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  1. Spoke to him a few times and liked him, RIP Ed.
  2. oxo


    Not seen him in years.
  3. oxo


    Dillon and klogger were littermates along with Britt who beat the Stafford Moonshine, son of Psycho. The other dog Ch. Chainy was a son of Campbell's dillon, I had a daughter out of chainy x lightning ( Billys sister? Mother to curstopper and grizz)
  4. Little arsehole just turned 4 months now
  5. I've got a Lee double mould here, makes good ammo, cuts off the sprue so all balls are finished, pain in the arse making them though so I just use 11mm steel now.
  6. Watched all 4 seasons, it's spot on
  7. Yes but at least her brother repeated "If it bleeds, we can kill it" in a nod to Predator
  8. oxo

    Paulie r.i.p

    Sniffing Adriana's knickers, then calling Christopher a f***ing baby for telling Tony!
  9. oxo

    Paulie r.i.p

    Paulie ( Tony sirico) from The Sopranos has died, great character from a fantastic series
  10. He's excellent in Drive, brilliant film.
  11. Mr In-between, Aussie hit man, the film wasn't the best but the series is absolutely brilliant
  12. I never got a copy of the mag, read it on Readly. Bit by Barrie Wade, Sean Frain,and another lad.
  13. There was a bit of a tribute to him in this week's cmw
  14. Showing a bit too much rib!
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