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  1. Hawick was a terrier, the lad kept lurchers too by the report Pit bull type was Cornwall.
  2. oxo

    Small holding

    Been there once or twice with you, long time ago! Take care
  3. oxo

    Small holding

    Nice one Billy, sure I recognise that place!
  4. oxo

    Vigelante justice

    Punto looked like a boy racers car, might of known the knacker on the bike, might be personal and nothing to do with the cars.
  5. oxo


    As above, fair old weight in a 16mms lead.
  6. View Advert Forrester 2006 mate and liner FREE Got rid of my forester so I have a set of rubber mats and a boot liner of anyone wants to pick them up Cheers Advertiser oxo Date 09/03/19 Price Category Miscellaneous  

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    Got rid of my forester so I have a set of rubber mats and a boot liner of anyone wants to pick them up Cheers


  8. oxo

    Terrier kennel run sizes

    Is it just a barrel cut in half? Can't make it out on the photo. Cheers
  9. oxo

    Buying bands off eBay

    I use 1mms gzk pouch tied with tbg, lasts a long time. If your band's are tapered they will go at the pouch end.
  10. oxo

    Catapult type

    Had a ppmg which was comfortable and I shot very accurately, unfortunately I also managed a couple of frame hits that made a mess of the webbing between my thumb and finger, if you look at gkj long he has frame hits on his too. I have a full-size pp hts, my hands are large and it's no problem, do not particularly like it and no where near as accurate as the ppmg. It does take flip clips though which is a bonus. Ppmg is heavy too.
  11. oxo

    Nu stock reaction

    Definitely the nustock, used it a lot myself with excellent results. Brand new tube, the fur was removed and skin blistered and red underneath.
  12. oxo

    Gzk power

    I use the white 1mm gzk 25/20 taper, cut at 5.5, powerful enough.
  13. I have a young Jagd with some scar's on the face, I have used nustock before with excellent results. Tried it on him and he had a very bad reaction to the third application. Coughing, listless and the nustock burnt his skin and more hair loss. In two minds to leave it or try camrosa.
  14. oxo

    Gzk power

    Make sure you have maxed out the band's so they can't stretch any longer when you reach your anchor point.
  15. oxo

    Free dvds

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    20 or so dvds, mostly warrener. Picked up. Tyneside Cheers