at 8 weeks was told she was off of good dogs and was full patterdale. Only thing being she's got a tail that curls upwards. She's a good dog and is coming up to 7 months old now. Hoping to give her a look and of the season and she'll be getting used for everything and anything. Was wondering if there's a terrier the tail could be specific to? Cheers
  8. I had seen that and it looks good but was hoping for something a bit closer
  9. Im based in leicestershire and interested in racing my lurchers does anyone know of any nearby venues and has anyone raced there or still race there ?
  10. Cracking read always wanted to own a bop but think I will do some more research
  11. [attgachment=183265:IMAG0248-1.jpg] Heres a few more
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