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  1. Dolichovespula sylvestris a.k.a. Tree Wasp will make nests in trees but not always.
  2. Just get something to probe the ground with, you'll soon suss out if it's a run or not. The next trick is to try and think like a mole....BECOME the mole, get all Zen on the silky little bugger.
  3. Never had a problem with the Winchester 40g hollow point. Bought some Winchester 42g hollow point and they suck ass BIG time. They are so bad I swear the bloody things even zig zag when they leave the barrel!!!.
  4. There is a post come up on a Facebook group, Pest control For Farmers, where a woman is looking for some one to shoot rats. She says '' Is there anyone from Louth, Lincs in this group ? We are fighting a losing battle with the rats here, we have 3 chickens and a few Doves and they were nesting beneath the hut. Not eating the poison as there's too much seed around, but now I have controlled the feed they are eating the poison. I have never seen so many before and think I need an expert.''. Just thought it might be a nice opportunity for some one in that area. No good for me, I'm in Somerset.
  5. Just looking at the application form now. For ammunition it says 'quantity to be possessed', would that be , say, 500 for a tin of pellets?. Just looked at the FX rifles. Not a fan of the bottled ones but I do like the Dreamline, especially in the plastic stock or 'synthetic' as they call it.
  6. Got an S410 and been thinking of getting a S510XS added to my licence. Wasn't sure if it was cal specific. Now I know, cheers!.
  7. Any one know when applying for an FAC for an air rifle do you have to state which calibre you wish to possess? and I'm assuming you have to put a moderator on the application as well?. Cheers.
  8. I was charging £50, more if I had to use the ladders, but haven't been doing wasps for a while. Back self employed now and with the price of fuel going through the roof I think £70-£75 seems about right.
  9. As above, what are people charging to remove/puff a wasps nest now?.
  10. Also watched 'The Guvnors'.........what a load of old monkey spunk. The tag for it was 'The Guvnors is a violent thriller set amongst the clans and firms of South East London, bringing two generations together in brutal conflict'.....utter bollocks!.
  11. Watched 'RUSH' the other night. About the rivalry between James Hunt and Nikki Lauda. Thought it would be a bit boring but I was gripped. Hunt just didn't give a shit and Lauda?, WOW, what a clever bloke, they were like chalk and cheese. I recommend it.
  12. £32.69. Not Harris but cheap. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/283726637539?hash=item420f6ce9e3:g:Nw4AAOSwy6dd06GC&amdata=enc%3AAQAHAAABIE3da6aMrvUJD8ibUDdHrpKl9uS07A7DR3dUkvNa7r%2FFwlwcglyQJbZmKCpW0sjx0hMK5BKxTZoMlaXqBo0wk3s6Lwvq2Ns9gzFNKTds3lOlSQ2jfxoL6f4TR1YkTXu1olsmwu2D10d7gh6tLKNHZtpN83IWKLPzV%2BocuQSXEhdv%2FZ1uFUtZeBCl3yqSD%2FIB7JUJgwssmzKWu9onplXJ1Y9n9aYnPIQOG0UgcJRTrETxZpkF2jS%2F9iCTC2%2FBr7hWabUBj6CbwIapf5G%2B2l2pnQRM0%2ByRTVleJH%2BPuOUPPJg0xaUGCiU%2FdPfRq24E9eUs2%2FraM3d3w4853%2FAzCuwWrVu71QzDrlHFMT8zGdvZYAjnVnLl%2FkCNB%2BW6xPltPAQbZw%3D%3D|tkp%3ABFBM9vfDi51g
  13. If you don't run 2 strokes flat out they'll pass unburnt oil and fuel through the exhaust. This gums up the spark arrester and can cause all sorts of issues according to the amount of blockage. Take the exhaust off and remove the arrester. Some have a 'top hat' design and some just a piece of gauze. Play a blow torch on it to burn the crap off.
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