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  1. My Mrs is always picking wild plants and edible weeds. Just today we was drinking nettle tea.
  2. As above.. Lorraine Dempsey WWW.(!64.56:886 Saw this today on the coastal footpath. What an earth has done this? Looks like it was dragged through the...
  3. Last year bought 500 rounds of Winchester .22 subsonic 40g hollow point.....so I thought. Shot about 100 rounds, always in the dark with the N/V and everything seemed the same but I thought the rounds seemed louder. Today I was out in the field having a bit of target practice and I thought 'these defo seem louder.' Any ways, as I was loading a mag I noticed that there was no hollow point. First I thought it was a manufacturing fault but looking at the box it says they are Truncated. The box and everything else is exactly the same as a hollow point box apart from it says Truncated where it shou
  4. £99 or best offer, can't be bad!... Nightfox 100V Night Vision Monocular Binoculars - Digital Infrared IR 3x20 WWW.EBAY.CO.UK Nightfox 100V Night Vision Binoculars --- Revolutionary widescreen viewing monitor - comfortable viewing...
  5. DUDE WHERE'S MY CAR. So stupid you gotta' laugh. ''and theeeeeeeeen?!'',
  6. Me and drink got a history. I've been off it so long now that I don't really like the taste of anything alcoholic and don't like the feeling off getting 'tipsy' let a lone drunk.
  7. I thought ''I'm in this far, it's now a test of stamina to get through it''. Seriously, my time would have been better spent just sat there punching me self in the 8ollocks!.
  8. The Day the Earth Stood Still with Keanu Reeves.......bag of shite!...
  9. Can't drink alcohol. Love the taste of real rough cider, even make me own, but half a cup is all I can drink.
  10. You can get these off 'BANGOOD.COM' delivered for less than £40. There are other videos on Youtube of this. e9800 x airsoft bb shooting speed tester high precision shooting - Buy e9800 x airsoft bb shooting speed tester high precision shooting with free shipping | Banggood.com WWW.BANGGOOD.COM Buy the best and latest e9800 x airsoft bb shooting speed tester high precision shooting on banggood.com...
  11. I must admit I didn't watch the 2 millionaires talking about their woes to the billionaire.
  12. To catch a mole you have to think like a mole.....BECOME the mole......it's the only way.


    We can't even send people to the Moon, we don't have the technology. So what is the point of talking about sending people to Mars?. Better fit we sorted this planet out first.
  14. Night vision wouldn't be any good. If you look into trees at night you can't see much of anything as the I/R reflects off of what ever is closest. Even with a lamp you would have a similar problem. Could you dray poke first thing in the morning using guns with moderators?. I use number 5 shot in a .410 Baikal fitted with a Hushpower mod. It still makes a bang but shooting straight up it isn't that noticeable as that's where the sound wave goes.
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