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  1. Think that's Darren Gallagher, the old quicksilver mills? Don't think he does them now, remember seeing him advertising bits and pieces as the fenland forager? recently.
  2. Get a couple at the sunflower feeder along with a load of Goldie's and a few chaffinches. Had a bullfinch there for the first time the other day.
  3. Had a freelander 2 for the past 6 years, other than tyres and servicing its cost nothing, would buy another tomorrow if they were still getting made. I think any euro 6, dpf, adblue diesel is a potential costly pain in the arse, new cars are too complicated.
  4. Petrol supposed to be ok, early diesel ingenium engines are supposedly shit.
  5. David Haye destroyed Chisora, Fury was the only one to beat Klitschko without the knockout. One of the shittest title fights I've ever seen.
  6. Really like wardley, the kids a born fighter and teak tough,shame he took up boxing so late. Clark looked okay but couldn't step it up a gear and seems a bit underpowered for such a lump. Spat out the gumshield a couple of times too. Cracking fight and neither deserved to lose imo, but they've found their level.
  7. Nice looking pups but no mention of work and a soppy write up and boys and girls puts me off.
  8. Used to have a Lee double mold, found it a pain in the arse to knock up a good quantity. Buy 9.5 leads off eBay now, 18 quid for 350.
  9. I think fury is finished, he should of been able to roll out of bed and beat ngannou so the not training shit is just rubbish IMO. Joshua did what I expected. When Joshua opens his mouth I cringe but he has by far the best resume at heavyweight. Styles make fights, he might walk through Fury, he's not hard to hit and he's never lived the life, think he's got old overnight and was very overrated anyway. Don't really care who ends up on the top of the heap but Fury is the worst for the sport.
  10. Watched the first 2 episodes of Shogun, very good.
  11. Comedy classic! True though
  12. Watched Apocalypto again last night, brilliant film.
  13. Why is the footage of the sparring so shit? Any phones records better than that.
  14. My daughter was born 93 and named Tyler, after the female lead
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