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  1. Thanks for replying peeps puts my mind at rest
  2. Not really, its more any slight noise or just the postie she goes mad
  3. Hi all just a quick question, i have a 9 month old collie whippet grey, cracking little dog apart from barking, shes not bored or anything, she stays with her mum who never barks and ive never had a lurcher that has barked so just worried its something she may do when i start her on the lamp this winter, what do you think?
  4. Has anyone got 2 lurcher dogs sharing same kennel just wondering if possible
  5. Thanks for the replies I have a radiator next to whelping box will I still need a heat lamp?
  6. What's the best food to help produce milk Cheers
  7. Cheaper dog kibble is vegetable protein and more expensive is proper meat protein I think my mate feeds his wagg and they look good on it which is a tenner a bag
  8. Hes a collie grey saluki grey x saluki bull grey, 8 hour round trip to Durham yesterday, cracking little pup
  9. A lot of show rubbish about good luck mate I love borders but as said good ones are rare
  10. Sorry to hijack thread but anyone know of any litters or planned litters of grew pups
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