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    Mine are 'Ze' and 'Zim'. As in ''Where the f**k is 'Ze'?'' and ''That's 'Zim' over there!!!''...
  2. I have the one in the picture. It's good for cutting 2'', maybe 3'' branches, but for anything else forget it. If you cut anything that isn't fixed, like a small branch, the saw kind of jumps about, like it finds it hard to start to cut. The one I got takes Makita 18v batteries, which I got shit loads of, and I bought it to have in the work van. The Mrs now has it and I bought a single battery Makita chainsaw for the van.
  3. https://youtu.be/aYDfwUJzYQg?list=FL71hkVl7gRvT_ZjG_SP0tsw
  4. It was a Delivero driver that was the hero the twatted the stabber with his crash helmet. His name is Caio Benicio......and he's a foreigner.
  5. I told a Dr that you shouldn't keep pain killers by a bird cage. Looking puzzled they said ''Why's that?''. I said ''Coz the Parrets eatumall''...


    We had a bed bug, just the one, and it was huge. Took 2 shots from a .410 Baikal to kill it..............STRAIGHT UP!...
  7. A new engine for my Transit. It blew up and so ate all my funds.....gutted!...
  8. I have a CZ 452 .17. Only ever put a bore snake down it. When I first got it it was shooting all over. Ran a ten pound note between the barrel and stock and the barrel was touching the stock. Took it apart and ran a Dremel over the stock so the barrel was floating better. Added a cheek riser and I'm happy with it now.

    Honda 350

    My pressure washer was pissing out fuel the other day, and that was a stuck open needle. I reckon it's this new ethonol fuel that's causing a lot of problems, I've started using an ethanol stabiliser that's supposed to give a better shelf life to fuel. Get it from Toolstation B3C Ethanol Shield Fuel Stabiliser 118ml | Toolstation WWW.TOOLSTATION.COM Triple antioxidant fuel stabiliser eliminates then prevents ethanol related problems, promoting easy engine... When you dismantle it take photos with your phone from different angles, and put a
  10. Was just going to suggest the same. I use Turbo Dakars and never had a problem, they're an old B.F.G. M/T pattern. Turbo Ranger is based on the old BF Goodrich KO pattern. Why pay more?
  11. I have used traps for rabbits. Bait with carrots. Buy the cheap economy ones, they have a higher water and sugar content. Cut them long ways as this'll keep them fresher for longer, if cut in discs they dry out. Put a little pile at the back of the cage and one or two pieces at the front. I did this in a garden that didn't want shooting. daft thing is I would dispatch them with an air pistol while they were i the cage. In a garden was O.K. but a public place and I reckon the cages will get recked.
  12. $28,000 Australian is just under £15,000. Iray ds 75 is £13k, £2k for the gun and there's your $28k in AUS. Sounds a lot, well, it is, but some people smoke 20 Benson and Hedges a day, at £15.95 a pack that works out at $6k a year, now THAT'S an expensive waste of money. But you pays yer money, and you makes yer choice.
  13. I can go to £1500 tops. What do people think is the best thermal spotter in that price range?. Don't care if it doesn't have any wifi or photo/recording capabilities, just the best quality image. Cheers!.
  14. Never tried it, it was just some thing I got told years ago. Googled it and found this guy though, and he reckons it works. I'm still sceptical though....
  15. Don't know if this actually works, as I have never tried it myself, but some swear that juicy fruit chewing gum kills moles. Some say chew it first, some say just put half a stick in each run you find. The moles eat it, can't digest it and so die.
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