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  1. Should be, sporting bull breeds of the 80s & 90s
  2. Worth a look on YouTube if your interested, sporting bull terriers of the 80s& 90s Ed Reid's old videos and others.
  3. Credit to you, belting pups
  4. He bred old tyme bulldogs as well, absolute tit. Spoke briefly to him at a ed Reid show years back, he had a bulldog bitch in heat at the show and everyone's dogs were going mental.
  5. oxo

    AJ vs Pulev

    Mma is a lot more watered down than it was at the outset though, Gnasher has a point seems to be more athletes than fighters theses days.
  6. I thought the same but brace grip with little finger through the hole works forme.
  7. I've tried the green .66 gz k on a few cattys, clips and tied, it's the band that's shit.
  8. I have a wolf and a uniphox with clips, struggled with the uniphox at first but changing from pinch grip to brace did the trick, out of the 2 i have uniphox would be my choice.
  9. Cut some old 1 mm gz k at the same time, no problem, it's just shit Might be a duff roll.
  10. The clips from wasp are metal and very secure, I have a roll of .66 gzk throws 9.5s fast but breaks anywhere, pouch, forks, in the middle, it's shit.
  11. Read on another site he is in intensive care, one of my favourite fighters back in the day. Saw a photo of him a while back and he had put a lot of weight on and suffered a heart attack. Get well soon champ.
  12. oxo

    Tyson fury

    Used to go 15 rounds
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