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  1. Lee do a ladle, old cast iron pot, tin can to scrape the shit into, use the ladle
  2. oxo


    Got a hw95k .22 in excellent condition if your interested
  3. oxo


    Readly is well worth the money, means you can just skim through what you want to read and don't have shit loads of magazines lying about, loads of back issues on it too
  4. oxo


    If you subscribe to readly you get cmw, shooting times, sporting gun, sporting shooter, air rifle mags, rifle shooter and loads of yank hunting and trapping mags too, plus everything else you can think of ! It's worth the 8 quid a month.
  5. I bought a crosman 1377 pump up and stuck one of the crosman skeleton stocks on with a hawke red dot for the 8 year old grandson. Easy for him to handle, 2 pumps for plinking and not a lot of money wasted if he loses interest.
  6. Custom stocks Sheffield make nice walnut stocks for hws
  7. I have a Lee mold butj ust buy bulk 11 mm steel now, less messing
  8. Watched the series and that was excellent
  9. Should be, sporting bull breeds of the 80s & 90s
  10. Worth a look on YouTube if your interested, sporting bull terriers of the 80s& 90s Ed Reid's old videos and others.
  11. Credit to you, belting pups
  12. He bred old tyme bulldogs as well, absolute tit. Spoke briefly to him at a ed Reid show years back, he had a bulldog bitch in heat at the show and everyone's dogs were going mental.
  13. oxo

    AJ vs Pulev

    Mma is a lot more watered down than it was at the outset though, Gnasher has a point seems to be more athletes than fighters theses days.
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