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  1. Thought this might make ya laugh. What a bell end.
  2. Watched 'Talladega Nights' for 'bout the 4th time. Still makes I laugh.
  3. I like the bird that's on there. I likes a bit of eye candy......just put it on mute.
  4. N.F.G.....no fucks given...
  5. Always had Airarms P.C.P.'s but when ever a Daystate is mentioned they gets a well bad press. Do they really suck ass that much? and if so why?.
  6. Seen them split at the neck but never there. What make are they?
  7. Just watched 'Batman; Dark Night'. Well!,....that's 2 1/2 hours I'll never get back.
  8. Bait all year round. I put my feeders up so I can shoot them side on, that way I can shoot them with anything, air, lr, HMR, .410, 12g, without damage to the feeder. Cover the feeder in something the squirrels can't chew, if it runs out of feed they'll try and eat their way in. Use whole wheat from Mole Valley, it's about £8 for 20kg.
  9. Been on there facebook page and asked. They don't do a S410 in an FAC any more, just the 510. The 510's lever is not changeable.......which is a pisser.
  10. I would like an AA S510 Xtra but I'm left handed. I know they do a left handed stock, but does any one know if you can change the cocking lever over to the left hand side?. Cheers!.
  11. 'He Never Died' with Henry Rollins.......shite!.
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