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  1. It's too heavy ott, fine ttf.
  2. Saw a ermine round a shoot in the Whickham area just a few miles from Newcastle, full white coat no snow so far that year.
  3. Just fitted new 25/20 1mm gzk to a tac hammer, usually TTF but went ott this time. Had 3 shots yesterday with 9.5 and gave up, hand slap was terrific. Back to TTF or lead!
  4. https://ballsofsteelsussex.com that's him.
  5. 40 years or so but you got her trained! Don't tell Joanne i said that! Take care
  6. Nice one Billy, you and Craig are putting some gear away.
  7. Have had 2, bought the second one because I refused to believe it Could be as thick as the first one, wrong again!
  8. Two young lakies belonging to my daughter, both dogs 7- 8 months and coming on nicely.
  9. I have the full size hts in polycarb, don't like it for some reason, flip clips fit it and make band changes easy, also have a tac hammer that I like in ttf and a topshot that I had a problem in that it was 50/50 hitting the target or hit the forks. Fitting gypsy tabs cured the problem.
  10. Think it's good tv, 2 funny blokes, lovely countryside and shows our sport in a good light.
  11. oxo

    Isle of Mull

    The feather with that international symbol of measure for scale, the bull at the window and a view of the lakies arse from the picnic table.
  12. oxo

    Isle of Mull

    Midgies were a pain in the arse in a night when I had washed the Smidge off and had to walk the dogs! Saw some fallow at lochbuie, no reds
  13. oxo

    Isle of Mull

    Just came back from one of the best holidays I've had, a week at portfield on mull. Stunning place, isolated and wild, no electricity or wifi. While there i saw a pair of white tail eagles and found a feather a mile or so on from one, otters, ravens, seals, peregrine and a goshawk missing it's strike on a rabbit. All seen within a mile of the house. The place was heaving with rabbits with at least half all black. Also had a free range herd of cows and young bullocks and the biggest bull i have ever seen as neighbours, right around the house at times rubbing on drainpipes and a pain in the arse shifting from around the car. Hope to return soon, many of here spend time on Mull? Cheers
  14. Might of knocked back the Joshua rematch because he was mid cycle.
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