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  1. He's excellent in Drive, brilliant film.
  2. Mr In-between, Aussie hit man, the film wasn't the best but the series is absolutely brilliant
  3. I never got a copy of the mag, read it on Readly. Bit by Barrie Wade, Sean Frain,and another lad.
  4. There was a bit of a tribute to him in this week's cmw
  5. Showing a bit too much rib!
  6. Saw that Mark Potter has cancer, real shame. He seems a good bloke.
  7. Had 2 armsans, both cycled 28g no bother, the supernova i had was more fun though.
  8. Called "Calm with horses" when I saw it, decent film.
  9. What can they do better than other breeds? Honest question. Terrier is better for earthwork and are they any better than a jagd or bmh for tracking? Those legs are a obvious disadvantage.
  10. Absolute top bloke, my mate served in 2 para with him and back in 2005 we took a bunch of rough council estate kids we were doing youth work with on the plane down to Bristol. Billy picked us up in a mini bus and firstly took us to his house, photos of him with Tom Cruise and Tony Blair etc there. Then he took us to porttrallis? The sas training grounds, he was in charge of B Company at the time. 4 other sas lads also gave up there weekend for the lads. They shot a couple of roe, and pheasants that the lads skinned and ate, took them on quads,showed them the killing room, and how to make basha
  11. Best one with fairbrass in is avengement, it's crackers
  12. Lee do a ladle, old cast iron pot, tin can to scrape the shit into, use the ladle
  13. oxo


    Got a hw95k .22 in excellent condition if your interested
  14. oxo


    Readly is well worth the money, means you can just skim through what you want to read and don't have shit loads of magazines lying about, loads of back issues on it too
  15. oxo


    If you subscribe to readly you get cmw, shooting times, sporting gun, sporting shooter, air rifle mags, rifle shooter and loads of yank hunting and trapping mags too, plus everything else you can think of ! It's worth the 8 quid a month.
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