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  1. oxo

    Lloyd Honeyghan

    Read on another site he is in intensive care, one of my favourite fighters back in the day. Saw a photo of him a while back and he had put a lot of weight on and suffered a heart attack. Get well soon champ.
  2. oxo

    Tyson fury

    Used to go 15 rounds
  3. Got one here, it's a bit bigger than the uniphox, shoots well, built to last but would prefer clips, bargain at the price.
  4. I've still got some of the old milky white 1mm gzk, that lasts a long time, really good stuff.
  5. The grandson with a young bitch my daughter had, even though I told her not to get one of the useless fuckers!
  6. Tried them and found over any distance they were rubbish for me.
  7. Live stock guardian, Caucasian shepherds, ovcharkas etc
  8. I used to be in contact with the fella that Joe ended up with in the Caribbean, he ended up with dogs from Hardcore, rich in the blood gnash was talking about. Long time ago that.
  9. Yeah, I have one here. Very nice catty, struggled with it at first and could not hit a barn door. You need to shoot it with a straight wrist and the forks canted forward for the sloped tips. Out and out hunter does best with heavier bands and big ammo.
  10. No-one mentioned lgd dogs though did they? No interest any more in what's what but 30 years ago saw a video of a bulldog beating a highly regarded tosa and have seen the same with bully kuttas etc Size is ALL they have, big useless twats.
  11. None of those breeds could kill a decent 50 lb bulldog, I had a old dog with hardly any teeth rag my mother's bullmastiff when I made the mistake of leaving them in charge of it when I was on holiday. Dogs are hard to kill especially bulldogs.
  12. Dave has a article on the mag ending on the edrd website.
  13. It's not! It's just what they call it, couldn't tell you what colour it is Green or brown (colour blind)
  14. The tubes with mine were too short, first shot was a fork hit! The clips are a bit fiddly and too big for my liking.
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