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  1. It was a Delivero driver that was the hero the twatted the stabber with his crash helmet. His name is Caio Benicio......and he's a foreigner.
  2. I told a Dr that you shouldn't keep pain killers by a bird cage. Looking puzzled they said ''Why's that?''. I said ''Coz the Parrets eatumall''...


    We had a bed bug, just the one, and it was huge. Took 2 shots from a .410 Baikal to kill it..............STRAIGHT UP!...
  4. A new engine for my Transit. It blew up and so ate all my funds.....gutted!...
  5. I have a CZ 452 .17. Only ever put a bore snake down it. When I first got it it was shooting all over. Ran a ten pound note between the barrel and stock and the barrel was touching the stock. Took it apart and ran a Dremel over the stock so the barrel was floating better. Added a cheek riser and I'm happy with it now.

    Honda 350

    My pressure washer was pissing out fuel the other day, and that was a stuck open needle. I reckon it's this new ethonol fuel that's causing a lot of problems, I've started using an ethanol stabiliser that's supposed to give a better shelf life to fuel. Get it from Toolstation B3C Ethanol Shield Fuel Stabiliser 118ml | Toolstation WWW.TOOLSTATION.COM Triple antioxidant fuel stabiliser eliminates then prevents ethanol related problems, promoting easy engine... When you dismantle it take photos with your phone from different angles, and put a
  7. Was just going to suggest the same. I use Turbo Dakars and never had a problem, they're an old B.F.G. M/T pattern. Turbo Ranger is based on the old BF Goodrich KO pattern. Why pay more?
  8. I have used traps for rabbits. Bait with carrots. Buy the cheap economy ones, they have a higher water and sugar content. Cut them long ways as this'll keep them fresher for longer, if cut in discs they dry out. Put a little pile at the back of the cage and one or two pieces at the front. I did this in a garden that didn't want shooting. daft thing is I would dispatch them with an air pistol while they were i the cage. In a garden was O.K. but a public place and I reckon the cages will get recked.
  9. $28,000 Australian is just under £15,000. Iray ds 75 is £13k, £2k for the gun and there's your $28k in AUS. Sounds a lot, well, it is, but some people smoke 20 Benson and Hedges a day, at £15.95 a pack that works out at $6k a year, now THAT'S an expensive waste of money. But you pays yer money, and you makes yer choice.
  10. I can go to £1500 tops. What do people think is the best thermal spotter in that price range?. Don't care if it doesn't have any wifi or photo/recording capabilities, just the best quality image. Cheers!.
  11. Never tried it, it was just some thing I got told years ago. Googled it and found this guy though, and he reckons it works. I'm still sceptical though....
  12. Don't know if this actually works, as I have never tried it myself, but some swear that juicy fruit chewing gum kills moles. Some say chew it first, some say just put half a stick in each run you find. The moles eat it, can't digest it and so die.
  13. Youtube vid showing 10/22 on rats.... https://youtu.be/rISC1W0DQI4
  14. Did you find out how they make that stuff??.
  15. Absolutely. Can't find any spare cash to pay for our infrastructure here in the U.K., but can find it for sending Billions of ££££'s of weapons to the Ukraine!. The whole things a farce. So our Government gives our money to arms produces, who then get a back hander because they're on the payroll some where, then these same weapons that are sent to Ukraine get diverted somewhere a long the line and end up on the blackmarket and in the hands of gangs and terrorists. https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=ukraine+weapons+end+up+on+black+market This war has been in the making for YEARS. Bid
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