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  1. mexlad


    What’s the distance pal
  2. Where are you mate
  3. Any kits for sale, South Yorkshire area, two Jill's wanted, thanks
  4. Any kits for sale, South Yorkshire area, after two Jill's, Thanks 

  5. A lot of the lads who used therraband are using the .66 and .72 gzk mate, probably suit you better if you like the light draw
  6. I’m using 1mm yellow gzk at the minute and can’t fault it, long lasting fast and powerful
  7. , definitely pal if your using leads all the time, looks spot on
  8. How much they set you back mate, looks the part
  9. mexlad


    Raffle section, for hunting items clothing etc, raffle a set amount of numbers for a set price, can be done on thunder ball or a number generator
  10. ply cut out or natural, left or right handed, ttf or ott, more info the better mate and agree regarding John Webb seems three months is pretty normal wait for him plus hassle Ttf pal like a ppmg or equivalent
  11. Can Anyone recommend someone who makes decent catapults, I got my last one from gAmekeeper John but reading through the posts I might give it a miss this time, looking for one Asap as mine has broke, ideally in the South Yorkshire area so I could pick up. But would pay postage if I wasn't waiting weeks, cheers mexlad
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