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  1. You can only charge what your competition charges, a little more if your better than them. Farmland you can charge from £20 an hour to £50+ depending on your location, or from £5 a mole to £20, its all to do with your competition.
  2. View Advert Yukon Photon RT 4.5x42 Selling a brand new Yukon Photon RT4.5x42. I've not even opened the box, it's still sealed up. I sent my old one back for fixing and in between waiting for it to come back I bought a different scope which I prefer, and they sent me a brand new scope back. These things are going for £549 in the Optics warehouse so I reckon £395 is a fair price posted. Pick up more than welcome. Advertiser trappa Date 05/07/19
  3. i think thats bang on. People arent out and about in their gardens and sheds just yet. Weather looks decent here for next few days so fingers crossed...
  4. Really? F*ck. I havent tried it yet, wasp season just started here. 1 yesterday, 1 today. I got a couple tins of the green hero freeze spray to try as well.
  5. First wasp nest of the season tonight. Last year the first one was the 19th, year before 13th, so nicely in the middle. Anything close to last years season would be nice. Hows it going for you and where are you? Im up north near Boro but guessing theres been wasps down south for a bit now. Trappa
  6. Great pics mate. Looks like youve had a good day
  7. Proper that like. Id have been happy with that bad boy
  8. Ive been on CBD oil for a while now. Ive a little some arthritis in my fingers and am not sure whether it would be better, worse or the same if i wasnt on CBD oil. I started taking honey and cinammon yesterday, google it. Supposed to be superb when taken together. Will wait and see
  9. foook me, girl has hollow legs. must cost her fella a fortune when he takes her out
  10. They look absolutely bang on. Well done
  11. Yep, course they did. Its a despicable party run by despicable people
  12. I think the lad pm'd me the same questions. I agree with you totally and all the posts above. If you can specialise in gun work (deker etc) then fair play, youve cracked it, but a lot of lads who do rural pest control as a hobby think they will be able to transfer their skills and pay the bills shooting, ferreting etc and the sad truth is it simply wont happen for 99% of us. I started out moling and still do a lot of moling in the winter months, and im lucky enough to be able to pick and choose my farms to trap on with providos i can shoot or detect on the land as well, but its seasonal and i
  13. Im under the impression ficam d is lethal to cats. Be careful out there
  14. I used to be no mole no fee, now i charge a set rate for initial setting and £5 a mole after that
  15. Hearing more and more about blockages, it even says on the tub they advise you to empty your duster every night. Was going to buy another Dr5, one for Ficam, one for Vulcan, but think I may just use Vulcan in my old dustick.
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    Cheers lads.
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    Theorhetically. Your self employed, business is ticking along nicely and your earning enough to pay the bills and get a nice holiday every year but, most importantly, you absolutely LOVE your job. If someone offers you a job which is a massive payrise, bordering on silly money, but its pish poor shifts and will be boring as foook (but not hard graft) would you take it? Asking for a friend.....
  18. I rang killgerm for a chat, they reckon ficam is the first to have a label change, vulcan/quartz etc could well follow suit very shortly. Apparently we (the UK) are virtually the only ones using ficam as the go-to wasp killer in Europe. Tub of Vulcan came today, I'll have a try once the wasps appear. Still all bees so far
  19. I've just ordered a tub of Vulcan to try this wasp season after the label change to Ficam. Anyone used it before?, Thoughts if you have?
  20. Deker you knew fine well he wasn't a pro, don't talk rubbish. And you can't use bait for more than 35 days on the bounce now, if you were a professional you would know that. Your advice was shocking. You never asked any questions about the farm, where it was, was it close to any nature reserves, what livestock did it have, what would he do with the carcasses, just advising to use contract blox constantly. I've seen your posts on guns, your an authority, I look for your replies cos you know what your on about. But I don't think you know jackshit about this kind of pest control tbh. That's
  21. Deker, contrac blox are for professional use only and the lad isnt a pro, and you told him to never let the bait run out, which is a no-no now. Im not quoting the law, just pointing out what you quoted was illegal. And again, im not here to argue, i just thought the advice you gave was piss poor. I think it was, you think it wasnt. Sorted.
  22. Mate i hate to see it. I , like loads of us, get calls after calls for them and refuse, but we know fine well someone else will come an hour later and kill them for an easy £50 or so, breaks my heart. Be nice to see them on a licence of some sorts like birds.
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